Brockway Biggs

Brockway Biggs

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN
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The charisma of Ottawa rapper Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) has been winning over diverse crowds for the past 10 years. His entertaining stage presence is cultivated from the vintage vibe of story telling, crowd participation, props & freestyle dance moves.


The charisma of Ottawa-Fredericton rapper Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) has been winning over diverse crowds for the past 10 years. Biggs' imparts an infectious energy at every show, leaving his music best described as a fun "breath of fresh air." Inspired by his late Great Great Uncle Don Messer (a fiddling legend), his entertaining stage presence is cultivated from the vintage vibe of story telling, crowd participation, props and freestyle dance moves.

He toured Canada in 2008, won an East Coast Music Award in 2005, has charted on 40+ radio stations and been featured on most major Canadian TV networks. He's collaborated with household names like Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar/Grady), Nelly, and Canadian rap stars the likes of Classified, Skratch Bastid, D.O and J-Bru. His 3 albums, multitude of videos, annual Canadian rap compilations and community support have established him as a central figure in the Canadian hip-hop indie scene.

Brockway Biggs
Summary of Event History

TV/Video Appearances:
* 2007, MuchMusic, National - Cameo in D.O.'s video for 'Get Free'
* 2007, Ed & Red's Night Party - Featured Guest in Hot Tub
* 2006, MuchMusic, National - Cameo in Universal Soul's video for 'Back-N-Forth'
* 2005, Breakfast Television with Jayson Baxter, ATV/CTV Halifax - Live Performance
* 2005, East Coast Music Awards, CTV National - Award recipient.
* 2005, Global Noon with Duane Lowe, Global Halifax - Live Performance & Interview
* 2005, MuchMusic, National - Cameo in Eternia's video for 'Evidence'
* 2005, News Hour, CBC Nova Scotia - Interview with Linda Kelly
* 2005, ZeD TV, CBC National - 'Shake Ya Caboose' music video featured
* 2005, ZeD TV, CBC National - 'Shake Ya Caboose' Live Performance (Feedback Friday)
* 2004, First Local, Rogers New Brunswick - 506 Comp Release Performance & Interview
* 2004, Rogers TV, New Brunswick - MNB Week Performance & Interview
* 2004, ZeD TV, CBC National - Live Performance of 'Shake Ya Caboose' & 'Super Dude'
* 2003, Dollaraclip, MusiquePlus (Quebec/France) - Live Performance
* 2003, Going Coastal, MuchMusic - Deleted Scene Comp Performance & Interview
* 2003, News hour, CBC New Brunswick - Interview: 'ECMA Glow Leaves NB Cold'
* 2003, ZeD TV, CBC National - Video for 'Tha PIMP-T Theme' featured.
* 2002, CBC's Newsworld, National - Interview: 'The Messer Legacy'
* 2002, Dollaraclip, MusiquePlus - Video for 'Tha PIMP-T Theme' featured.
* 2002, Ed's Big Wham Bam, MuchMusic - Video for 'Tha PIMP-T Theme' featured.

* 2008, Canada Day Block Party, Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB
* 2008, ECMA Discovery Stage, Sweetwaters, Fredericton, NB
* 2008, Hintonburg Street Party, Ottawa, ON
* 2008, Spring Music Festival Urban Showcase, Hamilton, ON
* 2008, University of NB Computer Science Alumni 40-year Reunion, Fredericton, NB
* 2007, Kelp Records 13th Anniversary Festival, The Navy Club, Ottawa, ON
* 2007, ECMA 72-Hour Jam, The Palace, Halifax, NS
* 2006, Indie Week Festival, Toronto, ON
* 2006, Under Pressure Festival, Montreal, QC
* 2006, Music NB Week Showcase, Edmundston, NB
* 2006, Canadian Music Week, Break Thru Series: Hip-Hop, Holy Joe's, Toronto, ON
* 2005, 30 Hour Famine Fundraiser, The Cellar, Fredericton, NB
* 2005, Canada Day Block Party, Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB
* 2005, ECMA 72-Hour Jam, Dooleys, Sydney, NS
* 2005, ECMA Hip-Hop No-Case, Sandbar, Dominion, NS
* 2005, Fredericton Cares: A benefit concert by Fredericton's 2005 ECMA nominees for Southeast Asia disaster relief, The Playhouse, Fredericton, NB
* 2005, Fredericton Urban ECMA nominee Fundraiser Show, The Capital, Fredericton, NB
* 2004, 12 Homeless Hours Fundraiser, Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB
* 2004, Canada Day Festival, Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB
* 2004, Evolve Music Festival, Antigonish, NS
* 2004, Music NB Week Showcase, Global Festival Hall, Moncton, NB
* 2004, The Breaks: A Hip Hop Showcase, Elks Club, Fredericton, NB
* 2003, Canada Day Festival, Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB
* 2003, Canada Winter Games, Bathurst, NB
* 2003, East Coast Music Awards Post Award Party Show, Halifax, NS
* 2003, Halifax Experimental Music Festival, Kathedral, Halifax, NS
* 2002, Electrobash Episode III, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, NB
* 2002, The Breaks: A Hip Hop Showcase, UNB SUB Ballroom, Fredericton, NB
* 2002, UNB Party on the Peak Frosh Concert, McLeod Hall, Fredericton, NB


