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It's unlike anything one could ever imagine! Our unique sound brings a whole new genre to music, itself! We are the future of music! The style that Brokencyde creates will definitely be 'the next big thing!'


BROKENCYDE! One of the most talented groups based in Albuquerque, New Mexico! All members of brokencyde each have there own individual styles and personalities thus giving them that unique sound you hear in there music! SE7EN, The producer/artist of the group focuses on making the quality of there music sound superb, Writes the song lyrics, Raps, and does most of the high end screams. Most may know him as that underground head that use to go by Majestimatix! An old alias of Seven's in which he dropped his first LP: "Come Follow Me", under(in stores now). And then we got Mikl Shae, the Singer of the group! Focuses mostly on singing, thus giving Brokencyde that Mainstream Alternative sound. Slightly new to the music industry, but makes up for it with his vocal presents! Dropppin' some of the hottest, most deepest choruses you will ever hear. Wouldn't have any of that emotion you hear in his voice if it wasn't for his broken heart! And last but not lease we got Klasik, who chooses actually not to be apart of Brokencyde but does tend to collaborate with us from time to time. He features in various songs such as, Taking life from me, Alone in the Dark, In love with 2 faces, and Dead before I died! Mostly focuses on the low end screams and those Static-X sound alike verses you hear in the above songs. Klasik started doing shit with Vokab7 way before Brokencyde was ever discovered. Meeting him through his cousin Blase well Painting trains! All members of Brokencyde focus together on making there music REAL! Everything you hear in there lyrics are based off true stories or past memories thus giving you those creative subjects most could probably relate to in so many ways. Everything they write about they have been through, or were inspired by someone else's situation. Still, it's what makes Brokencyde real, and unique in there own way! Most of there music is recorded and mixed in a homemade low budget studio Vokab7 has developed over his years of producing. It's not the best, but he's obviously doing something write, cause they sure do got that professional sound! If not at Studio7, they record at Wall of Sound with New Mexico's award winning engineer, John Wall! Working on there first LP, "Soundtracks 4 Suicide" which is complete by the way and is FOR SALE for only 5 dollars(no s/h charge if needed). Brokencyde would like to thank there ex-girlfriends for creating the monsters they are today, and there fans for all the support and interest they give towards there music. It's what keeps them moving in the right direction. Keep your eyes peeled for there new album being recorded as we speak! If you ever have any questions or just want to get to know the members of Brokencyde, fill free to ask. No matter what it's about, Brokencyde will always respond! They never forget there fans, cause they realize with out fans they're nothing but a bunch of emo kids. HA! We hope to hear from you all and see you at our shows. Ask about our free CD deal?... Broken!


Brokencyde has just finished recording their new independent LP, 'Soundtrack 4 Suicide'! Consisting of 15 of their best work!

Set List

We typically perform 30 to 45 minute sets, usually consisting of 9 to 14 songs! Here's a list of the titles we usually perform:
1. Taking life from me.
2. Dead before I died.
3. Always on my own.
4. Still waiting for you.
5. Monster inside me.
6. Never bleed for you.
7. In love with 2 faces.
8. Till death do us part.
9. Dieing to live.

And various new recording not listed...