Broken Equilibrium

Broken Equilibrium


We mix elements of rock and metal with electric cell for a truly unique sound. Those that have heard us praise our instrumentation, our solid all-around sound and our use of cello as an accent. We have been playing out for over 2 years and as we continue to play our skills only improve.


Our band has been playing shows for just over 2 years although some of that time was spent working on and releasing our debut CD November of '08. Since then we have been writing new songs and have begun working on our sophomore effort.

We all come from a different musical background and I feel that is represented in our range of music. We certainly have heavier songs but also have slower ballad-like songs that help to keep the audience guessing.

The inclusion of the electric cello always raises eyes and gets fans asking questions. As we have played shows we have honed our skills both in musicianship and stage presence.



Written By: Broken Equilbrium

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Broken Equilibrium (LP) Release 11/08

The CD is available and multiple on-line stores including iTunes, Amazon, and Napster.

Set List

Our set-list can vary depending on what kind of crowd we have and what other bands we're playing with. If we're with a more meta crowd we'll play some of our heavier songs vs. being in a more rock environment.

Currently, we have 23 songs (12 of which are on our debut CD) that we play live, and we're working on adding 5 of our newer songs to that list soon and are constantly working on new music.

Our current list of songs (From oldest to newest) is: Purgatory, November, Jagged Little Pieces, Devour, Wayside, Etchings, Justified, Mindset, This Someone Else, Epitome of Misery, Imprison, Nothing, Culling the Weak, Don't Mention It, The Struggle, My Prize, Still Time, The Culmination, My Time - My Turn, Requiem, Separation, Fairytale, and Stories

Since we have a rather large amount of songs, our set-length usually varies based on the request of the venue. We'd played anywhere between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours (2 - 45 minute sets).

We are an all-original rock/metal band. We don