The Broken Hearted

The Broken Hearted


The Broken Heated are dedicated to putting on the best live shows they could possibly produce. They fuse old school rock n roll with some new age. Brought up with blues roots, you can definately expect some soul with your feet stomping.


The Broken Hearted started on the Montreal music scene as a rockin’ blues trio. They have shared the stage with such musical icons as Jeff Healey, elvis Costello and james cotton ( one of muddy Waters original members.)

The Broken Hearted have played for a sea of screaming fans at the montreal Jazz fest two years in arow as well as performed at the Ottawa Jazz and blues festival. They also were nominated for best new blues artist of the year for the maple blues society in 2oo3 and rising blues artist in 2005, they took the award in 2003.

After releasing two albums with Just in time records and cutting their teeth on the blues, The Broken Hearted felt inspired to produce a rock & roll album.

Following an amicable split with just in time , the Broken Hearted have completed and mastered their new album and are now looking for a record company to help them reach their dreams of Rock & roll world domination. One small town at a time.


The Broken Hearted 2006 (Indie)

Set List

Original Set:
Out of Mind
Soakin My Soul
Hard Times
The Observer
Weather Song
Indian Tune
Walls Start Talkin
Hurry Home
Now That you're Gone
Helpless Hands
Slip Into Your Eyes

We also do endless amounts of covers. Our sets are around 1h15mins. each. Two or three sets a night.