Broken Oaks' LittleTown Mission

Broken Oaks' LittleTown Mission

 Albany, New York, USA

Heading back upstate, listening to the radio, Joe hears a DJ describe an amazing YouTube video when he realizes the DJ is describing, a Broken Oaks song, HALLOWED BE THY NAME! The DJ had not remembered the name -- Broken Oaks, but he DID remember the song!


Broken Oaks has been compared to a USO for our nation's broken families.
And they do this seamlessly by storytelling set to Celtic harmonies, which makes up Broken Oaks Little Town Music with a mission....

The group believes that the church can no longer pretend that broken families are the exception in church -- we must instead attend to our wounded.

Most of the members of the band, Broken Oaks, had played the Northeast Pub circuits for years before turning to Christ and then several years later, forming the group Broken Oaks.

And after years playing music at the high profile events such as the Hunter Mountain Festival, and opening for groups like the Wolftones (Ireland's No. 1 Folk Band) it seemed ironic to be signed to a major label while focusing on low-profile gigs like juvenile jails and hometown churches.

Broken Oaks now blends their trademark Celtic/County sound (Distinctively just as great LIVE as in studio) with story songs about the Lord and His incredible love for broken people. The Broken Oaks' message is desperately needed.

The band includes long time Celtic guitarist and vocalist, Joe Devine /Capital Region NY [Joe is well-known for his stunning harmonies and unique guitar work]

Dave Armento / Vocals, guitar, banjo. Dave's nickname is "Squirrel Ives" for his soulful vocals and his run-ins with squirrels. We will leave that to your imagination. Dave has played w/Joe and Pat for many years in an around the Capital District in many venues.

Patricia DiCarlo / Vocals, keys, percussions.....Tricia, Joe, and Dave were long-time music partners playing in and around Albany/Capital Region NY [Patricia and Joe...have opened for 2 well-known Irish groups, Trinity and The Wolfe tones from Ireland. Patricia contributes angelic vocals, gifted harmonies. percussions, and keyboard instrumentation.

Julie Devine / Vocals & flute ~ Originally a worship/song leader from Michigan, who met and married Joe after retiring from the Navy and relocating to upstate NY. Julie and Joe love to write songs that are not only Outreaching but also "In-Reaching" -- Julie began teaching to help support the band, but it was her time as a teacher that honed the band's mission to broken families across America.

Recently, Joe saw what he thought was a gang member threatening a kid, and though he might feel proud to have stopped the fight, the would-be-bully reminded him of the REAL Power behind Broken Oaks. "Hey Joe, remember me...your God music helped changed my life!"

Albums are sold by Amazon, i-tunes, Tate publishing and many other retailers .


[You Make Me] Dwell in Peace

Written By: Joseph and Julie Devine

You Make Me Dwell in Peace
Copyright: Josef and Julie Devine 9/4/05
Verse I:
I will lie down in peace
And let you heal me
After all these years, I see
That you are my safe home.
And I will lay it down
Lay it down and come to you.
And I will let it go
Let it go for you are true.
You make me dwell in peace...
You make me dwell in peace.
Verse 2:
And I won't fear the dark.
No, the night can't bring me harm.
After all those years -- alone.
I'm safe within your arms.
Chorus 2 X + You make me dwell in peace [4x]

In Jesus' Eyes

Written By: Dave Armento, Joseph and Julie Devine

I Looked in Jesus' Eyes
Dave Armento, Joe Devine, Julie Devine

I looked in Jesus' eyes....
He hears His people's cries
But I am lost within His light.

I need His wisdom now
Because I can't see how.
I will make it through the night.

Then He looked at me and said,
"Go your way and believe...
My son, I came to set you free...
Set you free."

Now with my broken will
I know you hear me still
But let me see You face to face.

There's too much pain to know...
How far my heart can go
So now I'm pleading for Your grace.

Then He looked at me and said,
"Go your way and believe...
My son, I came to set you free...
Set you free."
Then He looked at me and said,
"Go your way and believe...
My son, I came to set you free...
Set you free."


PLEASE FOLLOW THE YouTube Channel Link to view Broken Oaks videos on the Broken Oaks Celtic Christian Cafe:

For They Shall Be Comforted 2004
Dwell in Peace 2006
Waiting for the Wind October 2010
Little Town -- EP, 2011

Set List

Broken Oaks Set List ~ [Each set can fill approximately 1.25 hours….A Christmas and special music set list may also be requested for those interested ~ Scroll to end for this song listing***]

Set 1:
1. ALL MY TEARS [Selah version]
2. TAKE MY LIFE [Scott Underwood]
3. BEAUTIFUL ONE [Tree 63]
7. GET FREE [Broken Oaks Original
8. WAITING FOR THE WIND [Broken Oaks Original]
9. WELCOME HOME [Broken Oaks Original]
10 WESTERN STAR [Broken Oaks Original]
11.EVEN NOW [Broken Oaks Original]
12.AMAZING GRACE [Traditional hymn version]
13. I LOOKED IN JESUS’ EYES [Broken Oaks Original]
14. COME JERUSALEM, COME [Broken Oaks Original]

Set 2:
2. DAYS OF ELIJAH [Donnie McKlurkin]
3. I’LL FLY AWAY [Traditional]
4. SAIL TO YOUR BATTLE [Broken Oaks Original]
5. CATCH THE WIND [Donovan]
6. WOMAN AT THE WELL [Broken Oaks Original]
8. MA