Broken Under One

Broken Under One


High energy, driving melodic rock with solid harmonies and catchy hooks, with a variety of styles from hard rock to acoustic numbers.


Broken Under One is a melodic rock band hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia. Drawing from such diverse influences as The Who, Anberlin, Dream Theater and Chris Cornell, the boys have crafted an energetic blend of hard rock, catchy melodies, and solid riffs. Unlike many modern alt rock bands, the guys prefer not to layer their music with pounds of pretentious pomposity or a grandiose sense of seriousness. Many of their songs will catch them in a lighter mood, from the fun-time beat of "Somebody Like You" to the quietly reflective "Mt Cheam". Of course, they can be galvanized into edgier territory as well. (Witness "Stay Off My Front Yard", a trenchant commentary on commercialism that's also wickedly fun to mosh to, or "Shadow Inside" a retro heavy metal tune, which contemplates the dark nature in all of us.) These tunes have been crafted and honed extensively through practices and live shows. It is our pleasure to bring them to your event.


Stay Off My Front Yard

Written By: Broken Under One

all that you can offer is your counterfeit trust/all that you can offer is mechanical lust/all that you have shown me is that I must not let down my guard

all that you can sell me is your mindless greed/all that you can sell are things I do not need/all that you can sow is envy's green-eyed seed/so stay off my front yard!

And I need something more than what you offer, I need something more

all that you can show me are your popular trends/all that you can show me are your plastic friends/all that you can show me is impermanence/so go, or give me something real

all that you can tell me is the truth is bent/all that you can tell me is spend spend spend/but he who has the most still dies in the end/and i've made a better deal

Somebody Like You

Written By: Broken Under One

You came in and broke through the walls of pride i built so tall and wide/you cut through this tough shell and showed me that there's always good inside

And now i want you here beside me every single day, cause together we can face whatever comes our way, yeah we can

Don't you know that I would search my whole life just to find somebody like you? Can't you see that you were meant for me and i was meant for you, somebody like you?

And you were so real to me in a world where nobody says what they mean/ I changed so completely, now the past seems to melt just like a dream,

So won't you say we'll be together now and always? I've been dreaming of somebody who could fill my days, just like you, yeah.

Come Home

Written By: Broken Under One

I had a dream that you were mad, but I didn't care/Cause every time i looked in your eyes, you seemed so unaware/you don't know what i've been through, you dont know my pain/ then i dreamt that you left my side, and i started over again.
because now i see you in a new light and I know what I did was not right and all that i want is to be with you

I don't ever wanna know what it's like, to live a day without you, and feel all alone/I don't ever want to open my eyes, to find that you're gone, I just want you to come home

I'm so sorry that I hurt you, this time i really failed/ and all i want is for you to come home, let my tears tell my tale

...And I don't know what i would do without you...

Weight On My Mind

Written By: Broken Under One

Why does it feel like I'm wasting my time again, telling you things I should have said before? Why do i now begin to open myself to you? I know it's too late but I thought I should try
Cause I think you should know
Where my mind often goes, it's you, yeah, you're a weight on my mind and you're sinking me, sinking me, the further I go, the deeper I plunge
You're a weight on my mind and you're drowning me drowning me, over and over again.

Why do I run from the ones that i care for? I know that one day they'll be running from me/Why do I hide when you're drawing me near to you?/turning around and running in fear
Why can't I just wake up
from this lie I've made, but it's true


EP- The Riven Effect

Set List

1.Just One Smile
2. Stay Off My Front Yard
3. Come Home
4.Phantom Footsteps
6.Somebody Like You
7.Weight On My Mind
8.Shadow Inside
9.Mount Cheam

1. Hey Jude