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"Broken Billy"

Broken Billy is the alter-ego of Ian Alexy and his Americana folk rock music. Alexy has a history of playing music in other groups that the genres of jazz to funk to roots rock, and his bio claims that they have all influenced his solo music. It is for sure that there is maturity in his songwriting, and hoping to get out of the pigeonhole of just being a songwriter, Alexy brought a backing band with him. The disc tends to have a Neil Young vibe circa Harvest Mood-era. And while there are moments of rock, the disc as a whole still seems very low key. I think that is a good thing because I don’t dig over produced stuff, and I’d take a low-fi Neil Young record any day and in saying that I think Alexy did a fine job on Broken Billy.

He opens the disc with “Big City Big Sky” which has a nice uplifting feel and it introduces the band nicely, it also has a cool guitar lick. The second track, “Blame Me,” has more of a country vibe; I also heard some folky Springsteen in the tracks “Alive Tonight” and “No Promises.” I have to say, from start to finish this was a solid disc. Not every song knocked me over, but all the songs held the disc together which made the whole greater than its parts, which is tricky to do.

- Nelson Heise
- Rift Magazine


Broken Billy (2006)

Ian Alexy's Rootedness (2003)



Dipping his toes into alt-country and alternative pop, Broken Billy, a pseudonym for guitarist Ian Alexy’s music, is a delicate departure from his debut disc Rootedness. While Alexy’s expressive lyrics still envelope his unique compositions, Broken Billy jumps a little harder into first gear, tossing rock and roll around with bluegrass stomps and country licks. An equal part Ryan Adams and Neil Young, Broken Billy’s self-titled album helps push Alexy out of the singer/songwriter pigeon-hole and into rock poet territory. Duluth, Minnesota’s Reader Weekly compares Broken Billy to “taking a cross country trip through musical sounds and places.”

Having studied at both Berklee College of Music and Goddard College, where he received a degree in jazz composition, Alexy has made a career out of challenging himself and pushing his musical boundaries. His time spent recording and touring in jazz and funk groups, along with a brief stint as lead guitarist in his brother Teague’s rock/folk band Medication and their high-profile roots/blues side project The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, have all lead to the musical amalgamation that is Broken Billy: a remarkable blend of alternative country pop, driven by original, introspective lyrics.