Brock Geiger

Brock Geiger


Strong jaw, viscous melody. Songs driven by dynamic, lyrical instrumentation and strong vocal harmonies.


Hinged on lyric description, Brock Geiger's folk tunes take many forms; sometimes as minimal guitar pieces and other times filled with full band sounds, including saxophone and cello. The centre of each song paints a picture resonating with youthful honesty. Brock is a new fresh player in the Calgary music community and manages to maintain the subtle side of songwriting while singing it a whole new way. Combining efforts with Clea Anais Foofat and Matthew Doherty, the line up present themselves as 'Raleigh.'

“The duo’s music brings to mind flights of fancy and road trips through the mountains. Sweet melodies and light orchestration from Anaïs coupled with Geiger’s plucky folk equals a musical delight.” – TransCanada Alberta Music Series – February, 2010.

“Calgary’s Brock Geiger is an unassuming folk mastermind. Quietly toiling away at his musical craft for the last few years — he first made a splash winning the Calgary Folk Festival’s award for best performance in the Youth category in 2008 — he has recently been popping up everywhere in the city’s musical and artistic sightlines…” - Fast Forward Weekly – July 9, 2009



Written By: Brock Geiger

we thought it was fine when the birds arrived home
to rebirth and return and to feel less alone
but we knew it was wrong when the wind came to blow
we all flew around
now I've found a new home in the ground

everything has its season
for no reason

tried to hang on it was all that i knew
when it came without warning not much we could do
when i lost control there was fear in my eyes
until i saw you falling too
now i've found a better friend in you

everything has its season
for no reason


Written By: Brock Geiger

do you remember the days when they were not here
sat by the old poplar tree, you braided my hair
you taugh me how to beleive in things that were not there
you showed me everything

we drove them to the cliffs
smashed their heads right in

stars at our feet you thought we were too high
forever's a word i reserve for love, land, and the sky
i beleived in you when things were not right
you showed me everything

we drove them to the cliffs
smashed their heads right in

do you remember that night
i knew you better than you did
the moonlight hid nothing
we were alive

Without Wings

Written By: Brock Geiger

without wings
yours i will never be
you may fly
i will fall gracefully

i don't migrate that way
it's OK
my love only leaves for the season


Brock Geiger: 'Invitation' released July, 2009

Set List

Body Shapes
Naked Man
I'll Go Down
Like a River

Typical set length: 40 - 50 minutes.