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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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"Broken Bricks-It Won't Get You High"

Toronto’s Broken Bricks have assembled something special on this song. This is indie rock that is reminiscent of the New Pornographers (I’m talking Twin Cinema-era stuff here) with its strong melodies/vocals and A.C. Newman-esque solos. Recorded on a shoestring budget, they prove that all you really need is some talent and a basement to record in. Give it a listen/download below, you won’t regret it. - Katuwapitiya

"Audible Hoots: Broken Bricks"

Back in January of 2011, Broken Bricks sounded as though they could go in a bunch of different directions based on their sound. It looks like they’ve chosen their path with the release of two new singles.

The first is “It Won’t Get You High.” There’s a strong emphasis on piano along with guitar in this song, and the vocals are reminiscent of the Beatles. There’s a very tasty fuzzy guitar solo that ends the track on a high note.

The other track is “Fortune Out of You.” This song aims to make you jump out of your seat as soon as you press play. You’ll be attacked with heavy guitar and piano together. The song changes course partway through to a smoother, classic-rock-oriented tempo, making the song definitely worth your time
- Grayowl Point

"Spill Magazine Review"

"If anyone can make teenagers dress in suits for a show on one of the most humid nights of the summer (not that that’s saying much), it’s Broken Bricks. To celebrate the release of their new album, Pasquale, Broken Bricks declared the show a “1940s black tie affair.” To the band's credit, the audience featured many well-dressed men. Broken Bricks was sharp and full-bodied (literally), fitting a violin and bass player in between their usual piano-guitar-drums setup. Singer/pianist Luke Kuplowsky traded in his dolled-up keyboard for a big, shiny grand piano, which served him very well. Frontman Marlon Chaplin’s witty lyrics presented themselves best towards the middle of the set when he swapped his fantastic gold glittery guitar for an acoustic. New-ish drummer Patrick Kahn was banging around and having a great time, driving the set with slightly swinging beats. The show was a sort of mash-up of decades and styles, with Kuplowsky sporting his signature Thin White Duke-esque vest, the rest of the band in suits, much of the audience in suits and/or fancy dresses and yet straight rock ’n’ roll inspired by many of the greats of the ’60s and ’70s. Their energy, however, was almost from tomorrow — that fictional tomorrow when you will magically accomplish everything you didn’t today. That tomorrow that never comes. Well, Broken Bricks showed us a sweet taste of that boundless, bouncy energy, limited only perhaps by the lack of space — not to say that Chaplin didn’t manage to fit in some manic jumps while ripping away on guitar. If history truly does repeat itself — and by history I mean last night — then you should be there. If Broken Bricks got us into suits, ties, dresses and heels once, who knows what the future will look like."

— Sally Walker Hudecki
(July 2009) - Spill Magazine

"Exclaim Review!"

September 23, 2009
"Toronto, ON band Broken Bricks don't hide behind anything on their debut. The production is sparse, as is the instrumentation, so all they have to fall back on are their songs. --Those songs do a pretty good job holding Pasquale together. Their Nuggets-inspired rock might not offer much in the way of depth but their genuine enthusiasm helps to ensure that their shortcomings can be overlooked. --As an unsigned band putting out their first collection of songs, Broken Bricks demonstrate plenty of potential. And with a gentle push in the right direction they should be able to live up to it."
--Michael Edwards (September 2009) - Exclaim!

"Two Way Monologues NXNE Review"

Kicking it off right with Broken Bricks @ Rancho

I don’t want to alarm you, but if you missed Broken Bricks’ only NXNE performance last night at Rancho I feel you have done yourself a disservice. Taking the stage promptly at 9 pm after a strong set by Young Contrarians (gotta love those festival turnarounds) it didn’t take long for Broken Bricks to turn the mostly full house into a crowd of believers.

Founded by high school friends Marlon Chaplin (vocals, guitar) and Luke Kuplowsky (vocals, piano), the band now includes drummer Matt Duncan and bassist Joey Clement. These lads bring real presence to the stage and when it comes to the audience experience very little is left to chance. Visually they present a modern take on a gothic vaudeville style with a painted plywood screen over the keyboards and dressed in retro finery. Guitarist and vocalist Chaplin began the set in a black coat reminiscent of a circus ringmaster, but if you’re familiar with Rancho you know things heat up quickly on stage and the coat had to go after the third song.

Broken Bricks have gotten a lot of comparisons to 90s Britpop and in particular the Kinks, but I think that’s oversimplifying something that is far more complex. While too many genre influences can easily leave a listener muddled, this band manages to evoke elements of retro pop, blues and garage rock without losing a cohesive sound. Probably my favourite example of this was featured on the track Boom when Kuplowsky pulled out a harmonica and added a distinctive John Lee Hooker flavour to a hooky and energetic pop song.

