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""After more than a decade...""

"After more than a decade of amorphous memberships and genre-resistant experimentation, the group have finally been “curated” into what feels like a band. On “Alec’s Vision,” from their new With Infinite Arms To Cradle the Flames, the sweet boy/girl vocals of Brilla and Deborah Warfield navigate storms of bristly guitars, but the real surprise is the overt pop — think Silversun Pickups without their fashion pouts." Boston Phoenix - Boston Phoenix

""solid, trend-free""

"this is solid, trend-free downer rock that somehow leaves you feeling good. Surprisingly melodic for being such dark-psych rock" -The Bostonist - The Bostonist

"Get ready...."

Get ready for a loosely styled, vaguely psychedelic tangle of chaos that never appears the same way twice...Allston's most freewheelin' purveyors of overmedicated Americana. -Weekly Dig
- Weekly Dig

""The Group built an epic...""

"...the group built an epic from the ground up, starting with nothing but some theremin noise and ending in full-on freak-out mode." Will Spitz 3/17/05
- Boston Phoenix

""psychedelic country rockers""

"psychedelic country rockers"-Meredith Goldstein/The Boston Globe - Boston Globe

"With Infinite Arms Review"

"With Infinite Arms To Cradle The Flames"'s one of the best albums to come out of this town in a long while. - Bradley's Almanac

""She Gives Me Hope""

["She Gives Me Hope"]spotlights the co-vocals of Deb and Adam, some great mandolin work from Eric, and the ace rhythm section of Marty and Ryan Rex, Adam's bandmates from Lockgroove. Also contributing some keyboard work is Michael Hutcherson from Tiny Amps. Enjoy... - Bradley's Almanac

""Gaping Wound" Review"

"I'm kind of a psucker for this psychy Byrdsy pstuff." -Powepopulist

- Powepopulist

"Sweet Release: Cupcake OD"

Peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, milk and cookies, indie rock and microbrew beer — these are pairings that have stood the test of time. This Saturday, however, Broken River Prophets will break with tradition at their CD-release celebration. From 9 to 10 pm, the Middle East will host a “cupcake happy hour” with treats provided by Kickass Cupcakes in Davis Square.

Prophets frontman Adam Brilla decided that the release of the band’s debut CD, With Infinite Arms To Cradle the Flames, was occasion to indulge in one of his two vices (the second being pancakes). Brilla, who aims to down at least two-dozen before even heading on stage, says his fantasy is to OD on cupcakes. “Hopefully, they’ll find me in the back with frosting in my beard and wrappers all over my body,” he says.

According to Sara Ross, owner of Kickass Cupcakes, the link between rock and cupcakes isn’t such a stretch. “Rock and roll and cupcakes fit together, especially with my style. My cupcakes are artsy and deconstructed, just like rock and roll,” she says.

Indeed, with flavors such as rum-soaked Mojito and Ginger-Peach Bellini (attention hipsters: these ones are also vegan), this happy hour may be enough to get you off the bottle and onto indie rock’s latest confection
-MEREDITH HASSETT | August 13, 2008
- The Phoenix

"Topping the Local Mix 2008"

"With Infinite Arms to Cradle the Flames"

Few bands would list the obscure underground space-noise merchants Simply Saucer as an influence, but this group's amorphous membership comprises some of Boston's best underground space rockers, such as Lockgroove and Charlene. Here, Broken River Prophet makes music - cresting, crashing oceans of sensuous shoegaze sprawl - as good as any of its predecessors' tunes
- Boston Globe


With Infinite Arms To Cradle The Flames (SharkAttack!Music #13)

"December Wolves" featured on Bradley's Almanac "My Life Or Some Dream" mp3 compilation

Live living room session for the Banned in Boston podcast as well as MIT's infamous "Pipeline".



The Broken River Prophet is an ever-evolving entity of friends and esteemed colleagues dedicated to the creation of catchy yet ominous songs, spontaneous compositions, and psychological/sonic experimentation.

What began as sound collages and dirgey banjo waltzes in 1994 the band has expanded and experimented over time drawing members from various local and national bands such as Animal Hospital, Aveo, Charlene, Common Cold, Lockgroove, Mistle Thrush, Swirlies, Syrup USA, Tiny Amps, Victory at Sea and once the sound guy at a club in New Orleans.

The music of The Broken River Prophet summons elements of old timey loss, pastoral harmonies, hypnotic drones and cataclysmic freak-outs.

The debut full-length With Infinite Arms to Cradle the Flames was released in August 2008 on Boston indie SharkAttack Music!.

Recorded with Curtain Society’s Roger Lavalle in a 100 year old barn and also in the depths of the Berwick Institute (a former Whoopie Pie factory), with the assistance of Tiny Amps drummer Michael Hutcherson and Isis sound engineer Greg Moss.

The album was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless (Magnetic Fields, Battles, Submarines, Josh Ritter, Spoon)

The tarot inspired album art was illustrated by Seana Carmody (Swirlies and Syrup USA).

The group has an unerring affinity for cupcakes and caffeine. In fact record release party for “With Infinite Arms” featured 156 cupcakes courtesy of Davis Square’s Kickass Cupcakes.

Most members of the Broken Rive Prophet currently own, have owned or will soon own one or more cat.