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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Alternative Rock




"Stream Broken Anchor - Canada"

Over the course of a little over a year, Broken Anchor, the new-ish project from singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard and Michael Duffy, released a series of EPs that displayed the luminous melodicism of indie heroes such as the Shins, Band of Horses and Death Cab for Cutie. We’re not sure anybody outside of the TV synch industry noticed (“Burn Notice,” “Jersey Shore,” “Private Practice” and “Heart of Dixie” have featured Broken Anchor songs), but they should have. Maybe they will now — finally, this week, after some delays, Broken Anchor’s full-length “Fresh Lemonade” came out. It’s one of those starry albums; in the hands of producer Brad Gordon, the songs alternately twinkle and soar, and there’s not a toss-off in the bunch. For fans of classic popcraft who aren’t too indie-cool for school. - See more at: -

"Nylon Guys Mag Video Premiere"

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Austin Hartley-Leonard AKA Broken Anchor doesn’t need a band. As this video for his new single “Always” proves, he can play all the instruments and handle all the babes. We don’t know what he’s arguing about with his chick throughout the three minute piece, but at least it looks like they made up. We had no idea playing the cello would bring the honeys running, but we’re down to give it a try. The new Broken Anchor record Fresh Lemonade is full both jangly sing-along songs and melancholy tunes with a kinda Brendan Benson-meets-Beach Boys vibe. Check out the upbeat track “Canada” HERE and check out all of Hartley-Leonard’s tour dates HERE. - Nylon Magazine

"Un Nom De Guerre on Broken Anchor"

Calling up Austin Hartley-Leonard to talk about the upcoming Broken Anchor record Fresh Lemonade (which we previewed back in April), I was full of questions about his experiences of working as part of a duo for the first time. What was it like bringing another musician into what began as a solo project? Is he excited to head out on tour with a set drummer/percussionist rather than hiring a backing band for each show? What were the best surprises about the collaborative process? Well, no sooner could I ask about who Broken Anchor is now that the words “former drummer” made their first appearance in our conversation, effectively ending that line of questioning and forcing my improv skills into the forefront. Luckily, Hartley-Leonard is a perfectly amiable, talkative guy who is clearly passionate about the Fresh Lemonade project, with or without the man he succinctly refers to as “the drummer” (for the record, that would be Mike Duffy).

The record Fresh Lemonade is a mix of older songs culled from Hartley-Leonard’s three Broken Anchor EPs and of new tracks that he wrote and recorded with Duffy. Often, the attempt to combine multiple years and styles of songwriting on one record makes for a disjointed final project, but Fresh Lemonade offers a refreshingly cohesive collection of California cool. And while Duffy may have unexpectedly left the project in April, Hartley-Leonard’s longtime recording partner is producer Brad Gordon, and it is his distinct lo-fi “flavour” that is the commonality between the tracks.

A graduate of the Los Angeles singer-songwriter scene, Hartley-Leonard was ready to move beyond that “incestuous, in a good way” mode of performing, in which everyone plays with everyone, and was ready to work with the same guy for an entire project. Before bringing “the drummer” into Broken Anchor, every gig was different depending on the set men hired and he had never had the “luxury of sitting in a room and just playing.” Finally getting to do so meant that his long-dormant appreciation of the heavier, rockier sounds of Fugazi, Dinosaur, Jr., Minor Threat, Rocket From the Crypt and, especially, San Diego post-hardcore band Hot Snakes was awakened and combined with Duffy’s Latin-influenced percussion, leading to the interesting rhythms and melody lines heard on Fresh Lemonade.

By the time Broken Anchor hit the studio to lay down the tracks that would become Fresh Lemonade there was little room for last minute changes, save for a little “tweaking” by Gordon. Of course, having Duffy unexpectedly quit ahead of their fully planned five-week tour meant that Hartley-Leonard’s been dealing with more than his share of surprises in the months leading up to the album’s September 17th release. In an effort to regroup, Hartley-Leonard sought solace in the Los Angeles electro scene, and found the synth-based, sample-heavy performances to be inspiring. Still smarting from being burned by his first (and last) time working as a duo and asking himself “why do these guys [electro artists] get all the fun?”, he has adjusted his live show to be all in his own hands. By removing the limits of a four-piece band and taking simply a keyboard, cello, guitar and midi controllers onstage with him, Hartley-Leonard has crafted a mobile show better suited for the technology age. While his traditional five-week tour has been put on indefinite hold, he is now focusing on regional mini-tours “peppered” with house shows for his more off-the-grid fans.

