Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Clean tones meet harsh, crisp, raging techniques of rock blended precisely to express the raw emotion behind each song, complimented by grunge, yet pure, vocals. A complete mix of hard, yet subtle sounds making for true, radio ready, rock.


Following the path set by legends such as Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, & Shinedown to name a few, former Alabama turned Atlanta rockers BrokenRail set out to make their own mark in modern music with their own blend of post-grunge rock. The band consists of four members: Blake Clawson (vocals) James Mims (guitar) Jason Black (bass) and Adam Mcwhorter (drums). Working effortlessly to get their music heard worldwide, BrokenRail’s music has been featured on ESPN, won two #1 chart positions in two different rock charts on the MTV powered in 2011, and remains a top 10 All Time band on RoadRunner Records unsigned rock charts, SignMeTo. As Blake puts it, “Great rock comes from strong emotion. People can tell when it’s real, something you’ve actually been through yourself. If you want lies, you won’t find them here.” After a successful debut release “Welcome To The Escape” in 2010 featuring Alabama producer Ben Trexel and Shinedown/Crossfade producer Rick Beato, BrokenRail toured heavily across the Southern regions as they prepared for their next CD. The band released their follow-up sophomore EP “Never The Same”, engineered and produced by Framing Hanley producer Brett Hestla in December 2011.

BrokenRail is currently finalizing plans for their debut full-length major album with Multi-Platinum producer Elvis Baskette (AlterBridge, Falling In Reverse, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd) as well as gearing up and booking for their upcoming US tour.


My Escape

Written By: Lyrics - Blake Clawson, Music - Jacob Fine & Blake Clawson

All those nights that you cried to me
And lied to me saying you would change your ways
It was overplayed
Too many times I tried and I sat and I thought about
What it is I should do so now we’re through
Cause there’s a piece of me inside
That longs to be alive
I wanna let it out let it scream
Let it take over me
And I can’t wait to see how you live without me
That’s the price you pay cause you lied to me
Now there’s nothing you can do
And I would pay to see that face when you begged me please
And I told you no made you go
It’s the last mistake that I can take
This is my escape
Tonight as I lay in my bed the things you said
Echoing in my brain but you can’t change
I can’t explain it but I hate it cause I think of you
But I won’t change my mind I won’t come back


Written By: Lyrics - Blake Clawson, Music - Jacob Fine & Blake Clawson

As I open my eyes, there’s no surprise,
the voices tell their lies, all through my head
All the people say, there is no way,
so I’ll tear out another page, I’ll try again
You can never understand the things that I’ve been going through
This life is everything I never wanted it to come to
All the things inside of me, all the things I’ll never be,
finally it’s coming to me, Insanity
I can’t even tell what is real, what is fake to me
Every time you speak another voice tells a lie to me
Fill my cup, drink it up, pretend I’m fine, I’ll never be
I chose this life, I can’t turn back, Insanity
You can’t tell me that you know me, when I don’t know myself,
as these walls close in
Well I can’t deny, the fact that I,
lost myself inside, somewhere within the lines
One step behind this heart attack, I can’t keep holding all this back
I never had a chance of seeing clear, with all of you here

Say Your Goodbye's

Written By: Lyrics - Blake Clawson, Music - Jacob Fine & Blake Clawson

You watch your back like you’re under attack, but it’s not coming for you
You let the past live your life, yeah you know that I’m right,
don’t let this crime come true
Follow my words, (let me lead you on), Forget what you’ve heard
Deny these thoughts in your mind, leave regret behind,
before you’ve wasted your life
Mistakes made so cruel and unkind, but the past is just time,
Gone, now Say Your Goodbye’s
Trust what I say, these memories will fade, let it all slip away
Life has led you this far, don’t give up on your heart,
this will define who you are
Don’t let it hold you back any more, you’re wasting all your time
Getting your hand through an open door,
should be the one thing on your mind
This is your life you’re wasting

Pull My Chain

Written By: Lyrics - Blake Clawson, Music - Jacob Fine & Blake Clawson

Fight, towards the light, you can’t win this one tonight
There’ll be hell, ring the bell, set me loose I will not fail
There’ll be blood, like it should, as my soul puts out this flame
There’s no shame, now run away, for tonight I bring the pain
You, can’t save yourself, from this hell that falls, down on you tonight
Get down on knees, beg and plead, there’s nowhere that you can hide
Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight
Stand, fight like a man, get back up and I’ll hit you again
There’s no chains, this beast ain’t tame,
step back to me and I’ll make it rain
When I leave you here to bleed, all alone, no one hears you scream
I’ll be back, you’ll feel my wrath, for all those times you’ve held me back
Just follow my chain and I’ll make it rain
Just follow my chain and I’ll make it rain
Just follow my chain and I’ll make it rain
Just follow my chain

Boom (All In) feat. DunnDunn

Written By: Lyrics - Blake Clawson (Rap by Robert Dunn AKA DunnDunn), Music - Jacob Fine & Blake Clawson

Here we come
Ladies and Gentleman, fasten your seats,
strike the band, you’re in for a treat
You’ve waited all year for fall to begin,
now it’s time this house defends
Bragging rights are earned tonight,
ring the bell, prepare to fight
Salute the flag as the banner plays,
flip the coin, let me hear you say
Boom (All In) Everybody stand, put your hands up,
throw them up in the air
Boom (All In) The day comes to an end,
the stage is set as the night begins
Boom (All In) Light the fuse, it’s hard to defeat,
not afraid to lose
Boom (All In) Get your gameface on,
cause ready or not, here we come
Take the field, it’s all on the line,
feel the chill creep down your spine
Mouth goes dry, face flushed with heat,
your heart starts pumping you rise to your feet
Don’t close your eyes, this part’s insane,
they get back up, play through the pain
And if you think you will prevail, not this time let me hear you yell
4th down and 10, we got to get it in,
this is for the game, this is for the win
You know I’m (All In) even when I’m blind,
got this flyin’ and the D-line divin’
Safeties go free so the right side firin’,
it’s gonna get crunk when this crowd start growlin’
5 yard out route, going for the pylon,
speeds up the sideline, 10, 5 dive


"Never The Same (Then and Now Edition)" December 2011
1) Insanity
2) Say Your Goodbye's
3) Pull My Chain
4) Boom (All In) feat. Dunn Dunn
5) Hero In Disguise
6) Should've Been Me
7) My Escape
8) Picture of You
9) Find Your Way
10) I Got To Go
11) I Can Be Your Man
*Produced by Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Seven Day Sonnet), Rick Beato (Shinedown, Crossfade, Submersed), and Ben Trexel (3 Doors Down, Train)

*Previous Releases*

"Boom (All In)" Single - March 2011
"Welcome To The Escape" EP - August 2010
"Should've Been Me" Single - April 2010

Set List

We typically play (3) 45 min sets of covers with inclusion of 1 song per set of our own originals for full nights by ourselves. We play all original shows when paired with other bands.
When needed and at extra expense, we own our own Full PA w Subs, Full Software controlled DMX lighting including 6 moving heads, strobes, pro LED pars for back lighting, full LED front lighting, effects (haze, fog, bubbles, etc), drum riser, stage props. We can run professionally by ourselves in small to medium-large clubs for additional pay, including our own personal sound guy.
Click the link for a demo of our *LIVE* covers:


Hold You Tight
I Got To Go
Should've Been Me
I Can Be Your Man
Find Your Way
My Escape
Picture of You
Hero In Disguise
Say Your Goodbye's
Pull My Chain
Boom (All In)


Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
Lollipop - Framing Hanley
She Hates Me - Puddle of Mudd
Keep Away