Broken Alphas

Broken Alphas

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Quiet Verses, Loud Chorus. Meldoic but hard riffs, Broken Alphas are a hard working rock group. Imagine what would happen if the Foo Fighters were fronted by Eddie Vedder, then you'd be halfway there


Broken Alphas are an UK rock band that formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2010. The band's current line-up includes Mark Hawthorne (lead vocals), Ricky Fleming (bass guitar), Del Campbell (rhythm guitar), and brothers Marc Sneddon (lead guitar) Paul Sneddon (drums)

Formed after the demise of a previous band, Broken Alphas broke into the Glasgow Music Scene after Marc, Paul and former guitarist Grant Monahan recruited Ricky Fleming on bass and Mark Hawthorne as lead singer. Straight away the band were been booked for shows at some of Glasgow top venues including The Ferry, The Cathouse, and The Garage.
Thanks to David Bash, founder and CEO of the International Pop Overthrow Festival (IPO), Broken Alphas opened IPO Liverpool 2011 at the world famous Cavern Pub, and played later that evening at the Backstage in the even more famous Cavern Club. They went down so well that they were invited to the London IPO at the Bull and Gate, and are featured on this years IOP CD – Volume 14. David went on to quote,
"Broken Alphas, who came down from that hotbed of musical activity, Glasgow, Scotland. Try to imagine what a grunge band might sound like if they had strong pop leanings, and you've just about got them as lead vocalist Mark Hawthorne has a resemblance to Eddie Vedder, without sounding obnoxious in any way. I really look forward to seeing these guys at IPO London!"

In June 2011, Grant Monahan left the Alphas, and Del Campbell was brought in to fill in for there biggest show to date, playing on the Main Stage at the Tall Ships Festival in Greenock in front of their largest crowd to date. Del’s performance and attitude won him the gig full time and the band have already starter to write new material for there up coming shows.

Where does the band name ‘Broken Alphas’ come from? Well, it comes from a recent possible discovery about alpha or the fine-structure constant (one of the fundamental constants that are integral to the ‘laws’ of physics), that suggests it may not be as unchangeable throughout the universe as was always thought.
If alpha has been ‘broken’ in this way it essentially alters the way we have always explained the natural world and the universe we exist in, and might even provide a way of studying higher dimensions.
So. ‘Broken Alphas’. Not your typical band name. Not your typical band. Proving that the universe is stranger, and perhaps more melodic, than we ever thought.


We will be releasing 3 Singles and an EP through London Indie Label Animal Farm

Set List

This is our Full Set list that is altered depending on Set Length

1.Good Just Dies
3.Sweet Disease
4.Fly This Day
5.Sunshine and Hurricanes
6.Fight or Flight
7.Gambling with Time
8.Made of Stone
11. Just Another Day
12. Ethical Drug
13. The Last Drop