The official record release party for Fresh Lemonade is September 19th at Silverlake’s cantina-style El Cid tavern and you can pre-order your copy of the record online today. While no plans currently exist for Hartley-Leonard to physically bring Broken Anchor to the great, white North, you can purchase passes for a Skype ticket to the album release. The next step for Broken Anchor may remain somewhat uncertain with the unforeseen departure of Duffy but there is no doubt that Austin Hartley-Leonard has the talent and gumption to roll with the punches and continue to create quality music. - Un Nom De Guerre

"Rust Zine Album Review"

Broken Anchor’s new album Fresh Lemonade is a snapshot of this minute, right now. It’s timely in the sense that it sounds relevant to this exact moment in music and culture. There’s an immediacy to this album that grabs your attention and makes you realize that today is special. It’s special because of all you have had to endure to get here and it’s special because the future is full of unlimited promise.

Fresh Lemonade mixes new material with songs from EP’s Broken Anchor Volumes 1-3. Singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard has built an excellent reputation as a solo performer and his music has been featured on “Private Practice, “Burn Notice”, “Hart of Dixie,” and “The Jersey Shore” so this *debut* album has a comfortable, patient feeling. For this album Hartley-Leonard teamed up with producer Brad Gordon and the tone and depth of the sound is really amazing.

Moving from introspective spaces to fuzz-pop anthems, Fresh Lemonade features big music coming from a big heart. It’s all about the songwriting here, and there are complex themes changing and developing and growing... just like you. It’s personal music, understanding that the emotions of the day can range from the darkest to the lightest and each intensifies the other.

This album is a potent mix of laughter and tears and it’s on par with the biggest bands on the mega-fest circuit. Broken Anchor has the substance, the intensity and the subtlety to take the world stage.

Broken Anchor debuts with a super-relevant and intelligent collection of pop anthems with “Fresh Lemonade.” Featuring fantastic songwriting and skills earned through previous projects, this album comes from an artist that has had a taste of the big time and this is his moment to cross over into permanence on the world stage. It’s a precarious moment, but there’s a confidence and strength of personality that defies the nervousness. This is why “Fresh Lemonade” is so easy to relate to. We all struggle daily. We remember the pain that has made us who we are, and we dream of fantastic things. Sometimes these dreams come true. This album is clearly a dream come true for an artist who has given his all to chase that dream. Very Highly Recommended. - Rust Zine

"Fresh Independence Artist Spotlight"

Long live the Los Angeles Music scene and raw East Coast influences such with Austin Hartley-Leonard of Broken Anchor.

Get to know more about what makes this songwriter tick and vibe to the good old rock n roll.

TODAY Broken Anchor releases their Album Fresh Lemonade. Check it out HERE.

Fresh Lemonade

1. Home is where your story begins, please tell us a bit about yours?

Well I am originally from just north of Chicago, and after stints in Nashville and Austin, I currently lay my head in a small town just south of Santa Barbara called “Los Angeles.” It’s super rad and barely any traffic. You have to check this place out…

2. How did music find you?

I started playing the cello when I was 5 and guitar at 10, so I really cannot remember. I think it was because I reeeeally didn’t wanna play little league.

3. What is the story behind the name Broken Anchor?

The name comes from a song of mine called “Broken Anchor Blues.” Fyi it’s not a blues song.

4. What is the inspiration behind, ‘Fresh Lemonade’

I just think people love the taste of lemons but, ya know, a bit sour right? So combine them with a little water and sugar…boooyah….delish summertime bevy.

5. What song on the LP means the most to you and the story behind it?

I would say that the aforementioned “Broken Anchor Blues” means the most to me. This whole project started after I turned my back on 5 years of material. I didn’t really know if I had any good songs left in me and BAB was the first one that let me know I wasn’t done yet.

6. What is the best piece of advice given to you within the industry?

God…I dunno…tough one….

Actually, the best advice I ever got was write because you love to write, because you’re called to write, and try not to have an opinion on the end product, good or bad. Whatever comes out was supposed to come out. Opinions are the bane of society and definitely the bane of writers. Opinions are the cheapest effing thing you can have, and 90% of the time they’re ill-informed or based on bullsh*t.

7. Broken Anchor is hosting a dinner party.

What Album is playing?

