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"Broken Silence silenced no more"

December 2008 issue
By Metal Mike

The Stigler, Okla. based band is comprised of five members who all have a little bit of hell coursing threw their veins.
The deep, dark, growl of one of my favorite vocalist in this whole damn arm pit of a world, Daniel Carter, who in my opinion has come further than any young cat out there kickin' it in the vocal circles right now. From the very first note you hear this dude you know he's got the oomph, that one special thing that makes you stand out from every other Phil Enselmo wannabe.
Next in line are the bash brothers, the toxic twins if you will of our little heavy metal universe-Blake Klemen and Brian Barrow. These two guys came out of the womb with an ESP and a bud light in their hands, and a damn Marlboro in their faces. All bull$#%@ aside these dudes are amazing together. I have seen these guys in action many times and they feed off each other like some freak of nature. Truly it is unreal how they can sit there and farm a riff untill you think its completely dead, and then BAM, they bang out that one note that ties the whole thing together. In all fairness though these two guys have been jamming together since they were able to get their little crumb snatching fingers around the neck of a guitar, so like any guitar duo, they know a little something, something, about each other and playing with each other.
Holding down the low end of Broken Silence is Jason Tatum. Jason is one of these musicians who can hands-down flat-out just get-it. The dude has such a wide array of talent he can play just about anything. I mean the guy has such a sence of direction and knowledge of musical arrangment it kinda makes you hate him a little bit for it, but in a good way like jealousy ( that dude who makes you go, " Damn why didn't I think of that?")
Last but not least is the lightning fast youngster of the band Travis Russle. At a mere 19 years old he's smoking dudes on the drums that have five, even ten years experience on his narrow ass. I really mean it when I say he is something of a prodigy if there is such a thing these days. The awesome thing about this cat is he freakin' learned to play the drums by listening to his car radio! You read that right- no lessons, no books, not even a damn kit; just a car radio and a balls-out attitude is how the kid learned how to play the drums! All you guys out there who think you can scare this guy you better think again- he will pummel you then take your freakin' chick!

- The Current


We have relesed one ep with four songs and are currently working on another one that should be of much better quality and be a better showcase of our abilities. Our main issue is we have all the equipment and not one of us is a audio engineer.



nestled in the heart of the bible belt and on the verge of something not quite yet, we tell our tell. persuaded by rage and controled by fate unborn we push on.
This band is the culmination of five men who have never had the easy life, never know to much pleasure, and seldom tasted love. We have been hungry. we have been cold. we have been homeless. and on accasion when no other options for survival existed we have been incarcerated.
In times of whoe a person has only two options let it beat you down to bottom or get up and fight their way to the top. We have seen the worst of this world, and have decided it is not for us. With the hells of yesterday behind us we move forward preaching our lessons. and hope to brind solace to those, like us, have been silenced for too long.
We are very serious about what we do and anyone who has ever worked with us will vouch for that. We show on time, we allways put on a show and we never disapoint. As a band we have been up and down many times, but over the last four years we have never faltered in our determination to see this thing threw. We have never had a great deal of money behind us, but we allways make due. If we didnt know it, we learned it. If we needed it, we got it.
We are not egotistical people by any means, on the contrary, you will have a hard time finding more humble men, but we are very confidant that what we are doing wants to be heard and we will not stop untill it is.