Broken Ohms

Broken Ohms

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

QOTSA/KYUSS style rock with Soundgarden vocals and a hint of RUSH.


Broken Ohms have been adding soul to metal and spicing up stoner grooves since 2006. They’re Halifax’s heavy rock ambassadors, with a well deserved reputation of putting on a killer live show and a sound that can’t be ignored. Peter Hubley’s powerful, pure rock voice instantly separates Broken Ohms from the rest of the pack and sends you soaring back to the 70’s. Troy Wilson’s monstrous, down tuned guitar riffs strike out like hungry beasts. The rhythm section propels the attack with Stephen MacDonald’s overdriven wall of bass and Paul “Bumper” Nickerson’s awe-inspiring drumming. These four guys deliver a raw, explosive dose of arena-sized rock that will leave you screaming for more!

Their 2008 release “Nocturnal Emissions” gained the band international praise and some solid time spent in Canadian college radio Loud charts. The album was nominated for a Music Nova Scotia Loud award and helped Broken Ohms become a strong presence in the Eastern Canadian music scene.

2010 was a huge year for the band. They won both the Q104 and Live 105 Battle of the Bands and shared the stage with a wide variety of high profile acts like High On Fire, Kylesa, Trooper, Helix, Saga and Finger Eleven. Also, the newly recorded single “GIVE” was released on the Diminished Fifth Records compilation “The Music Of Artisanship & War III” accompanied by the band’s first video.

Currently, Broken Ohms are writing\ recording material for a much anticipated 2011 release and working with a newly formed management team to help them become all-encompassing rock n’ roll overlords.

"If you like Black Sabbath, Kyuss and the sound of rolling thunder you’ll love Broken Ohms. They serve it bloody and rare, just the way I like my rock & roll music." - (Halifax, NS)

"Stoner-rock heroes..." -The Coast (Halifax,NS)

"A cursory listen to Halifax, Nova Scotia quartet Broken Ohms, whose name has to be one of the cleverest to emerge from indie rock in a long time, reveals a band that is much too confident in their own ideas to even consider conforming to a preset formula." - HARDTIMES.CA (Montreal)

"...this is incredibly fun, raw-energy rock." - (UK)

"Broken Ohms are here to rock without regret and sound as good as they possibly can while doing it." - ABORT MAGAZINE (Vancouver)

"...solid constructions with monstrous grooving riffs and catchy choruses." - Chronicles Of Chaos (South Africa)


Choix - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

I was always thinking clear,
Knew my way around in here,
All that changed when you came around
Pulling out all the threads,
Weave your way around my head,
‘til I thought, this will be alright
Even now when I concentrate,
Look beyond the terrible mess we made,
I can’t stop thinking ‘bout it…that’s okay
Every day seems so new to you,
But they don’t listen to your point of view
You raise your voice, you make a choice,
And now you can’t put back what you brought down
Infiltration of my room,
Looking for an open wound,
Making one when there’s none to find,
Let you play with my desire,
Let you throw me in the fire,
Telling myself this is where to be,
Even now, when I get too high,
Paranoia that you have inspired,
I can’t stop thinking like that…that’s a shame
Every night your emotions show,
Wondering ‘bout things that you’ll never know,
You raised your voice, you made your choice,
And now you can’t put back what you brought down
A second chance you might never have,
Maybe forever in the dark you’ll stab,
You raised your voice, you made your choice,
And now you can’t put back what you brought down.

So Mean - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

Clearing the field of our empathy,
Digging a trench around what shouldn’t be,
Building a tower, now you’re looking down,
What about us who look up, look up from the ground
We are the mouths that you think of as sheep,
Create the chaos you need as we sleep,
You have solutions only good for few,
Part of the plan, so whatcha, whatcha gonna do?

All that surrounds you and still…
What’s in it for you that makes you…
Just like a rock star, it gets you so…
Why would they help you, when it makes you so…
Holding the torch up so we all go blind,
Leading the way so that we never mind
Which of the garden paths you lead us down,
Stop now to smell, smell the, smell the stink around,
These are the instincts that we’re coming to,
Just like the past before you ran us through,
Hoping that we’ll never realize,
What’s in behind, behind your, your hollow eyes
All that surrounds you, and still…
What’s in it for you that makes you…
Just like a rock star, it gets you so…
Why would they help you, if it makes you so mean?
There’s a spell you hold over the crowd that waits to believe in you
And the words chosen and arranged to bend the truth
Everyone’s here with a cause, and their faith in a better day
But they will not admit, they need you all the same
You step up to the podium and the rush of the game arrives
The thrill of them not knowing how you hold their lives
You rely on experience, their fears and their dreams
It borders on obscene, what makes you so mean…
So mean…
This is the future that we’re taking back,
This is our wisdom, this is our attack,
Cursing the years you’ve stolen the truth,
Now here I am, so whatcha, whatcha gonna do?

