Brody Lowe Band

Brody Lowe Band


Brody Lowe Band is headed by a young and vibrant musician who's passion and emotionally driven songs are backed up by a hard driving rock band with it's roots in hard rock, country, indie-folk, bluegrass and traditional singer/songwriter traditions.


Blood, Sweat, and Tears sum up the Brody Lowe Band in three little words. From day one the Brody Lowe Band has been fighting not only to get their name out, but for the music to transend over anything that
has been heard before. After playing shows up and down the coast of Oregon, they've gathered a following who feels their message and knows their struggle. Their message? Passion. And everyone in the band feels it.
Beginning in 2003 with a one man act being fed up with playing in coffee houses and smokey bars all alone, Brody Lowe set out to create his long awaited dream of having his own band. With a large library of
original songs and a good following already, he figured that it would only be a matter of time before his band would be up and ready to roar across the northwest. After a night of hanging up fliers, Brody met a man
who didn't know it at the time, would soon be enveloped in a train ride that so far has lasted more than 2 years. Enter Matthew Slaughter, a man with more than 15 years of experience on the bass guitar in blues bands metal bands and other various bands that have helped in create his very own unique style of bass playing.
With Matthew on bass guitar all they needed was a drummer to create a power trio.
After playing with a few drummers through out the next year, nothing seemed to click and the project, saddly was doing no where. Then one day Brody recieved a call, it was Matthew saying that he had found a
drummer who would like to try out of the band. That night at the rehersal, it was obvious, they had found their missing piece. Enter Joel Albrecht, man who had started playing the drums over 20 years ago, playing
in hard rock bands, country bands, pop-rock bands, and has toured all over the US. Needless to say, Brody felt very honored to have musicians of such caliber being excited to be in his creation, playing his songs.
The result has almost undescribable. The powerful blending of rock, alternative, folk, country, emotion and passion coming from every drum hit, melody and bass line. After another year of playing clubs, recording
and producing and EP (In the Meantime:2004) and a full-length album (Everyday Aftewards:2005), the band still needed something to give them the edge. Enter Kris Gillmore, a former New York state resident who has
played in jazz, funk, hard rock, and solo acoustic acts for many years. Kris's harmonious guitar work not only filled out the bands sound, but added new life to a band that had already had so much life in it.
Today the sound is undeniable, and with the release of "Everday Afterwards" marking their first full-length album, the fans base is only growing larger and larger.
The Brody Lowe Band knows of the blood, sweat and tears that are to come in the future, but now with a team that is four members strong instead of only one, there is nothing that can stop them.


22 Shell

Written By: Brody Lowe

The 22 shell they found that night
put her in this cell
doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
as long as she's in jail
but know one know's the hurt she felt that night
when the clock struck three.
She only know's she's no longer his wife so no longer will she be

The lovers lips she saw on him
were not her own
and it was late where has he been?
Certainly not at home,
it didn't take long to figure out that
this man was not true
He had broken a sacred vow that he swore he would never do.

Hey all you, listen to me now
there's got to be one thing you should know before you break that vow.
the true heart of a man will never break that heart of a woman, as long as he shall live.

her fingers rolled over that case,
that came from the shell
Sheriff took her from this place,
her own personal hell
A bitter end to a former love but
both love and life are lost
pleasure replaces the pain but look
at who had paid the cost.

Place Called Home

Written By: Brody Lowe

Tired or bored or hungry, all alone
that seems to be the trend these days
somebody lost the passion in their heart
that seems to be the trend these days
I'm not going to take that road
this is what they say to my face
I don't know what to believe anymore
that seems to be the trend these days

And no one seems to care anymore
and dwell on the fact that they're alone
i'm going to have to get use to it
If i'm looking for a place called home

Somebody's baby is lost over seas
that seems to be the trend these days
they tell him he's fighting for peace
that seems to be the trend these days
But he knows there's more to that
but this is what they say to his face
it's just another pissing match to be won
that seems to be the trend these days

Caught You in a Lie

Written By: Brody Lowe

There's no where to run no where you can go it's,
all about what everybody knows but you don't
Watch you're back for you might just die and no one in the world will ever know the reasons why.

Oooh... I caught you in a lie
Oooh... I caught you in a lie

Well obey the sun and obey the sky
for they will rule you no matter if you live or die
Come down the sun and come down the wind there's no way on earth that you're going to live past your sins.


Everyday Afterwards (June/2005) 9 song LP
Played on over 100 radio stations across the US

In the Meantime (Feb/2005) 4 song EP
Songs "Bone to Water" and "Caught You in a Lie" played constantly on local college radio station KBVR

Set List

We love to play for longer than an hour, we have enough songs to make a 2 hour set if not more.
We usually play around 15 to 18 songs a set, most of songs are fairly short.
We have one cover that the singer does acousticly, "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" by Pearl Jam, depending on the crowd.
Typic Set list looks like:
Black and White
22 Shell
Place Called Home
Staring at the Stars
Papercut from a Photograph
Bone to Water
Daddy (solo acoustic)
Elderly Woman... (Pearl Jam solo acoustic)
Some People
The Taker
Caught You in a Lie