Pinch Hitter

Written By: Troy Neilson

verse 1:
While you're stuck sitting at home being rather bitter
I'm hitting a home run yeah as the pinch hitter
CAuse I was never pegged to be no superstar
But I come through in the clutch, unlike Nomar
So far, I'm not sad to say that you got traded
Bitter with envy, so you know that you got hated
And I'm elated at the faces who done seen me through
a WS, an ECMA, can you add 2 + 2.
Yeah, it's been a good year as a Red Sox fan
And doing my pimping thing riding my mom's mini-van
I'm doin publicity now, oh have you heard,
poppin off with skratch bastid and grafenberg
Sean One, Jorun and of course First Words
#5 on Chart Attack now that's absurd
And hand solo be burgling all them words
While Cock Dynamics has Buck's vision blurred.
And of course I be steppin with a touch of Class
I do it all for the love, why even bother to ask?

Chorus 4x:
In everything that I do, they're like...
And every place that I go, they're like...

verse 2:

I'm on cloud nine like the 04 Red Sox
Won the world series smooth just like botox
Like myself overcoming the biggest of odds
The haters flapping their arms just like A-Rods
Changing the game, by knocking some balls loose
If that's the game, I'd rather just shake my caboose

Cause I don't wanna fall off just like Choclair,
Not trying to diss, but he just wasn't prepared.

Right now everyone be wanting a piece of me
Like the guy who won 70 times on jeopardy
But I'm not one known to spread myself out too thin
Or I might end up like 50 said on 'Many Many Men'
I'd rather enrich, than try to get rich
Forget dying, positivity be my pitch

While you're keeping it real, I'm busy bein' myself
Cause in the end that's wherein lies the wealth

Chorus 4x:
In everything that I do, they're like...
And every place that I go, they're like...

So Many Purposes feat Nicole Rushton

Written By: Troy Neilson

Story Behind It:
My friends David & Lacey invited me into their home for an alpha course. Their patience & understanding opened my heart to God.

Nicole Singing Intro 2x
If you're feeling the love, throw them L's on up

Verse 1:
I surrender. I am at your will
So many purposes in me you did instill
And still, all of them I work really hard to fulfill
While still being pleasant kinda like Camomile
Grant me patience for when egos collide
Grant me cadence for when I choose to rhyme
I go out of my way just to go for a walk
So that I can relax, and we can just have a talk

Chorus with Nicole 2x:
Nicole: If you're feelin the love.
Troy: In God I choose to Trust
Nicole: Throw them L's up
Troy: And in God I choose to trust
Nicole: Throw them L's up
Troy: yeah, in God I choose to trust

Verse 2:
He put me on this earth for a purpose
That aint something you can ever see from the surface
Avoid temptation to make the treat much sweeter
Cause in redemption, you won't feel the feeling of inferior
If you're sleeping around, but yet you're wearing his cross
It's clear that his words just didn't get across
True, Jesus died to redeem us from sin
But mean it when you ask for forgiveness from him
In hip-hop I see a lot of people that are struggling
But they'd rather blaze up than face what's troubling
I don't know what to do, but I feel like it's a rebellion
Yeah, I could start too, but I don't know what I'd just tell him

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
It's time to take notice and time to listen
That ice on your wrist don't mean nothing when it glisten
For me, what's important is family,
faith and money enough to act supportively
See I can't lessen the lesson you'll learn from confession
I don't mean just saying the words, I mean truly stressin
To God, that it's not, an action you intend again.
but still we all sin, yeah even the reverend.

And it's like that. Come on now, Come on.

Nicole Outro 4x:
If you're feeling the love, then throw them L's on up

Uhhh feat J-Bru & Boz Faramone

Written By: Troy Neilson, Jason Bruce, Rohan Morris

Story Behind It:
I loved the beat. The "Uhhh" sample inspired ideas like Black Rob's "Whoa" or Rhymefest's "Brand New." Two of my favourite upcoming Canadian rap emcees answered my call for guest verses.