Telepsychopathic - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

You struggle with the past
Held up against your bright future
Too hard to look there now
Now that you’re aware of what’s been said
Words you should have heard by now
Of how things never last…
Its all around the street
Crushing words have been arranged and sent
Easy to be free when you’re passing it on
Still hard to believe
Proof lies in the eyes that shift away
You’re starting to conceive
What their eyes already said…
Sinner, loser, walking tumor
They said you were, all those rumours…
There’s a world against you now,
Tiny is as it is and it does
You’re still left around,
Left with what never was…
Sinner, loser, walking tumor,
They lie, you rot, human nature,
All talk, no thought, gossip robots,
They said you were, all those rumours…

For The Air - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

I was under a spell, but then its just as well,
Its when you come around and only then that I can tell,
Are you going this way, which way I cannot say,
As long as I get someplace warm at the end of the day
If that’s your attitude, that will never do,
I’ll never treat you well if you don’t treat me that way, too
You know there must be more, we both must be assured,
There is something we can go on tomorrow…
Begin as if anew, continue with the truth,
Another look around the room, yeah, that’ll do
Its better than you feared, these things are getting clear,
Its all inspired, just a matter of getting near
and when you feel close, o, won’t you let me know
I’m plannin’ on keepin’ this thing going as far as we can go
and there is prophecy, and there’s what’s meant to be
I’m drawing a breath; all I know is it will carry me
This one’s for the air…

Fear of God - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

One is all that one can see in the grey unknown
You may get to reach so far…
Pulls you back when instincts lead way beyond your head
Now and then a glimpse of life just beyond the yard
Knowing then you must believe…
All the traces in the air, but you might never know…
A fear of goD…
Its just your fear of goD…
There beyond what you could need and your grave concern
Oh, to know what this all means…
Means the warmth you must protect, never let evil in
What the feeling that you sense, tales you’ll never catch
Always chasing your whole life…
Fear that he might never see, and never bring you home…
All in a breath is the test of what faith can mean
Not that the rest do
Few of the wise recognize how the mountain leans
Not that they have to
That’s how it was in the dark, blind and needy to start
Yet you believe you can see what the others don’t
Not that they’ll want you
Eternal love and a smile from above when you turn to the call of my God
Always around you only he can allow you in the grace of the house of my God
Have you not heard of the word that you cannot speak
Now that you want to
All that they teach just to reach you so others feel they shouldn’t have to
Give you a smack that will hurt, that’s how it feels when you’re cursed
There will be days when the chase do give way to be less than you’d hoped to
Someone to need you and with wisdom to feed you when you lay at the feet of my God
He will command you and always understand you when you come to the voice of my God
Yes he can hurt you, yes its his universe until you break to the will of my God
To recognize you and with patience to guide you when you tug at the sleeve of my God…
You might search them endlessly, the forest for the trees
When you look up at the moon…
Feel all the loneliness burning your restraint…
Here beyond what you have seen, and the grey unknown
What’s out there you could retrieve…
Only hope to understand, but you might never know…
Your fear of goD…

Missing - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

I’ve got something on you, and I’ve something to say
I’m not feeling your truth, and I feel the right way
Then you appear…it’s over…
I can’t say I don’t mind getting that feeling instead
But I’m not drawing chalk lines tracing out my head
I can blame it on you, this can’t happen both ways
I got something to prove, had that feeling all day
Then you appear…it’s over…
Seems like nothing at all drawing out our heads
I’m not taking that fall, lying down in your bed
I can blame it on you, had that feeling all day
I’ve got something to prove, and I’ve something to say
Then you appear…it’s over…

I’ve got something on you, and I’ve something to say
I’m not feeling your truth, and I feel the right way
I’m not taking that down, I’m not breaking your fall
I can blame it on you, this can’t happen both ways
I’ve got something to prove, had that feeling all day
Find the edge of your wall, take a piece of your bread
Seems like nothing at all, chalk lines round my head
I ain’t feeling your truth, had that feeling all day
I’ve got something on you, and I’ve something to say

Sleepytown - Nocturnal Emissions

Written By: Peter Hubley

I grew up in a sleepy town, and knew I wanted more
Than just a street that leads me down all too familiar doors
I’m breaking through the pathos and the things that leave me cold
This talk of it is getting old
You’ve been raised and been praised when following the path
That’s been beaten well before them
Yet they’ll mold you and scold you for alluding to a question that they don’t understand
All along you’ve been strong in doubting that there’s nothing brighter on the other side
Torn a strip and been ripped of all the reasons but the two of which you have to decide
I’ll make it through this sleepytown
I’m pulling by you and I’m letting go
Knowing that there’s more opportunities
and still miles to go
There’s someone else that I ain’t letting down
and there are places that he’s yet to breathe
He can be cruel and break your sleepy town
Prove there’s a place for me…yeah, just wait and see…
There’s been words so absurd spoken down to you like they know you’re halfway up the stairs
Once a week they will speak unto the meek and tell them their own fences need repair
Do not sway, do not bend into the will of someone else’s ill winded plans
You may go, you can know that there’s something out there that few of us ever understand
There has to be someplace I have to go
and something else that I just gotta to see
I can be cruel and leave this all behind
I just have to leave
Tired of walking by the sleeping stones
Through with the longing of those crying eyes
I have the will to tear myself away
Bid you all goodbye…watch me wave bye-bye
Now that you’ve had the taste and been wasted on the potions fermented for all
Not that they’ll ever want you if you don’t fulfill the task that waits for you down the hall
There is more, I implore you is the voice that calls to all open ears in the end
With your rage, with your fist you can describe things that in years they won’t fully comprehend
I’m breaking out of this sleepy town
I’m getting through this and I’m letting go
I won’t obscure those opportunities you deny to know
Yes there is someone who you all let down
Like you were led out on these empty streets
I can be cruel and leave them all behind
Prove there’s a place for me
Yeah, just wait and see…


Nocturnal Emissions (2008)
Ghost Effects (2007)

Set List

A typical Broken Ohms set is 45 minutes to 1 hour.
We'll play longer or shorter if needed.

For the Air
Fear of God
So Mean
Weighing In

songs we cover occasionally:
Burning Down The House - Talking Heads
Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Rusty Cage - Soundgarden
The Rocker - Thin Lizzy
Bad Reputation - Thin Lizzy
and we can do a full set of Kyuss covers!