Broken Valley Roadshow

Broken Valley Roadshow


High-energy, co-ed bluegrass from Montana. For more tunes and photos please check: and


Broken Valley Roadshow is a mess of folks who haven’t forgotten that bluegrass is country music. Mandolin player Nate Biehl started piecing the group together in 2002 when he and his three sisters hit the “big city” of Missoula to attend the University of Montana. During a rehearsal at vocalist Angie Biehl’s house, her bass thumpin’ roommate Nate Baker climbed aboard. Guitar player Caroline Keys and banjo player Matt Cornette met at a BBQ and discovered that they were both deeply enamored with John Hartford. Nate Biehl recruited those two after picking with them in a chilly (even in the summertime) cabin outside of town. Missoula's favorite fiddler Grace Decker (Colin Meloy of the Decemberists used to open for HER!) rounds out the ranks of fabulous BVR pickers.

Since BVR’s first packed Missoula gig, they have been winning audiences at clubs, theaters, and festivals around the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest, and South. The energy of their show smacks of Jimmy Martin, their ingenuity recalls Hank Williams. Like contemporary groups Open Road and The Wilders, BVR seeks not nostalgia for days gone by, but a bona fide connection with the relevance of yesterday’s music in today’s complicated world. Broken Valley Roadshow’s sibling harmony, smoking instrumentals, and gospel numbers create an atmosphere that’ll inspire you to bring along your Bible, your whiskey, and your Grandma.


Sunset Sessions - 2004
Disgrace and Celebration - 2006

Set List

In sit-down bluegrass/folk festival-type settings, we play a high-energy PG-rated show around a single condenser mic. We take great pride in our vintage-look and our setlist generally includes straight-ahead bluegrass & OldTime instrumentals, obscure gospel songs, originals, a little honky-tonk, and a few a capella numbers.

Example of a Festival set:
Times Are Not What They Used to Be (a capella)
Gloryland (gospel)
Grey Eagle (traditional instrumental)
Lovesick Blues (Hank Williams)
New River Gorge Bridge Blues (original-Caroline Keys)
Flint Hill Special (Earl Scruggs instrumental)
All By My Lonesome (origninal-Nate Baker)
Coal Miners Blues (Carter Family)
45 Miles (Bradford Lee Folk)
Sophronie (Jimmy Martin)
Policeman (traditional old time)
Tennessee Blues (Bill Monroe instrumental)
Leavin' this Old World Behind (original gospel-Nate Biehl)

In a bar-type setting, we still go for the vintage look and use the condenser mic if it's appropriate (but also have the ab