Brok'n Arrow

Brok'n Arrow


Steeped in the melting pot of the last 45 yrs of music,Brok'n Arrow is a magic carpet ride of sounds for the mind and ears and a vibratory sensation for your body.For an entertaiment experience that's not 'just another band'...HIRE BROK'N ARROW


We are a Family band that does Originals and covers. Everything from Johnny Cash to the Grateful Dead,to Hendrix and the Jazz Greats are our influences.
Our unique sytle and willingness to 'jam' on the spot creates a spirit of the unexpected in our music.
We've played beside Arlo Guthrie, Opened the Fox Cities Celebration starring the Allman Brothers,
Headlined Weedstock/Harvestfest-94-98
Headlined 'Cosmic Corkscrew'...2000
Headlined 'Terrapin Station Bebefit'...2001
Headlined 'Winnebago Cty Fair.'..2002
Headlined 'Paper Fest'....2003
Opened for Allman Brothers...2004
Headlined 'O.L.Y.O. Benefit'...2005


Nothing Vulgar

Written By: Jeremiah & Jeffrey Smith

Nothing Vulgar


Brok'n Arrow......Forest Green
Brok'n Arrow.....H. Argastus Morti

Set List

Sets are 90 min in length. Sometimes it's three songs long.sometimes ten. But always entertaining