Broken Links

Broken Links

 Southampton, England, GBR

The quintessential Alternative Industrial Space Pop Rock act hailing from Southampton, UK...A band you simply cannot ignore!

Extensively toured the UK, Germany, and Italy.


Diving into the lyrical and musical depths of free association, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster of despair to complete arousal. Influenced by the under-currents of post-punk and New Wave, and then boxing it up into an old stone box made of pure hard industrial pop space rock and sin. A band you simply cannot ignore. An alternative act from Eastleigh, Southampton, UK, the three piece is made up of Mark Lawrence on vocals and guitar, Lewis Betteridge on bass and Phil Boulter on drums. They are heavily influenced by 90’s Industrial music and artists such like Joy Division, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Cooper Temple Clause, Manic Street Preachers, The Chameleons, Massive Attack, Primal Scream and Bush.

“Prototypes::Cause+Effect”, follows up the releases of Broken Links’ first and second EP’s “The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay” and “Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory”. Mintsouth recently said of Broken Links “Unsigned bands shouldn’t be this professional.” Over the course of two years their development as a band has been clear, and their third EP is testament to how they have matured in this time.

Since 2009 Broken Links have performed over 80 live shows, including appearances at the Eastleigh and Alresford Music Festivals, and have taken their sound to Germany on tour frequently. In 2009 they were crowned winners of “We Ignite Records” Battle of the Bands. The band have supported established acts British Sea Power, The Boxer Rebellion, InMe, My Vitriol, Official Secrets Act, Fighting with Wire, The Cinematics, Scarlet Soho, Kid Adrift, and The Xcerts, picking up some die-hard fans along the way. They have taken their live show to well established venues such as White Trash (Berlin), The Purple Turtle (Camden), and Ryde Theatre (IOW), with full intention of leaving watchers mesmerised by the wall of sound they create. A sound certainly not expected of a three piece.


Disasters: Ways To Leave a Scene
Release Date: 19th November 2012
Length: Album
Format: Digital / CD

1. Electrik
2. Within Isolation
3. What Are You Waiting For?
4. We’re All Paranoid
5. Choice/Decay (Part I)
6. Choice/Decay (Part II)
7. Shelter Your Loss
8. —-/—-
9. Therapy Sessions In The Dark
10. Cherno
11. The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men
12. What Are You Addicted to?
13. A Memory of Home
14. Substitute Yourself


Release Date: 2nd May 2011
Length: EP
Format: Digital / CD (Limited)

1. Electrik
2. We’re All Paranoid
3. A Memory of Home
4. Cherno
5. Substitute Yourself


The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay
Release Date: 26th April 2010
Length: EP
Format: Digital / CD (Limited)

1. Reinvent
2. What Are You Waiting For?
3. Shelter Your Loss
4. Therapy Sessions In The Dark
5. Choice/Decay
6. In Your Headlights


Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory
Release Date: 30th March 2009
Length: EP
Format: Digital / CD (Limited – SOLD OUT)

1. Within Isolation
2. The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice and Men
3. Colditz
4. The Sea Inside

Set List

What Are You Addicted To?
Shelter Your Loss
We're All Paranoid
What Are You Waiting For?
Therapy Sessions in The Dark
In Your Headlights
Substitute Yourself
Within Isolation

+ Can play up to 1.5 hours worth of original material