“Andorra” by Caribou. Have you heard that record? Holy crap…

Stream the Album HERE

What is on the menu?

Bhan Mi!

Four influential people [past or present] are invited, who is on the Guest List?

Paul McCartney

Pauly D

Pauly Shore

Paul from the Wonder Years

(Holy crap can you imagine that line up!?)

8. What brings you happiness?


Meditation, my fiancé, The Wu-Tang Clan, Southern California, charred polish sausage with cheese fries….kale (not really kale…actually…yeah I kind of love kale….how did I start loving kale?)

9. What could the world use more of?

Deep breaths…before everything…every decision, every reaction….pause and breathe pause and breathe pause and breathe…

10. How would you describe your first kiss?

No joke it went like this…

I’m in the fifth grade, and after attending the annual eighth grade play together (“Lil’ Abner,” the visuals were stunning), I walk my then “girlfriend” Jes home.

We get to her house and I say, because my dad told me to, “Ummm, would it be ok if I kissed you goodnight?”

And she said…

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.”

No joke.

11. Pre show rituals/ ryder include?

Being ultra-nervous, pacing, wishing I was at the point where I had large extensive ryders.

12. Substance abuse can be a neglected issue that many would rather ignore or blame wrongfully… Until it effects someone we care about, that is when we truly understand the demons it brings out in a very kind and talented soul.

What advice would you give to others on their journey to get clean?

Wow…ok…this is sorta not a quick-answer kinda question…but…I would say that the public perception of addiction / recovery is pretty far removed what the two of those things actually look like.

I never ended up sleeping under a bridge or getting high in a squat house, and recovery isn’t a bunch of old haggard men drinking stale coffee in a church basement, nor does it have anything to do with religion. When I got sober, my life opened up in ways I couldn’t have imagined in ten lifetimes. It had nothing to do with will power or holding on tight or “fighting to stay clean.” I just was willing to follow a few simple suggestions, daily, and it changed EVERYTHING.

Just be willing. And feel free to reach out to me at anytime. My contact info is all over the friggin web at this point ;)

13. What do you like to do on a lazy Sunday?

Binge on Hulu Plus.

14. Best memory of your musical journey thus far?

Playing The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. My mom flew down from Chicago to see me. Legendary stage.

Also Lolapalooza is in my hometown, and when I was invited to play the festival, I got backstage passes for all my buddies.

15. Where are you writing this in this moment?

At my dining room table. My gal bought it from a sidewalk sale benef - Fresh Independence

"Revolution 360 Q&A"

After building a reputation as a solo performer and scoring placements on hit TV shows like "Private Practice, "Burn Notice", "Hart of Dixie," and "The Jersey Shore", L.A. based singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard is charting new creative territories with Broken Anchor. Teaming up with producer Brad Gordon, Hartley - Leonard offers up "a stunning ride through a songwriter's exploration of life and love, created with a clarity of vision only the journey can provide" (KCRW) on Broken Anchor's first full length LP, Fresh Lemonade.

Featuring songs fleshed out in live performance and a series of 3 critically - acclaimed EPs (Broken Anchor Volumes 1-3), Fresh Lemonade coalesces Hartley-Leonard's electric musical and life experiences into a sound Los Angeles Magazine calls "Budweiser tallboy music, best heard coming from the stereo of a used Cadillac that required way too much effort to whip back into the street legal shape...{as if} the members of Band of Horses had grown up somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway." From the melliflous shoegaze guitar textures on "Leave the Light On" to the rippling waterfalls of synthesizers in "Dear Diary", Fresh Lemonade showcases a band that keeps its feet planted in lo-fi tradition while its emotional head floats wistfully in the clouds.

2013 has already been an exciting year for Broken Anchor. A residency at L.A.'s Piano Bar led to Hartley - Leonard being joined by Mike Duffy (Ozamatli) for an east tour. The first video from Fresh Lemonade "Never Leave Me Alone" has been featured on Spinner, MTV Hive, and Others.

R. So, firstly, might we dive right in and ask you be so kind as to explain how would describe what you are trying to achieve with your music? What are you chief motivations, what are you trying to convey with your work?
BA. I'm, just trying to write great songs, and I'm hoping to achieve a certain mood in the listener with every song. Grooves are super important to me, so if the listener is nodding their head or tapping their foot...or bawling uncontrollably... I've done my job (for the record I don't think I've ever achieved that last thing ;)

R.You have been releasing albums for a little while now, and I wonder if each one is its own separate entity, conveying your artistic wants of the time, or whether you have some larger, over-riding artistic vision which each release explores a certain facet of?
BA. Each album is only a snapshot. A looong exposure snapshot.

