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The best kept secret in music


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-EP Blanc Wall -
Deflecting Truths
With a little Love
Monkey Blue



Yo Yo Yo!

I'm just a man with a guitar and a passion for the wonderful craft of songwriting.

My interest in music started at 9 years old when my gran sang and played hymns to me on her bontempi organ. She was the Grewelthorpe church warden. That lead to me starting classical RCM training on electric organ on my 10th Birthday. Did my grades. I've always wanted to write music, my earlest hero was Mozart, Elton John, Billy Joel. Then by 16 Aerosmith and most of the big 60's & 70's artists. I was encouraged by my Dad to listen to his cd's through big headphones, so as a consequence I was listening to older music than my mates at the time, which was strange!

Confessions time: I did actualy listened to Radio 2 for years whilst I working as a signmaker/vehicle graphics fitter, a bit sad? maybe? The evidence is mounting here..

When I left school I had good grades but Art was my strongest GCSE subject and studied A level Art at Huddersfield New College, Followed by Leeds Art College Graphics & Design learning the latest software, around this time I picked up my sisters lonely and un-used electric guitar. I had a mess about and fell in love with it.

I couldn't play properly so a freind of Sister's- Yorkie set me off and I taught myself with books. From here I spent most my time collaborating with artists & friends writing songs out of college. (and in!) Enjoyed playin covers n stuff for a year or so ..

Started private singing lessons every week at a lovely farmhouse in the beautiful North Yorkshire dales with a lady called Mary Weldon.

Later that year I joined a band called Kurb in Harrogate as a keyboardist and gigged did battle of bands and all that jazz!
All the time writing my own stuff on the side, Joined the Songwriters union writing because I was producing 3 to 4 songs every week. But I only recorded the best.

This process took 3 years then I gigged localy in Harrogate as a solo artist with my acoustic guitar, My first live solo performance was in "The Tap n Spile"pub Harrogate. I Networked at these Jam nights and met some really talented musicians and got paid in Beer! Then went on and did Folk nights in Leeds area.

I was taking Royal College Opera singing lessons with Richard Coxon at his Harrogate home. This was a really tough 14 months because I had to start all over and re learn how to sing properly and forget all my bad habits. It was the most rewarding I've ever done for myself

Played a performance in Caracas South America-Where I did a John Lennon cover imagine on a piano this went down better than you could ever imagine!! The people out there really look up to British culture, the arts, and the Beatles. It was amazing, probably the best performance I've ever done to date.

I moved to Peterborough to live with the love of my life, Got an office job then I answered an ad for singer frontman wanted in local music shop. Joined a band which was re named and became Aarkle Hooman.
I learnt a lot about recording/writing/refining process as we did this every rehearsal 3/4 times a week, I think my voice improved a lot because I could hear it a lot more!

Did pretty well with our self titled Aarkle Hooman 3 track E.p. in national reviews. After recording over 15 strong rock pop songs and a year on, the band unfortunatley broke down. Tim Jeffs my main writing partner had to move away. However we still remain close freinds.

I reverted to being a solo artist. Then started writing the best stuff I done in ages. Deflecting Truths/ With a little love/Whispers/Monkey Blue all just flowed out of me?? Started gigging in Barnack Lincs at the Millstone Pub and Around local Bars. Then did a Peterborough gig for charity and got a manager out of it! Joe Miller was in the audience. From here I have done Myspace and been inthe studio to record my latest demo with "Summer" as the lead track.

I've currently put a hold on gigs as I'm writing again and want some space/peace to tune in a bit haha! Any way thanks for reading thats my Music bio in a nutshell. When I've recorded em' I will upload em' soon!

My most famous idols are Neil Finn, Alanis Morrisette, John Lennon & Sting who are all great lyricists.

I suppose I sound like a sort of brand new folky pop artist! ?

For now, over n out,


Paul x