Melodic overtones combined with hardcore roots and unique groove tendencies produce a musical product that clearly transfers emotion and thought into progressive yet accessible music.


Over the past few years, Broken has successfully created a grassroots following to rival any their genre. The basis for such an accomplishment has been nothing more than a product of solid songwriting with a powerful message.

With the accomplishment of their debut, Tanjras, the band quickly moved to launch the debut album in a radio campaign targeting metal specialty shows nationwide. Success was quickly realized as Broken was ranked #4 in the nation on FMQB’s “most added” list in their first week. Stations nationwide from Honolulu to Austin are giving the album much-deserved attention despite the fact that promotion has been primarily the band website and word of mouth. This eventually garnered the band a "Top 50" FMQB ranking among the nation's most successful metal acts.

Although non-utilization of a marketing juggernaut like some of its peers arguably has left Broken at a disadvantage in the sea of national radio, the goal of the band was to allow the momentum of the album to be determined solely by the quality of the songs within. The comparative success of Broken as of late is a testament not only to the strength of the songs but adherence to the belief that individuals naturally respond to bands that they like based on the merits of their music alone.

The band has been touring regionally during the last calendar year in a calculated attempt to create sizeable fan bases in a number of markets. Main growth areas are NY, MA, and NJ with ancillary markets under development in CT, MD, and PA. The momentum gained by solid promotion and diligent touring are beginning to show added value.

Broken was also recently selected out of over 2,500 hopefuls to participate in the Locobazooka Music Festival, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. In preparation for the event, the band recorded a live session of recently written songs in one day and created the limited edition LP Haoma to capture the energy of the band live.

The overwhelming response of the thousands of fans that saw this dynamic and powerful band perform at Locobazooka was nothing short of amazing. Broken played on the "Harder, Faster" Stage with such bands as Shadows Fall, Kittie, All That Remains, Candiria, Clutch, and Damage Plan. The most notable fact is that Broken played in front of one of the largest crowds that the stage saw all day long. As a result, the band is drawing comparisons to such acts as Tool and Deftones with elements not often seen in rock that is creating an impressive reputation through their live performances.


Tanjras - Debut EP
Haoma - Limited Edition LP

Set List

Set list content varies, we rotate a dozen songs.
Length can be 30-60 minutes, all originals.