Broken Ghosts

Broken Ghosts

 Austin, Texas, USA

Life, love, and the church of rock n' roll.


After moving to Austin from Louisiana, songwriter John Revels began working on lo-fi home recordings in his spare time. These initial recordings would eventually serve as the framework for the band's first full length LP, "Away, Good Sea!". With the addition of Matt Beebe on guitar, Drew Campbell on drums, and Scott Richards on bass, Broken Ghosts has transitioned into a dynamic and powerful band. In 2010, their collective efforts yielded a remarkably honest, and endearing album that tackles universal themes, such as love, death, and rebirth. "Away, Good Sea!" is a testament to the fruits of internal and external exploration. It is a playful, infectious appeal to the heart as much as the head; perfect for foot stomping, soul searching, or mapping the seas. The band is currently working on their next release, and gearing up for a long string of live performances in 2011


Away, Good Sea! (2010)