Broken ChainZ Band

Broken ChainZ Band


The Broken ChainZ Band is a high energy and explosive progressive rock/alternative band. Driven by the message of freedom, (using pitch correction/auto-tune), memorable lead sounds and epic sounding pads, it really is a breath of fresh air and captures a sound we haven’t yet heard in music.


The Broken ChainZ Band is an explosive, high-energy, and passionate Christian contemporary rock band whose purpose is to spread the message of freedom through their ministry of music with the love of Jesus Christ.

The BC Band is a group of saved and anointed musicians who have been called to create an atmosphere of liberation for youth and young adults across the world.

The ministry of Broken ChainZ was started in 2008 by band leader Jerry "Juice" Alexidor. With the support of his lovely wife Shanta and the covering of his spiritual father, Pastor Tyrone Stevenson, God has given Juice the passion to see those who have been held captive by sin, guilt and shame be liberated through repentance and redemption.

The BC Band are musicians and vocalists who love God and desires to please Him by living a maturing lifestyle devoted to God’s word. The current band members are Juice, Carlin White, Matthias Patrick, Marcus Reddick, Phinees Robert, and Saeed Renaud. Collectively they are producing a sound that allows the Holy Spirit to move in a unique way. Through their ministry they have witnessed people come out of their addictions, struggles, and issues to live a life of eternal freedom in Christ.

Their debut single Freedom Cry was released in November of 2010 and currently has over 50,000 downloads in the UK and the US. Their follow up single Come Into the Light is set to release this August. And their album A Sound of War and A Cry of Freedom is set to release 1st quarter of 2012.


Come Into the Light

Written By: Jerry Juice Alexidor

Come into the light (rep)
Jesus is the light (rep)
Run into the light(rep)
Jesus is the light (rep)

Verse 1
For you are a Royal Priesthood
A Chosen Generation
I don't care if you're from the hood,
You are a Holy Nation
Sometimes misunderstood
By misinterpretation
So come out from among them
By total separation

Verse2 (rap)
This is not your typical song
In fact, its the triumphant entry of the King not kong
but on a donkey He sat
as we cheered Him on
On His way to the cross to die for all that we did wrong

Imagine that, the King committed to the cross,
To save that which was lost
At any cost

Blood bought me
It Never cost me a thing
He never forced me,
He only did it cause He loved me!

He will bring you out of darkness, into His marvelous light
But before u can come in,
you must come out!


All manner of evil

Come Out
Come Out(rep)

Come into the Light
Come into the Light

Freedom Cry

Written By: Jerry "Juice" Alexidor

O Lamb of God
We come to You
With sincere hearts
In spirit & truth

O Lamb of God
We cry to You
Change our mind
And make it new
O Lamb of God

So we cry O
To the Lamb
To the Lamb
To the Lamb (rep)

To the Lamb(rep)

Hear our cry O Lord
Help us to be still
Change our mind O God
Conform it to Your will



Freedom Cry- November 26, 2010
Come Into the Light- August 9, 2011