Broken Sky

Broken Sky


grinding hard rock rooted in the early 90's grunge scence of good ol' seattle... welcome to atlanta, bitch!


formed in 2000, broken sky began writing with one goal in mind: to set themselves as far apart as possible from modern rock music. forged from the embers of the grunge scene of seattle, with an underground mentality and hard rockin' brutality all but forgotten, and violently enhanced, broken sky claims allegiance to such pioneers as: alice in chains, helmet, and failure. reminiscent of the early 90's, broken sky is not afraid to prove that dirty hard rock isn't dead... it's merely imprisoned by a young quartet with one goal in mind: to put heart back into music. style, talent, and blazing hot songs... broken sky is ready to burn hotter than hell.


slit my wrist (

Set List

no covers!!! all original!!!

how to sell my soul
hold me down
sewn shut
all i had
save me
every time
slit my wrist

this set is approx. 40 min.