R. Your lyrics are something intriguing indeed. You seem to move between a kind of playful whimsy into much darker and at times meancholic. What is your writing process as relating to your song texts? Do the words emerge before the music or vice versa? What do you find yourself most often driven to write on when the pen is in your hand?
BA. The music always always always comes before the lyrics. I've tried a thousand times over the years to just go to a coffee shop and write lyrics without a guitar in hand and the result is always laughable. At the end of three hours, I'll have a blank piece of paper except for one sentence that

"All these dreams...the road is long..." I mean...really bad shit. When I have to slot lyrics into the framework of melody and chord structure, the actual fitting in part is what makes them grow and the message in them grow. I couldn't tell you why.

R. Do you find yourself drawn to particular themes or subjects? If so, what are they?
BA. All the same stuff...hopes, loss, etc. Those are universal but really, what else are you ever going to experience that is gonna move you so much that you're inspired to create art about it? I've never had a bagel that was so delicious I had to express it in song, ya know?

Last but not Least...

R. What discovery in life has surprised you the most?
BA. Sobriety, It's a motherfucker of a good time ;)

The Highly anticipated debut LP , Fresh Lemonade from Broken Anchor will be released on September 17, 2013. - Revolution 360

"LA Girl Fancies Show Preview"

Join us this Thursday, September 19, at 10:30pm, for the record release of Broken Anchor’s first full length LP, Fresh Lemonade at the iconic El Cid. We are so very excited for the Broken Anchor record release party and we can’t wait to hear all the tracks from Fresh Lemonade live.

If you like Wilco, Band of Horses, Ryan Adams, Kurt Vile and My Morning Jacket, then you will love Broken Anchor. Los Angeles Magazine calls it “Budweiser tallboy music, best heard coming from the stereo of a used Cadillac that required way too much effort to whip back into street legal shape… [as if] the members of Band of Horses had grown up somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway.”

If you’re in the mood for some great music and a drink, come down to the El Cid and join us in celebrating the record release of Broken Anchor’s Fresh Lemonade. We promise you will not be disappointed. See you there! - LA Girl Fancies

"LA Story Release Show Preview"

Looking for some hot new music to spark your friends attention and add to your personal “cool" factor? Check out Broken Anchor– an LA-based group that “recalls blue-eyed rock ‘n’ roll of the golden days refocused through a folk lens,” (WXPN The Key) on the new LP Fresh Lemonade that drops TODAY. (I am nothing if not timely!)

Digging this new sound- and how it’s still reminiscent of sounds from other genres and bands yet still very distinctive – Broken Anchor is sure to have a tune or two at least to haunt you. - LA Story

"ASCAP New Music Tuesday Album Review & Video"

ASCAP writer Austin Hartley-Leonard "anchored" the 2012 Mill Valley ASCAP Music Café lineup with his pop-rock project Broken Anchor. We like Austin so much we let him edit his own video interview about Broken Anchor's debut album, Fresh Lemonade - a sun-kissed slab of classic power pop with a reverb-drenched, retro vibe. - ASCAP New Music Tuesday

"Los Angeles Magazine Album Review"

Broken Anchor was a turning point for Austin Hartley-Leonard. The Chicago-born, classically trained cellist performed solo as a singer and songwriter for years, but by age 30, alcoholism forced him to reexamine his life. Finding it hard to connect with his old material, he made a break with his past. Instead he began working with producer Brad Gordon, whom he had met through mutual friends, on a different set of songs.

They weren’t planning on writing more than two or three tracks together at Gordon's home studio in Echo Park, but it turned into eleven in no time. With that Broken Anchor was born. Armed with an arsenal of instruments and electronic music equipment, what Hartley-Leonard refers to as a “simple setup,” Broken Anchor is ready to hit the road with a handful of intimate rock n’ roll songs both melancholy and boisterous. Broken Anchor will be performing live in support of the new album Fresh Lemonade at El Cid this coming Thursday (9/19).

Here are eight facts we learned about Austin Hartley-Leonard and Broken Anchor.

- There isn’t really a poetic story behind the name Broken Anchor, Hartley-Leonard confesses. “Once Brad and I had eleven songs it was time to play a gig,” he says. ”The first song we did was called Broken Anchor Blues, so that was it. I guess you could say the name reflects my personal story in a way.”

