After less than a year together, BROADWAY'S NOT READY had not only toured all over their home-country of England, but they had also flown overseas to complete a USA tour! At the time of this happening, the band members were all of the age 18 years old - and they had arranged the tours independently - in fact, they had the USA tour all organized and plane tickets booked after playing only 3 shows together! Not only is this a sure sign of positive hard work, but also a lived out dream and inspiration for all teenagers who are in bands and want to travel with their music.

The band's music is somewhat different to your average English pop punk band...

"Incorporating keyboards into their sound via vocalist Jonny Fallon gives them a strong edge over some straight up four piece pop punk bands in the same boat. Especially as it allows them to create a fresh variety of pop punk and often breaks up their songs from just straight forward guitar based lead and riff work."

But they still stick to some of the roots that makes this genre of music accessible to the mass market...

"BROADWAY'S NOT READY stick closely to the New Found Glory track, with note perfect vocal harmonies, chuggy verse guitars which stretch out into sing along choruses, accompanied by a wonderful varying rhythm section and a stack load of familiar pop punk energy."

Now about to hit 2006, the band have their suitcases packed and a fresh tank of diesel in their van. Another year of excitement and hard work is about to hit the road again. With tours in the UK, Europe, and USA as well as a whole load of new material in the pipe line - who can stop these five individuals from doing what they do best?


Divide, Devoid, Divine

Written By: Jonny Fallon

I want to say thank you for that day
For taking all of the bad things away
My life was incomplete
And I fall at your feet
'Cos I am nothing without you

Gotta leave off of that scene
It feels like gasoline in my throat

Divide, Devoid, Divine
I'm giving up after all this time
Of running away from you
I know the only way is truth
'Cos you've got it all figure out
And you've got my world all planned out
You've got it figured out
Now my world's all planned out

I'm singing for you

And if I have to stay on that open motorway
For the rest of my days
Then I will 'cos...
I'd do anything for you
I'd do it all for you
I'm singing for you

Divide, Devoid, Divine
Why did I waste this time of mine?
Being young and losing out
Being stupid without a doubt

Ode To Penelope

Written By: Jonny Fallon

You're telling everyone that she's not a bad influence on you
So how come, you wanna do all the things she do?

Well let's face it, you won't make it
Playing around with losers like her
She's bringing you down
Think you should turn around
You've got a chance to make it big in respectability

This is the time of our lives
Don't want you to regret a thing
This is the test in your life
Thank God I've learnt from my sin

You were doing so well and then something happened to you
She said she'd lost her faith and then the same thing happened to you

I never know where I'm going
But at least I know what I'm doing is right
You seem to know where you're going
So let me tell you, let me tell you...
You're gonna regret all of this so much

Gas Mark 77

Written By: Jonny Fallon

Everytime I see a band these days
All they wanna do is play out for the girls
See a twinkle in their eyes
And I'm scared we're gonna end up just the same
What I want I want to make perfectly clear
Is that we're not to the eyes but to the ear
I hope they believe on this scene that we play

You've got to believe
You've got to believe
Change your mind on this eve
You've got to believe

What they don't seem to understand is that
I'm not doing this for the love of me
This is just a thing I've got in common with my adversity
You've got it all figured out
Got your rich fans and your tour buses
This is not what we want to be


2005 :: "Quit The Day Job" LP (released 27th June)
2004 :: "Far On Tar" Demo

Set List

Divide, Devoid, Divine
Ode To Penelope
Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
Change The Pace
Tomorrow Is Worse Than 10th August
Gas Mark 77
Wonderful Tonight
Thornton Grammar