Chorus 1x
Brockway Biggs
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the guys with a blow like
This is for the cats in the back and those rap up on this track with..
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the brothas makin dough like
This is for the cats whose raps are wack sounding just like

Brockway Biggs verse 1:
I dig a girl swinging rackets with that..
Batters swinging and missing every at bat..
For every pitch I ever delivered just to get that K,
You know there had to be a ...
This is for stone masons shinnin' with
This is for the vendors peddlin it
This is for the tribes hittin that drum seein them dance with all that
Now you had to know it was gonna happen eventually
Pimp Tea, Brockway B, movin on up steadily
Creepin up the baseline, leavin ya all inclined, to align my rhyme in mind
To all the diamond miners who ain't legit
To all the parents who don't support their kid
Like to take you out back, behind the shed, give yall a smack and a kick in the head


J-Bru Verse:
You wanna know the reason that Bru don't get played, it's cause
All these thugs keep stepping in the name of love
Nobody wants real music I can face it but
I'm a still make real heads raise it up
If you come to my show you know the bass is pumped
While my boys outside bout to blaze a blunt
And when I step on stage it ain't my place to stunt
I'm here to educate the educated, Jay's the one
Get my money, shit I hate to run
These drunk bitches getting on my nerves 8-to-1
So I call Brockway tell him face it son
"These hoes'll never ever catch me I'm outracing em"
Modern day Malcolm X nigga raise your gun
My weapon is my words, check out how I play with puns
Play's begun, everything I say is for fun
Except I'll never stop rapin till the fakes are done


Boz Faramone Verse 3:
Can I get a minute to spark this?
Yes you guessed it right I'm the Bunker Boy artist,
Grew over the years because my working's the hardest,
Still relevant today cause my tactic's is flawless.
I do this for the kids, to the convicts,
Ain't no way in hell I'ma let you come take this,
My love for the music that is.
Bump this inside of the Rideau Centre, Bayshore Mall, or in your mama's crib.
Got the ingredients and we bakin',
A lil' somethin for the monsters out on the road,
The more cash, the heavier the load.
Customer service fit to explode
Can't do nuttin' but follow the code.
I'm a hustler, I was born with it.
The mind to stack cake, ain't nuttin new to it.
Pimp Tea and B-O-Z our fantasy is ludacris
If you got hot girls and 2 mil you can lend to us


Written By: Neilson, Troy

Story Behind It:
Fire beat from Shiggy after I saved his computer (500+ viruses). As an artist, you can mix truths with lies, and listeners rarely know one from the other.

Verse 1:
I got a strong drive, like my family was the Schumachers
Shining kinda bright, so you gotta get some BluBlockers
they got some style & a great polarization
You can't see my reflection as I take over this nation
But I'm better at the business than Joseph Sugarman
Making big moves when you be rapping about stutterin
R&B shit, like who you hit, like you was Joe
I'll spike you on TV, and then I'll call you a schmo
Joe Schmo, get it? Nah, you're way too slow
Like the pace of vacationers located in Kokomo
Don't call me junior, unless you meant Al Unser
Or I'll take you out, like a buck, by a seasoned hunter
I'm so clever I can tell real leather from pleather
and whether the weather is really that sever
Huh Huh? What? I meant severe.
like when all around you is the storm, but still your eye is rather clear.
I hit so much punnany they call me the pink panther
In fact that's why I broke up with my last girlfriend Amanda
I hits it so ill that they think I got cancer.
They say why is that? And I give them no answer.

Chorus 4x:
Yeah it's just me, the emcee you'll never see
Invisible, Invincible, my words are Indivisible

Verse 2:
On the real, on the whole, I lack self-esteem
Always trying to change, like my name to pip team
Saying things that I'm not even sure that I mean
Kidding myself like an alcoholic daydream
That's it. the jokes is over
I realize there's no more four leaf clover
No more silly gimmicks - they're all long gone
Focus on writing the lyrics to a stronger song
I miss Samantha. Yeah, I miss Eunice.
Fell blindly to my work like some sorta disease
And now, I'm down, upon my knees
Praying to God for answers like it Genesis.
Dear Lord please provide me with some guidance
In these tough times and changing of the climates
I don't know if I can make it through alone
But I have trust you have a path to me unknown

Chorus 4x

Verse 3:
Last verse based on reality, like tv with Donald Trump
I'm more dependable than a hitter like Robin Yount
It's true at times I tend to be a dreamer
shot down, brought down, like a misdemeanor
I'm locking the game down strong like Aaron Wade
The late night hype straight outta Milwaukee
You don't know if I can come through kinda strong
But you know that I'll be snappin at that little thong
I don't know if you girls know what I be talking about
Cause I just want a taste of that good ol sauerkraut
Like I was german with a touch of pee wee herman
Cause I like 'em petite, but with the teen years complete
It's true that I prefer a girl who is latina
A sexy brown shade upon my mamacita
Cada manana yo digo tu eres muy linda
and then tha tender splender that I tend ta exude upon you,
Be have you lying there screamin woodeehoodeehoo
Who woulda knew that Brockway B would be the lyrically mishievous
a lyricist ya just can't resist, or wait, you can, but still I persist.