- At the first Broken Anchor show, Hartley-Leonard employed a five-man backing band but eventually settled on playing shows with just himself and an occasional drummer. “I’m into a lot of electronic music and looking at DJs performing, I asked myself "Why do these people get to have all the fun?". It’s just one guy on stage with a million toys and plenty of elbow room. I like to think that I handle my live shows the way an electronic musician does now.”

- Who's that kid on the cover of Fresh Lemonade holding a sign that says “Fresh Lemonade” and giving the camera a middle finger salute? It’s Hartley-Leonard’s nephew. It's also a tongue-in-cheek image that resonates with the album’s aural universe. “There are a couple of songs that deal with darker subject matter, but I have no problem writing a snarky song about the end of a relationship. I like to write songs that people can relate to and sing along to. This isn’t a & 90s grunge album about addiction.”

- Collaborating with producer Brad Gordon, who has previously worked with artists such as AM & Shawn Lee and My Name Is You, has meant everything to Hartley-Leonard. He describes their relationship as one based on profound trust. "In the music industry there’s a real 'let’s do lunch' attitude. Everybody says, 'trust me, trust me', but it’s rare that someone really has your back. I trust Brad artistically and personally. His instincts as a producer are exceptional.”

- In his songwriting he draws on a wide range of genres for inspiration. From 80s hardcore punk icons Minor Threat to contemporaries like experimental rapper Flying Lotus and alternative rockers Wilco. “Broken Anchor is indie rock,” he says, adding without hesitation, “I think it’s funny that most times when you ask an artist to define the thing they’ve worked on their whole life, they can’t do it.”

- Hartley-Leonard doesn’t have a problem labeling his creative output, although some labels should be avoided. “If I tell someone I play just “rock,” they think it sounds like Nickelback."

Broken Anchor will be touring in support of Fresh Lemonade well into 2014. "I'm not only playing club gigs but house concerts as well. It gives fans an opportunity to organize a show in their own living room if they’re ready to chip in with gas money,” Hartley-Leonard explains, saying that he loves to perform.

“One time we played The Satellite, with a packed room, and in the middle of the show I split my pants down the back. I haven’t worn underwear since the 80s, so I had to tell the audience they were about to see my butt. I wanted to be cool about it like Iggy Pop, but it was really mortifying,” he says. “I was like, why did I have to give up drinking before this happened?” - Los Angeles Magazine

" on Broken Anchor's Album "Fresh Lemonade""

Broken Anchor’s debut album, ‘Fresh Lemonade,’ finds L.A. singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard delivering some deceptively sunny indie-pop about relationships gone wrong.

At least that’s the case with ‘Canada,’ today’s free MP3. Despite the abundance of happy-sounding “oh-ohs,” this is not a love song to our friends up north. Instead, it’s all about banishing an ex to another country.

“‘Canada’ is a song about telling someone — someone you’ve most likely been naked with at some point — that you’re done, you’re sick of their s— to the point of not caring, and they could fly away to Canada for all you care,” Hartley-Leonard tells “It’s pretty heartwarming.”

OK, so maybe “heartwarming” is the wrong word, but it is pleasing to the ear, and it’ll have you singing along to the words, “Fly away to Canada.” In terms of the song’s actual message, at least Hartley-Leonard isn’t specific. He could mean the Canadian tundra or simply Vancouver, and the latter wouldn’t be such a terrible exile, right?

‘Fresh Lemonade’ lands Sept. 17, but head over to the pre-sale page, where you can purchase the CD or other bonus packages offering additional Broken Anchor goodies. -

"BuzzBands LA on Broken Anchor"

"Broken Anchor’s debut album is like a five-course meal for the melody-starved." - BuzzBandsLA

"Sound of Confusion on Broken Anchor"

When artists who have spent time ploughing their own musical furrow decide to team up with other musicians it can, when things go right, work wonders. Austin Hartley-Leonard may well have produced some superb stuff as a solo artist (sadly, we haven't heard his music) but surely this debut album as Broken Anchor, formed with partner in crime Mike Duffy, must be the best he's been involved with so far. As first albums go, 'Fresh Lemonade' is very difficult to find fault with; it's likely that the only people left cold by this collection of songs will be those who have no interest in indie/alt-rock anyway. It's a highly competent and occasionally towering album, although us claiming it's impressive for a debut may be slightly misleading given that the main songwriter is already an established artist.

