Broadway Sounds

Broadway Sounds

 East Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

a band full of really lovely, well mannered people who are way too caught up in doing the psychedelic/ pop/ outernational/ boogie funk/ soul/ disco/ afro beat-pop-rock/ tropical/ bass music/ baroque/ highlife/ ye-ye thing.


broadway sounds is an 8 piece band. sometimes its 9. other times its 11. who knows? it all works out in the end. its a band with ladies and gentlemen from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. we play pop songs, they could be in a boogie funk manner. they could be in a highlife manner. or a psychedelic pop manner. who knows? it all works out in the end. we are global. we are local. we are loopy. we are fun. we have a blonde female saxophone player. enough said x


"wildflowers" ep - 2011.

"over & over & over again"

new ep coming late 2012!