Broke and Down
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Broke and Down

Colton, California, United States | SELF

Colton, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Broke and Down"

Band members:
Ivan Bad-Guitar and Vocals
Johnny Ugly- Guitar, Vocals, Organ, and Trumpet
Gary the Great- Guitar, Vocals, Accordion, and Saxophone
Jose Good- Bass and Humming
Sean the Male Man-Drums
Type of music:
B.A.D. (Demo 2007), Fixing Up EP (2009)
Rancid, NOFX, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Me First and the Gimme
Gimmes, The Aquabats, Left Alone
How long has the band been together:
Got together in April… - Distorted Magazine


2007- B.A.D. LP
2009- Fixing Up EP



In order to talk about the history of Broke and Down you have to first realize that everyone had been playing together years before everything came together. I remember driving out to a casino in the desert to see Rancid play and after walking in the venue I ran into Ivan Espinoza (Bad), who I hadn’t seen since my senior year of high school. We first met playing football on the High School team together. At that time he approached me and asked if I had still been playing in a band, which I had just recently left a project in San Diego called “10 Downing” to move back to the Riverside/San Bernardino area. At this time not much was said, it was just a friendly run in. A few months later I get a call from another close friend, Carlos Valdez, that I hadn’t heard from in ages, but had known since we were eleven or twelve years old and he tells me he just got out of the Marines and that he was back in town. Carlos had previously played drums for Ivan’s band “Anti-Jimmy’s” and for my band “Silicon Flux” way back in 2000-2002. When Carlos left for boot camp, both of those projects eventually faded away and Ivan went on to start “Apple Sauce Mafia” and upon moving to San Diego I joined up with “10 Downing”. So now everyone who used to play in these different bands together and put together gigs were all back in the same area and had no projects going on. Eventually Carlos calls me up one day, early in February of 2007 and says “Hey, Ivan wants to put a band together”.

Practice and First Show, 2007

For our first practice, we all got together at Carlos’ house, coincidentally on a street named Deer Creek, which is the origin of one of our songs. Carlos and Ivan called another friend from the old days who played with both “Silicon Flux” and “Anti-Jimmy’s”, as well as “Tumble Weed”, and “Battle Canary”. That friend was Jose China (Good). Our first couple of practices were rough, but we worked through them in this crowded little garage. Ivan put together our first show at this birthday party and a couple weeks before the show Jose decided to leave. That first show we had no bass player, a little crappy P.A. and it was mostly just close friends that came out to see us, so it worked. Everyone had fun and that’s what we made sure to instill in the band's ethics…above all else make sure you’re having fun and you’re providing fun for other people. A few months later we get approached by our first promoter to play a show out in Canoga Park. At this time we still didn’t have a bassist, but figured whatever, we’ll truck on through it and booked the show. I think we had like three weeks to the show to find someone to play bass for us. Luckily Ivan was working out at another casino nearby and ran into a guy playing air drums that had a punk rock to him. Ivan asked if he knew how to play any instruments and if he played bass. Right away this guy was down, Brent Barton, who previously played for “Two Versus You” came out and started practicing with us and picked up our style right away. Right after the Canoga Park show we got together in my garage and I put together this crappy studio set up and we recorded our first demo which became known as the “B.A.D. Demo” which the track “Devil Skanking” eventually got picked up for the “Ska 4 Life, Volume 2” Compilation. We were all originally from Rialto, California originally and that’s how we got the nickname “Rat-hole Ska-Punks”.

Between October of 2007 and June 2008 we played a number of shows in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. Most of the places we played were dive bars or small clubs. We basically played for free drinks most of the time. We played at Slim Jim Phantom’s Cat Club in Hollywood and at that time things were uneasy between us in the band. Carlos had his mind preoccupied with other things outside the band and we talked about calling it quits. Right after the show we got an offer to play a backyard party, so we all put off that negative energy to come together for one last show together. Carlos went off and played for “My Enemies Hero” and the rest of us just went on hiatus for a few months.

Good and The Great Return

In October of 2008 Gary Graham “The Great”, who was Ivan’s neighbor at the time approached him about playing drums. Gary had overheard us practicing one day a few months prior and eventually came around. Ivan, Brent, and Gary put together a few jam sessions, but at the time Brent was focused in another direction and I hadn’t been around for awhile. At this same time I got contacted to have “Devil Skanking” put on the “Ska 4 Life” compilation so I called Ivan and he contacted Jose Good to comeback to fill in on bass and get together to record a new version of the song for the compilation. That attempt fell through and we eventually had to send in the old recording, which they accepted and released it. While practicing and getting ready for that recording session though, we decided we need to start gigging again. We put