This is a traditional sounding record, but one with many highlights and some variety. Opener 'Always' is well-written and anthemic US alt-rock with a big chorus, however this shouldn't get mixed up with bands like The Hold Steady and other Boss-inspired acts, Broken Anchor's sound is less blue-collar and more soaring but tasteful indie. They keep the big choruses coming on 'Canada', and already you're seeing the potential here; these songs are begging to be heard and given plenty of radio and other media coverage. It's guilt-free anthemic rock, something which can be a rarity, and they're no novices when it comes to some quality harmonies either. 'Stencil Heart' does have a more American sound with it's mentions of being up in Laurel Canyon "drinking like we had fins" but calling it Americana is off the mark, even when the pace drops on 'Dear Diary' it's done with a different sonic template of beats and washes of vocals and different atmospherics.

That's just the first four songs and that quartet encapsulate the album. What follows doesn't differ much in style. So should that mean we can discredit the rest a bit? Hell no. Then you'd be missing out on slow-building 'Matador' or the similarly-styled 'Head Is A Hole'. And that's without mentioning the hit-shaped 'My Marie', the beautiful melodies of 'Broken Anchor Blues', potential best track 'Leave The Light On' and the scratchy and soaring end track 'Never Leave me Alone' which is the sound of a stride being hit. 'Fresh Lemonade' is a filler-free collection of well-crafted songs that deserve to be heard, and in terms of consistency you can have few complaints. These songs are made to be enjoyed and will probably sound best listened to outside, either with a cool beer, or maybe a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade. - Sound of Confusion

"Vents Magazine on Broken Anchor"

"[Broken Anchor] is like the fist of creativity punched mainstream in the stomach." - Vents Magazine

"Limerence Magazine on Broken Anchor"

"A year since the band’s debut, this first full-length album has solidified Broken Anchor’s place in great new indie music." - Limerence Magazine

"WXPN The Key on Broken Anchor"

"... recalls blue-eyed rock ‘n’ roll of the golden days refocused through a folk lens.” - WXPN The Key

"Los Angeles Magazine Reviews Broken Anchor Live"

"Budweiser tallboy music, best heard coming from the stereo of a used Cadillac that required way too much effort to whip back into street legal shape... [as if] the members of Band of Horses had grown up somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway.” - Los Angeles Magazine

"Baeble Music on Broken Anchor"

"... a handsome compilation of pure indie rock." - Baeble Music

"Austin Hartley-Leonard"

Given the onslaught of over produced country pop, it’s refreshing to hear Austin Hartley-Leonard’s soulful country-folk sounds: smooth without being glossy, charged with emotion without coming across as contrived. Country can be a dangerous word to throw around, but this music is sure to appeal to hipsters and high school girls as well as cowboys.
- The Deli Magazine Los Angeles


Broken Anchor:
"Vol I" April 2012
"Vol II" August 2012
"Vol III" November 2012
"Fresh Lemonade" September 2013

Austin Hartley-Leonard:
"Franklin Ave" 2008
"Everywhere I've Never Been" 2010



After building a reputation as a solo performer and scoring placements on hit TV shows like "Private Practice", "Friday Night Lights", "Burn Notice", "Hart of Dixie", and "The Jersey Shore", L.A. based singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard is charting new creative territories with Broken Anchor. Teaming up with producer Brad Gordon, Hartley-Leonard "offers up a stunning ride through a songwriter's exploration of life and love, created with a clarity of vision only the journey can provide  on Broken Anchors first full length LP, Fresh Lemonade." (KCRW)

Featuring songs fleshed out in live performances and a series of 3 critically-acclaimed EPs (Broken Anchor Volumes 1-3), Fresh Lemonade coalesces Hartley-Leonards eclectic musical and life experiences into a sound Los Angeles Magazine calls Budweiser tallboy music, best heard coming from the stereo of a used Cadillac that required way too much effort to whip back into street legal shape... [as if] the members of Band of Horses had grown up somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Featuring songs fleshed out in live performances and a series of 3 critically-acclaimed EPs (Broken Anchor Volumes 1-3), Fresh Lemonade coalesces Hartley-Leonard's eclectic musical and life experiences into a sound Los Angeles Magazine calls "Budweiser tallboy music, best heard coming from the stereo of a used Cadillac that required way too much effort to whip back into street legal shape... [as if] the members of Band of Horses had grown up somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway."

Band Members