The crowd stayed with them from start to finish, not wavering when they introduced a more acoustic vibe with new track Jigsaw or when drummer Matt Duncan broke his drum pedal mid set and a replacement had to be brought in.

Next for Broken Bricks is a series of shows in New York City, booked no doubt on the buzz that’s been building since they released their EP Little Fugitives this February. Keep an eye on for upcoming Toronto dates and for details on where to purchase Little Fugitives. - Two Way Monologues

" NXNE Review"

It was dreadfully early on a Wednesday night, but the lads in Broken Bricks didn't mind. Ripping through an inspired NXNE set at Toronto's premier Mexican Restaurant cum music venue, Rancho Relaxo, the four-piece band, who were heralded as a not-to-be-missed act this week, proved they were worth the hype.

Guitarist Marlon Chaplin and pianist Luke Kuplowsky traded vocals throughout the short set last night (June 15) and led the band through tunes plucked from their excellent debut EP, 'Little Fugitives.'

Dueling frontmen sometimes bewilder listeners, but the songwriting style were quite complimentary; Chaplin delivered the straight-ahead rock and roll while Kuplowsky served up more artful fare.

The latter's habit of unwittingly adopting an English accent leads to Broken Bricks being often mislabeled as Britpop. However, the band is equal parts the Clash and the White Stripes. In fact, Jack's White's former band provides not only the band's moniker, but also informs their aesthetic.

But when the band closed their set with a cover of the Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows,' so well rendered they enticed a group of diehard hockey fans watching the Stanley Cup final away from bar's only television, they did little to dissuade the misguided label.

But labels be damned. It's only rock and roll, right? Last night, Broken Bricks built on the borderless tradition of delivering catchy tunes with fervor and at high volume. Catch them before they blow up. - Spinner Canada

"NOW Magazine includes Broken Bricks in the top 25 bands to see at NXNE 2011"

"Toronto’s Broken Bricks just put out their first official release in February but are already building a name through their energetic live shows and songs stacked with hooks. While sometimes mislabelled Britpop, the band clearly draws from the entire history of rock ’n’ roll, which lends them a timeless rather than retro quality. Every song has singalong potential."
-Benjamin Boles (Now Magazine) - Now Magazine

"Now Magazine Show Review"

"Broken Bricks impressed with tunes that played out like a history of British pop music... the young band has hooks and charm galore."
- Now Magazine

"Buying Shots For Bands EP Review"

"Immediately upon listening to Little Fugitives, I was caught off guard by some serious Brit-like vocals, which suit songs like “Pop Song,” the EP opener, and “Boy Dressed in Blue,” my favourite of the bunch, so well. Little Fugitives possesses a very retro feel throughout its 20 minute-span".

"These guys certainly know how to write choruses that stick and harmonies that really complete their sound. The songs are varied, so their upbeat tunes stand out more against their slower songs, “I Met A Robot” and “Pack It On Up,” which is their lovely acoustic closer."

- Buying Shots For Bands

"T.O.'s Snob Music Review"

"The record, produced by John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Hidden Cameras), is a fun romp.

Kicking off with "Pop Song" there's a definite Anglo-rock tinge to many of these tracks. That mixes well with the often keyboard-driven hooks that pop at you in songs like "Boom" and "It's All Lost On Me".

In the end, Little Fugitives tends to sound like the bastard lovechild of The Cars and Spoon. It's modern indie rock with a New Wave soul."

- T.O.'s Snob Music Review

"Ride The Tempo Review"

"Broken Bricks released their Little Fugitives EP last month and it can be grabbed at Bandcamp. The Toronto indie folk group seems to have a couple of performances in March that some how coincidentally don’t fall into Canadian Music week, damn. Pop Song is a rockin’ anthem with the right keyboard driven hooks. There’s something to be said about having little production and just basic instrumentation, you need some great songs for that to work and I think Broken Bricks does well in this latest EP."

- Ride The Tempo

"The Can Con Review"

"Broken Bricks might just play some of the best Brit Pop of the last decade, which is may only sound weird because they’re from Toronto. Little Fugitives is the band’s follow-up to 2011’s Pasquale. Considering their first release was more a collection of demos than a proper album, Little Fugitives is the band’s first proper release - and it’s a stunning effort at that. There’s a lot of Spoon coming through in their sound, most notably in “Boy Dressed in Blue.” The other really British-sounding track is the album’s opener, “Pop Song.” Once the EP gets to the third song, “Boom,” things take a more straight-forward indie-pop sound with the album maintaining a light-hearted danceable attitude throughout. Things slow down a bit with “I Met a Robot” but even then, the band (or duo) do a great job of offering up consistency with enough jumps and swerves to keep things interesting. In the end, Little Fugitives is probably the best debut effort I’ve heard in some time."

