Broken Mindz

Broken Mindz


All Original Hard Rock band from Vermont averaging about 75 shows a year. With a strong stage presence and a good following.


Broken Mindz was formed by Roger Cawvey and Roger Bickford
Went through multiple other musicians writing songs along the way
Broken Mindz started playing parties and small gigs, pretty much
parties all the while going through musicians
Broken Mindz found Mike Descoteaux and finally had found the right Bass Player
They started playing shows everyweekend at venues such as The Royal Flush, The
Bomb Shelter, Moose clubs, and opening for there first Major act The River City
Rebels. Broken Mindz got there first radio play on Clear Channel's Rock 101.7 and 93.9.
Still on the journey of playing shows week after week some nights after nights
They Recorded there debut Album "Courtesy Flush", opened for Powerman 5000 and opened up for the Misfits.
They took there first real hit when they lost there drummer and was down for 3 months.
Finally the search for not only a new drummer but a better drummer was over and Jeff Bixby was added.
Currently playing weekly gigs and have about 3/4 of the second album ready.
They are putting on more powerful shows than ever. Now being played on the radio by there local Rock Station
99 Rock after they saw a great performance at the Field of Rock sponsered by Okemo Mtn
and Christopher's Bar and Grill.


Debut Release April 2006 - "Courtesy Flush"
Second Album in the works

Set List

All songs written by Broken Mindz

Milk Crate
Cake Face
For Me
Too Hard To Handle
Bi-Polar Dancetune
I'll Be Okay
Red Carpet Rondezvous
Recycled 7
Never There
Concentrated Delusion
Rothchildes Storm
Juvenile Proboscus
Anxous Wife
You Sunk My Battleship
Angry Beaver