Broken Head

Broken Head

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Music for the Criminally Insane: Brutal, original sound spans grunge, metal, and punk and has been known to drive fans insane, breaking their heads. We are experienced musicians with 3 self produced recordings, T-shirts, and stickers, and serious about playing locally, regionally and beyond.


The BROKEN HEAD Experience:
It's not a band. It's an unholy experiment.

Broken Head formed in 2001 when John and Charlie decided to jam with vocalist Tim Jones and guitarist Andrew Coleman. In 2002, BH released a self engineered and produced CD, 420. In mid 2003, Andrew moved away and soon Chris Schmidt from Bagg and Black Tractor joined. In May, 2004 Chris and Broken Head parted ways.

After about a year of inactivity Bart Allen joined Broken Head. In the fall of 2006, this incarnation of Broken Head played its first show at the Comet. In spring of 2007 BH made a recording of new material -- a three-song demo produced by former guitarist, Chris Schmidt, of Shepherd's Pie Recording. In 2008 Broken Head performed at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA, Dirtfest in Birch Run, MI, and the Baltimore Music Conference.

After 7 years together, in late 2008, Broken Head parted ways with original front man Tim Jones. Remaining HEAD members Charlie Moorman, Barton Allen & John Dryden chose to move forward with new vocalist, Lazy D of the infamous Cincinnati hip hop project, Lazy Ass Destroyer. Lazy D -- aka Ryan Schwass -- is a surprising divergence from the vocal styling of Jones.

Both Allen's insanely aggressive guitar soundscapes and Lazy D's rhythmic lyrics have helped to evolve the experience that is Broken Head.

Both Lazy D (solo) and Broken Head had a great time at the 2010 Buffalo Infringement Festival, making a huge impression rocking crowds at both clubs and non traditional venues.

Currently Broken Head is finishing the release of several tracks of new material after 3 years. The new material is All HEAD. The trade mark destructive low end sonic assault remains central to the compositions, but the new lyrical style of Lazy D has brought forth more musical complexities from what was already a most original and unique band.

Broken Head does warn those new to the experience to avoid listening at high volumes on PC or Laptop Speakers or head phones as it could cause permanent equipment damage or even severe brain trauma. However, Broken Head has not been proven to cause soft tissue damage at high room volumes . . . But listeners should be aware that an occasional altered state of reality has been know to occur . . . The CDC has not named this condition at this time, but the symptoms are easily identified by the irresistible urge to break EVERYTHING in the vicinity.

The music of Broken Head may be the preferred soundtrack of the criminally insane, but it is truly the music of the common citizen struggling to survive the ever increasing onslaught of incompetence and apathy which unfortunately seems to drive the world today.


"Asswipe Bring the World Together": Six songs, new material written with Lazy D, recorded at Chodehaus studios and produced by Shepherd's Pie. Jan 2010

"Demo" three songs recorded at Shepherd's Pie Recording in 2007 (w/ Tim Jones on vocals)

"420" a full length CD we recorded, produced, and released in 2002 (w/ Tim Jones on vocals and Andrew Coleman on guitar)

Set List

American Taint
Dark Side
It Won't Bite
Music for a Mall Massacre
Siege Musique
Split P
This and That
Tie Me Up Again
War Pigs 2K6