- The Can Con

"i(heart)music review"

"What counts is whether the band is able to turn that Anglophilia into something listenable...and, as they show on every single one of Little Fugitives' six songs, they're able to do that with ease. Tracks like "Pop Song" and "Boom" may sound like they're refugees from Modern Life Is Rubbish or This Year's Model, but they've got enough hooks that they wouldn't exactly be out of place in any of their influences' oeuvres...if you just want some great new music, Broken Bricks have what you've looking for."

- i(heart)music

"BlogTO featured Boy Dressed In Blue off New EP Little Fugitives"

New track Boy Dressed In Blue featured on The Neighbourhood Mixtape on Blogto!:

"Broken Bricks' dance-punk track "Boy Dressed in Blue" thrashes your ears when guitars and drums duel with trumpet and piano flourishes - an enthusiastic, rhythmic freak-out that makes you want to shed your layers a couple months too soon."

- BlogTO

"Monday Madness with The Broken Speaker"

"The Toronto based retro rock infused duo of Marlon Chaplin and Luke Kuplowsky are set to release their debut EP Little Fugitives on February 8th 2011. The songs are full of life and energy, whether it be an upbeat jam like “Pop Song” or a thoughtful acoustic song like “I Met A Robot”." - The Broken Speaker

"Broken Bricks Interview with Song Revelation"

"Broken Bricks are an indie rock band from Toronto, Canada. Although extremely busy promoting their upcoming EP, Little Fugitives, Luke Kuplowsky and Marlon Chaplin kindly agreed to give Song Revelation an interview about their musical background to date, their influences and what 2011 has in store for them. It’s a really good read, showing that Luke and Marlon are not just accomplished musicians but also have a good sense of humour too...."

Click link for full interview!

- Song Revelation

"The Indie Machine Feature"

"I’m really feeling this new EP from Toronto’s Broken Bricks and I want you to know about it. Head over to their Bandcamp page to stream Little Fugitives, which is set for release on February 8th. It was recorded at Green Door Studios in Toronto with John Critchley who has also worked with Dan Mangan and Elliot Brood. Have a listen to my personal favourite, Pop Song. The band plays their record release show on February 11th at Lee’s Palace. For more info, visit Broken Bricks on Myspace. Click link for more info!"
- The Indie Machine

"Fazer Magazine (album review)"

"Pasquale is the debut album from Broken Bricks, where they combine the catchy hooks of the Kinks and blend it with the raw production and tight arrangements of Goo era Sonic Youth. Broken Bricks doesn’t spare a second without providing the listener with a variety of candid vocals, elastic bass lines, magnetizing guitar leads, bewitching drum beats and dazzling piano work."

-- Alex Young, Fazer Magazine (August 2009)

Full review:
"Broken Bricks are a four piece lo-fi rock band from Toronto that are breaking through with an old school pop sound by blending it with modern garage rock. Pasquale is the debut album from Broken Bricks, where they combine the catchy hooks of the Kinks and blend it with the raw production and tight arrangements of Goo era Sonic Youth. Broken Bricks doesn’t spare a second without providing the listener with a variety of candid vocals, elastic bass lines, magnetizing guitar leads, bewitching drum beats and dazzling piano work.

The song “Need You Here” has lead singer Marlon Chaplin reminiscing about someone he can never have leading up to a finale has the band go haywire before they burst into the chorus again. “Take Me On” has all the acoustic charm of a classic 50’s hit that could put some serious bounce in your step and was born to be carved onto vinyl. The lyrics on “Living with the Strange” set the tone for the record with Chaplin getting serious by saying, “So look upon your master/as you work off of the range /make a living off disaster/you’re living with the strange” over an equally moving piano arrangements.

Chaplin and company continue to make the most of traditional pop song structures and occasional add a melodic breakdown. The piano has a more dominant presence as Pasquale goes on by providing both rhythm and melody on the album and allows the rest of the instruments branching out in many diverse directions. Broken Bricks are a garage band without boundaries because they don’t let anyone’s preconceptions of rock music keep them from holding any of their ambitions back."

