Broken Upon Stars

Broken Upon Stars


We will eventually grow

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My Juliet

Written By: Broken Upon Stars

Verse 1:
At day's end
I still feel your lips
Pressed up against mine
Please understand
These amazing feelings
never seem to decline

All the time I remenisce
Of the last time you told me you loved me
waiting for...
the next morning

Your are my juliet
the brightest of all colors
i'll sweep you of your feet to save you from the others

I cant stop thinking about you baby...
I cant possibly let you run out
of my mind.

I'll folloow you to the ends of the earth
Cause I know we wont fall
The sound of your heart is more realzing than the
sound of the ocean breeze

my heart can only be filled my your love
nothing can tear us apart

(Repeat chorus)

Have i made sense,
has it gone through?
I guess what im trying to say is
I love you baby

Repeat chorus twice with backing vocals second time around)

Backing for second time around: I love you baby
please stay here with me
I love you baby
will you be mine?