BandEDMHip Hop

Nineties East-Coast Hip-Hop influenced, tripped-out, heavy drummed trip-tronica, with hints of Dub-Step in rhythmic patterns and bass-lines, forming a floating feeling of calm tension.


Sarah Warren, aka Brokenhifi, is a 21-year-old DJ Producer who specialises in Hip-Hop and Electronica. In the past she has worked with a variety of local DJs in and around Kent, regularly playing at free-parties and other indoor events. She is currently unsigned and working on an E.P, collaborating with DJ Butterphingaz, scheduled for completion in early May ’10.

Heavily influenced by early nineties East-Coast Hip-Hop, Brokenhifi uses her musical prowess to alchemize her sound into a mixture of heavy-drummed, rolling Trip-Hop and bleeping, crunchy Electronica. With hints of Dub-Step creeping through rhythmic patterns and bass-lines, Brokenhifi’s sound lends itself to a concoction of floating calm and brooding edginess, continually playing on the contrast of the dark and light emotions it is possible to evoke through composition.

Brokenhifi has provided material for Method.TV, an online snowboard video podcast from the makers of MethodMag snowboard magazine, who feature her work in three of their episodes. She is hoping to collaborate with Tom Kingsnorth, head of snowboard glove company, Transform Gloves, on a promotional snowboard video in the near future.