Broken Meters

Broken Meters

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Broken Meters is a 2-piece band from Los Angeles, California. The music of Broken Meters could be "genrefied" as classic rootsy rock, at times funky with a handful of soul.


Broken Meters is a leap of faith. The undertaking of a 2-piece band is
in-and-of itself a musical leap of faith, a moment-by-moment challenge
to create a sound that is enough.
The nature of this leap however, is found in the circumstances that
formed a friendship and thereby the collaboration that is Broken
Meters. Ben Hallett arrived in the States from the U.K. just over a
year ago, he decided to take a chance. He boarded a plane from the
small town he'd spent most his life in, to see where luck would lead
him. Johnny Moezzi, is a working blues musician from Northern
California, taking gigs where he can find them, blowing in whichever
direction the winds of opportunity would take him. The pair met at a
bar in east Hollywood, the friendship was immediate...recognition
perhaps of a shared search for more than what was before. Their first
gig together was on the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles during the
monthly "art walk",with the set being randomly shared with a homeless,
impassioned man blowing his heart through a thoroughly out-of-tune
trumpet, it was an unforgettable debut, only to be bookended by an
end-of show offer to appear in internet porn films. The performance
laid the foundations to what would later become an inspired
friendship, and an unforeseen collaboration. The music of Broken
Meters could be "genrefied" as classic rootsy rock, funky at times with a handful of soul.

you'd better take a listen to make sure we're not full of shit.


Waving Room 45
Major Minor EP

Set List

8 songs between 30-40 mins

from time to time cover "ain't no love" bobby blu bland and "cinammon Girl"Neil young