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“Here’s a trio working at a high level. The fact that they have not yet been scooped up by a major label is testament to the already crowded field for this familiar sound –– brooding, moody, controlled aggression with a strong melodic spine. It was patented by Pearl Jam, cribbed by Creed and is now a staple of rock radio. Nevertheless, with Jared Griffin supplying formidable power as frontman, this radio-ready outfit are well worth major label attention.”
- Music Connection Magazine

Good communication, awesome sales reps, outstanding CD, This band ROCKS!
Reviewer: Andrea

This is a great CD! Every track on it was HOT! I have listened to it several times and would recommend it to everyone!
I really love this CD.
Reviewer: Aubnfan

This CD is great. The music is upbeat where it needs to be and soft when it needs to be. My favorite song is What If. I highly recommend this CD and is a fantastic first effort. I will definitely be buying future CDs.
Reviewer: Jason

these guys are just amazing...hands down! this cd rocks the WHOLE way through!
Loved it!
Reviewer: Jeanne Driscoll

I enjoyed the CD. Keep up the great work.
I love this CD! Rock on!
Reviewer: Dara

The music is all worded so nicely, tells stories that reflect on my own life and I love it! - CD Baby -

24/7: Where were you all born and how old is everyone?
Jared Griifin (lead guitars and vocals) born in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 21 years old
Ben Mahaffey (drums) born in Hono Lulu, Hawaii, 21 years old
Jose Sarruff (bass) born in Ponce', Puerto Rico, 23 years old
24/7: How did music affect you while you were growing up?
It was a major part of our lives. Whether it was what our parents were listening too or what we heard on the radio, music was always a very natural part of our enviroment. Then as we got older it was always something to look foward to because it made everyday different. Yes, it took lots of time and effort, but when we started feeling it, it was always awesome to see how each day of playing would go and then how other people would react to our music.
24/7: Did you all always want to become a rock artist/group?
Yes, ever since we found out we could play instruments we knew we wanted to spend our lives dedicated to music.
24:7 Who inspired you guys to be a rock band?
Just anything from "of course" Led Zepplin to Pearl Jam to Sevendust and everything else in between. We listen to every kind of music because the more musical influence you have the all the more of a creative musician you'll be yourself.
24/7: Do you write your own songs?
Of course. That what it's all about to us. Just seeing how different kinds of people respond to our music. There's not a better feeling than hearing good feedback from the people listening to your music. You do it for yourself but you also do it for them.
24/7: Where do you see Broken Fall 3-5 years from now?
Well, you never know whats going to happen tomorrow so, I'll just say we'll be where we want to be......
24/7: Did you ever have a turning point in your life where you said this is not what you want to do?
Oh of course. When your broke as shit, you have no education, your away from your family, and when your basically struggling to stay alive you have to ask yourself "What the hell am i doing? Is this the right decision?". Once you decide if it is the right decesion then alls you can do is go for it.
24/7: Where did you get the name Broken Fall from?
Actually we were on our way back to New York City from recording in our hometown of Northwestern Pennsylvania. We just did a little 3 demo cd and we were listening to it on the way back. The copy was as rough as it gets and it didn't have the song we wanted to hear most on it. But when we threw the other two songs in we were like "Wow, this is pretty damn good". We figured those songs would be the songs that would break our fall, then Broken Fall just kind of happened. - Hot 24 magazine

Sometimes it takes that little extra push to get the kind of recognition your looking for, and Brokenfall did just that.

Once hailing from Pennsylvania, then to Orlando, Florida, and now in the heart of New York City, the rock trio is proving they will not stop pushing themselves.

Influenced by Sevendust and rock legends Pearl Jam and other aritsts alike, their current demo showcases the band at their most creative state. Musically, the demo is fourteen songs filled with powerful rock rhythms and rich guitar sounds. The band posses a more alternative style that is easy on the ears with profound emotional lyrics that are brought to life by singer Jared Griffin.

Brokenfall clearly has the ability to put forth the extra effort needed to achieve success for thier permutations. By going the extra mile, these guys just might finally get the spotlight they have worked so hard for and very well, deserve. - By:Kristie Taft


Their first original self titled album called "Lithium" sold over 10,000 copies independently and received extensive radio play all over the east coast. A new version of the old album was released after adding 4 new titles and remastered versions of the songs previously recorded.Songs like "Breathe Again" and "Rain" are currently receiving radio play on Syrius Radio, Buffallo based rock stations and soon will be featured on K-Rock (NYC Rock Radio Station)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Brokenfall, the trio formerly known as Lithium, started jamming out as a garage band in a small town in Pennsylvania in 1999. As time went by, they found their groove, regularly played packed clubs, and formed a strong fan base. Their songs received extensive airplay on radio stations across the greater Pennsylvania area and the band independently sold over 10,000 copies of their original, self-titled demo, Lithium. Determined and yearning for more, the group moved to Orlando, Florida and changed their name to Osiris. Upon relocation to an entirely different music scene, they had full intentions of covering the new ground to ensure their music be heard on a national level. The band was recognized by a producer in Orlando who saw their potential and brought them to the center of the rock music scene: New York City. Here, this power trio regularly rocked the house at the world famous CBGB's. Becoming increasingly more popular, the band realized they had to change the name Osiris to avoid a copyright issue with the clothing line. Thus, that leads to today's name of Brokenfall. Brokenfall has gained tremendous support from east coast radio stations such as: 106.9 KISS FM (Jamestown, NY), 103.3 The Edge (Buffalo, NY), 105.9 THE X (Pittsburgh, PA), and O'Rock 105.9 (Orlando, FL) - where Brokenfall, then known as Osiris, became band of the week. Brokenfalls’ music was also featured in the movie 13 Dead Men starring Lorenzo Lamas and rapper, Mystikal. Other performances have included The Knitting Factory (NYC), Nicks Fat City (Pittsburgh, PA), Hi-Fi Club (Cleveland OH), Club Diablo (Buffalo, NY), The Social (Orlando, FL) and the New York City Marathon. Performances at festivals such as the Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania snagged them the well deserved, number one spots on both the Millenium Music Conference compilation CD and the Red Night Records compilation release “Depth of Confessions Vol.I.” Upon release of their latest album (self-titled), Brokenfall displays their creative, high quality, & high energy modern rock sound.
The band has received regional airplay along with guest studio interviews on such stations as Kiss FM 106.9 (Jamestown, NY) and 103.1 The Fox (Jamestown, NY). Partnered with CD Baby and sponsored by Roto-Sound, Brokenfall intends to make their music known world-wide! Be sure to check the bands myspace website regularly for shows at