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Broadway Sounds

East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Broadway Sounds 'Wildflowers' EP Review"

- It's more than a little unsettling to think on how much I disliked cheesy r'n'b and neo-soul as it jumped up the charts in the 90s and Noughties and then to wonder why the hell I like it so much when those same sounds are regurgitated by ironically cool white guys, now. Still, just because I'm grappling with the fact that my entire musical taste may be based on unspoken racism doesn't mean you can't enjoy the work of Andrew Phillips. I know precious little about Phillips, the bio on his tumblr site says: 'ragtime musical / dj group that loves you' - thanks so much. So, here's what I do know. Broadway Sounds is a project this Melbournian undertook with Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror, where the synths are turned to the revival of some sounds distinctly different from those the Horror have been trucking. The Wildflowers EP opens on Over & Over & Over Again with a synthy r'n'b slink and some quietly funky guitar licks over which Phillips sedate, seductive, even husky voice is most appealing in that ironically cool fashion I mentioned. If that were all the EP was, Wildflowers would be mildly entertaining, a tasteful reproduction but perhaps of limited appeal. Indeed you get more of the same on Big Easy, but things start to get a bit interesting on Fascination where the easygoing lilt of the song (complete with synth-flute and harmonica) is mischeviously matched up with a beat that is reinforced with a heavy hip hop thud - neato! Then, from out of nowhere, Sad Song For Easy Lovers pulls out a thoroughly frisky Afrobeat and, yes, horn section and African girls doing the backing vocals. I love the rueful celebration it invokes, too: yay, we're all doing things we shouldn't be, aren't we bad having this much fun! The funkiness continues on If It's Not Too Late, where an insanely speedy and complicated rhythm beaten out on what I think is a pair of conga drums (synth or not I'm not sure) and paired - most intriguingly - with a distinctly Middle-Eastern melody all glued together by Phillips' typically understated style. The EP finishes up with it's title track and stays funky, if not thoroughly energetic. You can't help but smile as this accordian led tune pursues a bitter-sweet love story that modulates into ever an more upbeat feeling. Broadway Sounds - what an odd name for this! - and their little EP didn't come out right this minute, but, like I said, there's precious little info out there about it and I reckon you may well not have heard it till now. However, I really think you should give it a go.

Website: - 4ZZZ Radio Brisbane


"wildflowers" ep - 2011.

"over & over & over again"

new ep coming late 2012!



broadway sounds is an 8 piece band. sometimes its 9. other times its 11. who knows? it all works out in the end. its a band with ladies and gentlemen from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. we play pop songs, they could be in a boogie funk manner. they could be in a highlife manner. or a psychedelic pop manner. who knows? it all works out in the end. we are global. we are local. we are loopy. we are fun. we have a blonde female saxophone player. enough said x