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What if I told you there is a Dude who can play like Hendrix, rap like Jay-Z, backed by the greatest band on the planet, a looping genius, and the bee itches swoon over him like he's John Mayer or su'm?


This isnt music you've heard before. BROCK is evolution in action, fusing hip-hop with the harmonic complexities of jazz and the bombast of classic rock, set to lyrics that boast the sharp wit of intelligence with a Rhythmic and Soulful intensity. The result is a new standard that audiences cant get enough of, and Future Artists will model themselves after.

Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Songwriter Brock Smith has shared the stage with Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, Dead Prez, New Orleans funkmasters Papa Grows Funk, John Scofield, Guster, Living Colour, Tim Reynolds, Gavin DeGraw, Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing and many more. And people get it. Pedal steel phenom Robert Randolph was seen bowing to Brock backstage at a concert because "B Understands."

Drummer Jon Laine has performed with luminaries such as Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, Common and others.

Keyboardist Raliegh Neal is currently on a world tour playing keyboards with Michael Franti & Spearhead.

Live Sound Engineer/Producer E.L. Copeland has worked with Dave Grohl, Prince, B.B. King, James Brown, George Clinton, The Roots, 311, Nothingface, Staind, Jill Scott, Living Colour, Karsh Kale, and too many others to mention.

BROCK has taken in broad strokes from the best and weaved them into a style that is bringing not just live instruments, but a new level of musicianship to hip-hop music; a new sound to the industry to accompany a new, independent business model; and most importantly, bringing real music to the masses. It doesnt matter where youre coming from, these sounds will reach you.



Written By: J Laine/B Smith

Hello hello hello and how ya doin; Brock upon the microphone & so ya best tune in the a.m. beat in the p.m. you don't believe in demons though we tell you that we seen them. Freaky t.m. - my peeps see clearly. Wanna win the war, party people? Then hear me reppin the 10th & 12th letters. We the type nibblets you describe as mo betta. Brock came to rock for my man Jon Laine: immune to pain w/ a cyborg brain. Type to leave nothing left but a sidewalk stain when he drops bombs on you, your crew, and mails a note to your moms sayin 'thanks for havin him' better luck next time shucks what's the next rhyme? Hucklebuck reppin the 10th and 12th letters, go getters of cheddar that you know are mo better. Been in business for a minute nickel dimin' counting pennies many very pretty betties clucking like they henny penny when he drop the beat come down on 1 like a true hucklebuck he chucks em back up. The Wonderboy bangin on his thunder toys leavin people feelin just the opposite of underjoyed: Majestic, the 10th and 12th letter. He the type ninja you describe as mo betta.


Written By: Brock Smith

Hucklebuck Up to get you unstuck w/ some elbow grease and a truckload of luck bringin ruckus thru the muckus like an ill head cold fonky fungal assassin but I don't need dead mold. I did it all for the yucky (c'mon) the yucky (c'mon) Come on when we gon burn one like Ernie, son? Yo ass betta pass the rubber ducky. These chickens is fowl. Why come they so clucky? Seen her in the club and the chicky tried to duck me said she thought i was corny & she still wouldn't shuck me. But what about the dance floor? Fonk dat, get up on the ceiling then after dancin rafters fill up with the feelin...chillin...villainously on penicillin, ill is B that's why he gets the top billin...sellin out houses like "who want's the shit?"...fillin out blouses like boobs, jugs, and tits. The crowd's like "YOWZA" B's good as it gets I didn't know what I was lookin fo' but yo, this is cool like the shade in the summer, hot like a woolen winter jacket, I ain't talkin bullshhhh I got the skillz to back it up the avenue electrically acoustic Psychedelic Spinach Music. Stay mostly apolitical stay off the stump, you grossly unprepared for the day 'bout to come, dum dum dumpster met her for lunch one munch she left her man like munster. & though the bass bump plump & chunky peanut butter you need another beat your rap sheet is weak you just ain't fonky. my crew cool like the shade in the summer, hot like a woolen winter jacket, I ain't talkin bullshhh I got the skillz to back it up to have a new electrically acoustic Psychedelic Spinach Music.


Written By: Brock Smith

His name is B like Talib Kweli he are un-fuckwittable, and considers you num-chuck hittable so watch your step, mind your manners and keep it clean like Danny Tanners. Ay yo DJ, son take a hike cuz me & the band gonna rock tonight we gon rock tonight we gon rock it out...oh here them big steps I was talkin bout...Peeomp Peeomp Peeomp Peeonmp...go ahead son, take that first step, she's a doozy. Me ladies love my lyrics cuz they knows I's mo' bluesier than the average bare boo-boo MC who tries to rock the woods but ain't a tree like B...firmly rooted, undisputed, no joke, BROCK rocks like the mighty just a shrubbery of a rubber tree, Hucklebuck wish you best of luck on your recovery.


2002 - The BROCK EP (solo with loops)
2004 - [B|Hear|Now] EP (Trio)
2006 - I Seem To Be A Verb (LP)

"Better Than Sunshine" from [B|Hear|Now] is frequently featured on XM radio's Unsigned Bands Channel.

Set List

Solo with loops, Brock can comfortably fill 2-3 hours with short set breaks.

The Brock/Jon Laine Duo configuration, or the full band will rock your face off for as long as you please.

My Word
Better Than Sunshine
Rise To The Top
Let's Bite
The Truffle Shuffle
East Hill Blvd.
Buttermilk Sky
The Plan
The Re-Hustle

Several Original Instrumental Pieces

Flau Flau - Charlie Hunter
I Wish - Skee Lo
Let's Ride - Q Tip
My Friend - Jimi Hendrix
The E.N.D. - Pharcyde
One For The Kelpers - Charlie Hunter
Cold Sweat - James Brown
Tuesday Night's Squad - Soulive
Political Science - Randy Newman
Dayton Ohio, 1903 - Randy Newman
Skin It Back - Little Feat
Hit It & Quit It - Funkadelic
Trouble Every Day - Mothers Of Invention