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Upbeat electronic hip-hop beats under intelligent abstract lyrics - Atmosphere meets Postal Service, but more fun.


Brokendomer have spent the last three years in NYC electrifying crowds with an unclassifiable mix of electro-punk, hip-hop, and indie-pop. Whether creating beats live on a laptop, rapping over music from a gameboy, or just rocking the crowd with incredible off-the-head freestyles, Brokendomer destroy traditional ideas of what hip-hop is and create a party anywhere they play.

Brokendomer is the blanket name for two artists: BrokeMC and Domer. Their individual solo efforts as well as their work as Brokendomer and with the MINDSpray crew have built them a strong fanbase in the Brooklyn scene. In addition to throwing the giant Falldown parties with Embedded Music's Bisc1, the MINDSpray Open Mic, and the monthly Style Factory at the Knitting factory, Brokendomer tour the east coast from Florida to Toronto. They are the founders of the new battle-rap ringtone company

Domer’s beats have been featured internationally on as well as national TV commercials, and his songs are currently being featured on web commercials, podcasts and indie radio stations all over the world. The Broke MC is an award-winning poet gaining rapid notoriety in New York's underground rap scene. His underground hit ‘Not Again’ (available on the MINDSpray compilation ‘A Shot in the Dark’) was featured as an editor’s pick in Elemental Magazine.

Brokendomer's newest album DO YOU COPY? is currently being featured on,, and many others.

Stage shared with:

KRS-ONE * Eliot Lipp * Daedelus * Grandmaster Kaz * Mel E Mel * Breez Evaflowin (Stronghold) * Creature (Def Jux) * Team Facelift * Science Non-Fiction * Raination * DJ Raedawn * DJ J-Zone * Psyche Origami * Dres tha Beatnik * Many Styles


BrokeMC::Peaceofme (2003)
Brokendomer::Machine in Your Station (2003)
Domer::Carbumper (2004)
MINDSpray::A Shot in the Dark (2004)
BrokeMC::Spillin My Guts (2005)
BrokeMC::End of the World Mixtape (2005)
DomerMC::inbetweentimes (2006)
MINDSpray:: DJ Milkmoney presents... vol 1 (2006)
Brokendomer::Do You Copy? (2006)
Domer::Work With Me (2007)

Set List

Drawing on both Broke and Domer's solo catalogue as well as their collaborative tracks, Brokendomer can deliver a mellow, introspective set, or rock a party with uptempo jams and freestyles.

A typical set lasts 20-35 minutes and includes about ten tracks, freestyles, crowd participation, and accapellas. Songs may include Not Again, It Could Be You, Off Time, Change and many many more. See for a clearer idea of the Brokendomer catalogue.