Brodie Sanderson

Brodie Sanderson


Brodie Sanderson is an up and coming singer songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His songs and style cross genres and influences, but the lyrics are truthful and poignant, as all lyrics should be. Come check out what he has to offer.


Hi there. My name is Brodie Sanderson and I love to write music. My life has been spent listening to every sinlge piece of music I could get my hand on, in an attempt to make myself better as a songwriter and a performer. My influences range the spectrum, but I would have to say my music is most directly affected by bands such as the Weakerthans, Dashboard Confessional, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Used, etc... etc...etc.... My favourite bands are like these: who aren't afraid to be honest in their lyrics, even if the truth hurts. That doesn' mean that all songs are sad/emo in nature, just that thy are honest. Many of my songs are upbeat and positive, but are all truthful in the hopes that real people will be able to relate to them. I hope as many people as possible get to hear my music and hear what I'm all about. I am interested in playing any show, anytime, or hearing feedback from anyone willing to give enough time to write it. Give me and my music a chance and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Go Away

Written By: Brodie Sanderson

Go Away:

My hands reek of fast food conformity, I want pills that make me better not just happy.
Turning on my panopricon as I’m tearing through this gelcap.
I’m living life like a sieve through sand, stretching out this world on elastic bands.
Feeling out this sense of doubt as I’m chasing after you.
Maybe I should just go away, so we don’t have to deal with each other today,
and maybe someday I’ll call or write, and if I don’t that might be all right with me.

All my best friends are left or leaving, feeling like my past is bleeding.
My throat is tight on open mic nite cuz I’ve been swallowing rocks.
Trading good news for the bad, to the burning heat of brushfire in my head,
I think I’m fucked up and I jump at that excuse.
You’re killing me as I’m killing you, Ain’t it funny all the sick things lovers do.
You’re killing me as I’m killing you…

I’m making choices trying to be free, but maybe where I was is where I’m supposed to be.
Rules of attraction just don’t apply to me, watching documentaries on your silver screen
And not screaming all the things I wanna scream, and not reseeing all the things I’ve already seen
And not rebeing all the things I’ve already been…It’s a classic scene.


Written By: Brodie Sanderson


The rain beats down without a sound, strips a fur coat of its luxury, In darkened pews that bear no news for years.
Remembering a ghost that’s long since gone but would not be caught dead forgotten,
The graying streets and aging feet trapse on…this is how I feel now the bandages are gone.

The priest is beat, his stomach eats his insides and his faith away, The organ cries the bible’s lies and truths.
Photographs cut neat and sweet of times without replacement, the smell of family comes in handy, push on
And this is how I feel now the bandages are gone

Marching through the morning as I’m stomping out the night, Hear myself beseech myself at sight.
This envelope is full of air and begs for things that should be there, and the mantle is the last stop in this life.

Weeds poke out of streets in doubt, a rebirth pushed through stone. An ordinary dignitaries wife,
Consoles a girl whose come unfurled, too ancient for her own good, A husband’s lesson she’s been missing gone.
And this is how I feel now the bandages are gone. And this is how I feel now the bandages are gone.


Professional Demo currently in the works...
Novembers Broken Branches EP

Set List

Too many songs to list, typically sets range from half hour to an hour and a half, but this can vary. Covers sometimes incoporated on the basis of how I'm feeling at that point in time...examples include Tom Petty, The Shins, Weakerthans, etc...