Brokenfall is a melodic rock act with a high-energy live presence in the vein of 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Seether, and Fuel.


Brokenfall, the trio formerly known as Lithium, started jamming out as a garage band in a small town in Pennsylvania in 1999. As time went by, they found their groove, regularly played packed clubs, and formed a strong fan base. Their songs received extensive airplay on radio stations across the greater Pennsylvania area and the band independently sold over 10,000 copies of their original, self-titled demo, Lithium. Determined and yearning for more, the group moved to Orlando, Florida and changed their name to Osiris. Upon relocation to an entirely different music scene, they had full intentions of covering the new ground to ensure their music be heard on a national level. The band was recognized by a producer in Orlando who saw their potential and brought them to the center of the rock music scene: New York City. Here, this power trio regularly rocked the house at the world famous CBGB's. Becoming increasingly more popular, the band realized they had to change the name Osiris to avoid a copyright issue with the clothing line. Thus, that leads to today's name of Brokenfall. Brokenfall has gained tremendous support from east coast radio stations such as: 106.9 KISS FM (Jamestown, NY), 103.3 The Edge (Buffalo, NY), 105.9 THE X (Pittsburgh, PA), and O'Rock 105.9 (Orlando, FL) - where Brokenfall, then known as Osiris, became band of the week. Brokenfalls’ music was also featured in the movie 13 Dead Men starring Lorenzo Lamas and rapper, Mystikal. Other performances have included The Knitting Factory (NYC), Nicks Fat City (Pittsburgh, PA), Hi-Fi Club (Cleveland OH), Club Diablo (Buffalo, NY), The Social (Orlando, FL) and the New York City Marathon. Performances at festivals such as the Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania snagged them the well deserved, number one spots on both the Millenium Music Conference compilation CD and the Red Night Records compilation release “Depth of Confessions Vol.I.” Upon release of their latest album (self-titled), Brokenfall displays their creative, high quality, & high energy modern rock sound.
The band has received regional airplay along with guest studio interviews on such stations as Kiss FM 106.9 (Jamestown, NY) and 103.1 The Fox (Jamestown, NY). Partnered with CD Baby and sponsored by Roto-Sound, Brokenfall intends to make their music known world-wide! Be sure to check the bands myspace website regularly for shows at


What If

Written By: Jared Griffin

if i just walk away and don't try to explain then would you follow me? if i give into you and pretend that it's new could it ruin me? tell me what you're thinking. i'm feeling like i'm running circles. am i really leaving this time? what if i move on? i wonder, will you make it through another night? if i move on, i worry, will you be alright? it's the price that you pay for deciding too late if you can sacrifice. it's believing that you make the choices you do to make it through the night. i've been slipping away from you. you keep coming around again.


Written By: Jared Griffin

as i look around, anything i see is a million miles away from everything i need. when i feel like there's no chance of a brighter day, i force myself to carry on no matter what you say. i just can't sleep at night. time is never on my side. day by day i rip away the pages of my life. i find a way to make it right. with every step i take and every time i fall, i pick myself up off the ground and then i hit the wall. i never thought it'd be so hard. i never thought it'd take so long. i close my eyes to pass the time and find out that i'm wrong. i will never fall away no matter what you say, i will never fall away but i'm breaking down.


Their first original self titled album called "Lithium" sold over 10,000 copies independently and received extensive radio play all over the east coast. A new version of the old album was released after adding 4 new titles and remastered versions of the songs previously recorded.Songs like "Breathe Again" and "Rain" are currently receiving radio play on Syrius Radio, Buffallo based rock stations and soon will be featured on K-Rock (NYC Rock Radio Station)

Set List

Sets can vary from 60 to 90 minutes. Shorter or longer if needed.