Chorus 4x

Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton

Written By: Neilson, Troy

Chorus Nicole 2x:
It's Canada Dry On Friday Night
Mixin it up However you like

Verse 1:
It's Friday night, head out to Peaceful Journey,
The show's so deadly it'll leave you in a gurney
Battered and bruised, Ducats on the 1s and 2s
Always amused where Real stashed the booze
Diggin for nickels and dimes, but no pennies
That soda machine be looking oh so friendly
But I don't know why we just can't get along
Scan the selections oh that's just so wrong
They ain't got what I need and what I be cravin'
End up shootin it straight and misbehavin
Then I go out on a limb and check my bag
Thought the chances were slim, but look what I have
Three cans of gingerale piled up oh yeah.
Pass em around to get drunk up oh yeah.
Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Ahh
Rye or Whiskey, but my favorite's vodka
It's a quarter to nine we're getting into the mix
Emcees bustin rhymes and smokin them sticks
I took the bus so that I could get my fix
Loving life. Everything just clicks

Chorus 2x

Ha-HaHa-Woo interlude

Verse 2:
Now for a lesson in history
Used to be bottling soda was a mystery
But you see it was solved back in 1904
John McLaughlin took the soda water he sold in his store
And he mixed it up and came up with a concoction
Soon he had the neighbourhood up and talkin
There'd be no stoppin. No way it could derail
Soon would set sail the sale of his pale ale
Shippin to the states by 1919
There was no way anyone could undermine the
Sweet smooth taste home brew helped leverage
From Canada came tales of this wonderful beverage
I had to pay homage like a hundred years later
In the soda world, this here is the gator,
There's no debate here we got a lot of love
It's Canada Dry and ain't no one above.
Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
Yo, you heard from my girl Nicole, feeling good
Now we're out here in the hood
Freezy easy breezy, now you're gettin on the skeezy
Came to Ottawa, but you're not eatin a freezy
Cause you know we get down real ice like
We got that Rideau canal oh yeah right
We get down, we skate on and we go
It's Friday night so, you just gotta flow
And Glide
to left to the right
to left to the right
skate now, sk-skate now, sk-skate now.
It's all laughs, fun and good times
I'm not looking to make them big funds and rhymes
I'm just out here doing what I do.
Living the life with my whole dang crew.


Solo releases:
Brockway Biggs - In Awe of Simplicity CD (2007)
Pimp Tea - An Urbal Remedy Enhanced CD (2004)
Pimp Tea - Shake Ya Caboose b/w Super Dude (Jorun Remix) 12" (2004)
PIMP-T - Power Is Mindful Peace (2002)
PIMP-T - Petty Crime EP (2000)
'Ice Ice Water' Cassette Single (1996)

Freaky Scene - Freaky Scene (2003)

Compilation Appearances:
Atlantic Hip-Hop End of Year Sampler 2007 – ‘Uhhh’
Brockway Ent’s Canadian Rap Future Superstars 2008 – ‘Heretics Heritage Intro’

Ontario Independent Music Awards Compilation - 'Canada Dry'
DJ Ducats - Bunker Mix - 'DUCATS Power'
Sean One - Full Of It - 'Invisible'
Brockway Entertainment's Canadian Rap Mix 2006
- 'Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix)' featuring Prentiss Church & D.O.

2006: Underground Hip-Hop Compilation Volume 5 - 'Pinch Hitter'
--> Hosted by Mr. Lif (Def Jux) & Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets)
Brockway Ent 2005 Canadian Rap Compilation - 'Pinch Hitter'

DJ Loc Dog - 40s & 9s Round 2 Compilation - 'Pinch Hitter'
VVVU - East Coast a Go-Go - 'This Is Me'

506 Compilation - 'Ice Ice Water (remix)'
Freddy's Rock Pile Compilation - 'Super Dude'
Deleted Scene Compilation - 'Funky Punks Anthem'

Set List

30-45 minute set:
01. Ed the Sock Intro
02. Heretics Heritage Intro
03. Pinch Hitter
04. Invisible
05. Uhhh
06. Clap Your Hands
07. Super Dude or Super Dude Remix
08. So Many Purposes
09. Shake Ya Caboose
10. Canada Dry