"Live Show Review"

"Opening the evening was Broken Bricks, who are a Toronto band who give off an organic rock 'n roll vibe that is tempered with a knack for presenting a decent pop hook. I realize that I tend to compare a lot of bands with The Kinks but hey, if the shoe fits, right? It's pretty hard to ignore the fact that their sound is steeped in the idiosyncrasies of the British music hall combined with the awesome shuffle of the distinctive beat era. The harmonies were beautiful, the performance was gold, the guitars were loud, the energy was high and we all know how I feel about that authentic 60's sound!"
-- Bobby B
(April 2009) - It's not the band I hate, It's their Fans (Blog)

"Top 10 Shows to see in September"

Top Ten Bands To See in September in Toronto:
#6. Broken Bricks @ Silver Dollar
(Friday September 11th)

"We all know how much I loves the psych rock, and two of the best tripsters in the city are playing the same night--Broken Bricks-- and Davey Parker Radio Sound"
- It's Not the Band I hate, It's Their Fans

"Silver Dollar Room Show Review"

September 13th, 2009
"Broken Bricks has the unique ability to tap into the past, embracing a palate of Nuggets-era garage-rock, The British Invasion, and mid 90’s Britpop. Choose your decade. Gleaming guitars, shimmying keyboards, and melodies that drench you like a warm sheet of sunlight. A cheeky mod spirit and youthful enthusiasm, this four-piece embodies a vintage pop voice to irresistible effect."
- Lonely Vagabond

"ESPY Rock Interview"

"For our third End Of The Year interview, we’ve been in contact with Marlon Chaplin & Luke Kuplowsky from the awesome Broken Bricks.

As usual we’ve asked them about their highlights of this past year, the band’s plans for next year (a new EP) & last but not least; What is on their Christmas dinner menu?

To read the interview:

- ESPY Rock

"FERNTV Interview"

Sometimes the most strangest encounters can lead to the most delightful things. This can be said for Toronto’s own psychedelic rock band Broken Bricks who have been tearing down walls since their days at school. Their debut album “Pasquale” was dropped a couple of years ago which has been working out to their advantage ever since. Now because of their original sound that has been compared to that of The Kinks in addition to their witty performances, Broken Bricks are ready to play their music on a larger scale during Canadian Music Week. Staying true to themselves as well as their music, the formula for their success is definitely on track. Ironically, there is nothing to be fixed for the Broken Bricks because nothing is broken. - FERNTV


Jigsaw (Single) - July 15th 2011 (featured on an upcoming episode of Degrassi season 11).
Little Fugitives EP - February 8th 2011
Pasquale-- July 2009

Radio Charting/Airplay:
#1 CFBU - Brock University (June 2011)

#1 CFRC - Queen's University (October 2009)

#24 CUIT - University of Toronto (January 2010)
-Featured on Take5

#26 CFMH 107.3 - Saint John (June 2010)

University of Waterloo
-Featured on Around in Sound
-Featured on What's Good Radio



Toronto based Broken Bricks is an exceptionally unique brand of young talent with a sound that freely borrows from the great rock n' roll tradition, injecting a strong sense of melody and a restless, excited energy. Beyond their eclectic sound, it is their polished and animated live show that continues to create a buzz and gain the band a following.

Broken Bricks consists of Marlon Chaplin and Luke Kuplowsky, both songwriters and multi-instrumentalist fleshed out by Champagne Charlie on bass and backing vocals and Matt Duncan on drums and percussive duties. What brought these two together can best be described as serendipitous; an impromptu jam session after an unexpected meeting in their highschool hallway--Chaplin with guitar in hand, Kuplowsky wielding his harmonica and as the story goes, no one spoke, they only played. From that day forward they began writing and playing as Broken Bricks.

Both write lyrically complex tales with authenticity and put those tales to a dynamic, unique Rock N' Roll sound. Drawing from the the firebrand lyricism of Elvis Costello, the melancholic winsome of Damon Albarn, the wistful melodies of the Kinks and the ebullient energy of The Who; Broken Bricks has mastered the art of combining catchy hooks with exceptional storytelling.

2009 saw them release a fourteen song LP entitled Pasquale. The demo was recorded almost entirely in a basement kitchen by Chaplin and Kuplowsky. Though the LP was initially intended as a demo for friends and family, it took on a life of its own, garnering favourable reviews with Toronto press and campus airplay across Canada, including charting on CUIT (U of T) and CFMH 107.3 (St. John's) and going #1 on Queens University radio. It also led them to play countless shows in and around Toronto, including a set at CMW, and a feature on CIUT's Take5.

Broken Bricks released their first official EP Little Fugitives February 8th 2011 with a sold out show at Lee's Palace. The EP features six songs and was recorded with John Critchley (The Hidden Cameras, Dan Mangan, Elliot Brood) at Green Door Studios in Toronto. The EP has garnered attention from media outlets and blogs across Canada, including being named one of the top 25 bands to see at NXNE 2011 by NOW Magazine and a feature on

In 2012, Broken Bricks released the single It Won't Get You High/Fortune Out of You to favourable reviews. They are currently recording their third release, a full length album with producer Dale Morningstar.

It Won't Get you High/Fortune Out of You
Little Fugitives EP - available now

Video footage available: