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The best kept secret in music


Brokenspace seem to combine the exubarance and elegance of new
French pop like Phoenix and Tahiti 80 with a Teenage Fanclub like grasp for classic
guitar pop and something that's uniquely their own. Their music can
transport you with their music to Summer days of your youth.

- Duglas T Stewart(BMX Bandits)

"You wanted to know all about me and my hobbies, my favorite foods and my birthday." Classic Cuomo uttered from Pinkerton gives light to the sheer indie-pop perfection of Tokyo's Brokenspace this night. Somehow under the radar, Brokenspace are a trio deserved of international glories reflecting their obvious iconic influences while forging their own savory one for nourishing consumption in birthing their glorious self-titled debut.

With tour support member/producer Kazunari Yookoo (a.k.a. Velvet-room Recordings) unleashing a sample to lead, You Terada (drums) follows in his resonant anchoring for Yukio Iwahara (vocals, guitar) and Koyo Fukamizu (bass, vocals) into their serendipitously smooth rising chiming concoction "Undo All" on this opening date of their record release tour. As all inside are pulled in gladly from its digging syncopation, they seamlessly transition into the banging, rollicking "Parasite Me." Far from that, these four, alongside all within eat heartily. Following is "Salad Days" enlightening feast on the move that has all digging Yukio's slices and Terada's high-hat fills as Koyo's nods in assurance as the communal digestion is duly underway. Just as a soothing comedown from a most-filling meal shared, "Giants Stride" echoes spiritually in its layered calm. Yet, like a shot of Cuervo, Koyo's vocal lead on the jaunty, stop-start "Bread" has all the fixings dished out, replete with nonsensical frantic callings by Kazunari as he leaps into the crowd upon completion. Brilliant!

Completion is always the toughest chore for any artist, particularly live, but these four nail it for a utopian feeling of whipped cream and other delights for all. Finishing on the jangling, racing, trailing liberator "Destination," it'll be most interesting to know what will be said of and had by Brokenspace 1 year from now. But if I can help it, all of college radio America and beyond will be begging to know all those aforementioned things in the beginning. Got your song and others shall too. They are here to remind us that you truly can do anything.
- Michael Lara


2002 : Giant's Stridel [ demo ]
2002 : Vanplanl [ demo ]
2003 : Undo All [ demo ]
2003 : Sympathy [ splitCD with skybeaver ]
2006 : brokenspace [ 12 songs full album ]


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed by Yukio Iwahara in 2000, after leaving the BeatCrusaders in order to pursue his original music.

In the beginning it was a solo project, mainly recording at home influenced by the ?gLo-Fi?h sounds of Sebadoh or Pavement. Current members Fukamizu and Terada joined in 2002 and they started playing regularly at venues such as Shinjuku Loft, Shinjuku Jam, and Shimokitazawa Club Que.
They have since been on stage with Elekibass, The Strikers, and Toru Hidaka at ?gSTRUMMIN?f REVIEW at Shinjuku Loft.

BROKENSPACE also played with KOGARECORDS?f PINK LOOP, and ROCET K at the all night event ?gBUFFALO HUNTING!! vol.3?h. It was an event where they shared the stage with bands from different tastes in music, but BROKENSPACE showed their original clean sound and were received with great response.

Since then, they have actively promoted themselves, for example by their co-produced event ?gIt Won?ft Be Wrong?h with good friends SKYBEAVER. Although it was demo music, they received positive responses from several areas, including interFM, a radio station that mainly plays foreign songs.

All lyrics are in English, but the combination of the sensitivity of the words and its melody strongly appeal each songs existence. The main vocalist is Iwahara, but bassist Fukamizu joins in on some songs and the difference in their character is appealing as well.

?hSympathy?h, a split album with SKYBEAVER was released from THISTIME RECORDS in December, 2003. Although it was a split album, it was in the top rankings at many foreign affiliate CD shops, and can still be listened to in store samples.

April 26, 2006. Full album ?gbrokenspace?h to be released.