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"Real Talk or Fake Silence"

Rap videos now premiere on NBC’s The Ellen Degerenes Show. Synchronize crooning is more pertinent than lyricism, strangely after Outkast’s 2003 too creative, yet certified diamond release of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

How can one “earn his stripes like a Bengal?”

Despite reluctance and real talk formulas, three American boys from New Jersey are nerve enough to clutch the steel audio machine. In 2006, Myk Dyaleks (Greg Noviembre), Cion Burris (Kyle Andrews), and Lyriq 2 Go (Leon Brinson) formed the group Brokn Englsh (B.E.).

Like few and unlike many, Brokn Englsh philosophy is to instrument beautiful music. Their essence is speaking the language of the people. If and when you turn on the radio the people’s language permits the notion of gaudy monotony and minimal scope. But Brokn Englsh is assorted verses from the abstract however jam pressured with relaxation, electric buggin’ out and jazz.

The sound is hesitant and cautious. Verses are birthed right before your ears. The emotion in each blood, sweat-teared word stems from the diaphragm. It is as if Brokn Englsh fears that their artistry might fall on deaf ears. Real artistry allows them so see pass album sales, to create pass album sales.

A listener receives colossal vigor, intangible lyricism, charisma, and compassion. An appropriate sound system can beam you front center of a wooden stage. If Hip Hop can be equated with Gaia from Captain Planet than Brokn Englsh are those five elements Mr. Planet depends on, unafraid of soul and responsibility. B.E. will “navigate pass any roadblock you put before [them].”

Their aura has landed them gigs throughout New Jersey and New York; in places like The Knitting Factor and Sputnik Bar. KRS-One, Ice-T, Fat Joe, and Brokn Enlgsh performed together at the 31st Rocksteady Anniversary.

Four unreleased Brokn Englsh tracks “I Will,” “Do It 4 U,” “Get It Going,” and “Can’t Lose For Winning” is slated for a number mixtapes, projects, and B.E. albums.

On the Def Dom produced “I Will,” Lyriq 2 Go delivers the rhyme “happy with no dough and rich with misery” and Myk Dyaleks later professes “gotta let my pen grow.” It is rare that a rapper allows verbal vulnerability by explaining that lyrically he hasn’t reached his potential. Hip Hop strives on self-proclaimed arrogance.

B.E. is a group of lyricist who are brothers, brothers whose thumbs aren’t simply green.

- Kaia Karamoko

"Ryming In Tounges"

Rhyming In Tongues

On the count of three name three rappers from New Jersey other than Redman and Joe Buddens. Ok one, two, three Go! Well, Anything? If you came up with Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, and Naughty By Nature, you sir are a true hip hop head. If the rest of you assumed these three artists were from New York (like some of our staff members did, whom shall remain anonymous) don’t feel too bad. It’s common for New York’s friendly Garden State neighbor to be forgotten. People either assume Jersey cats can’t rap or that they’re from New York. The styles of New York rappers and New Jersey rappers are so similar they get lost in the shuffle. These assumptions are unfortunate for the Jersey artists, like the exceptionally witty and thought provoking group Brokn.Englsh. “We come in with two strikes, people that don’t know anything about us besides the fact that we are from New Jersey, that’s two strikes against us,” says Lyriq2Go.
Ironically enough, Brokn.Englsh do not site their hometown, Hillside New Jersey, as they’re influence in their music, but rather the family upbringing. A culturally diverse household that allowed them to be exposed to musical genres such as reggae, old school hip hop, soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, and slew of films and books. All of which they’ve used to create a sound that can only be described as Brokn.Englsh. But what exactly is that sound, one may ask? And further more what are these guys trying to accomplish with this sound? If you ask the boys themselves, they’ll tell you their music’s there to help. “When it comes down to music I can listen to music vs. talking to a person and feel better; if I can do that for somebody then I’ll be happy,” says Myk Dyalek.
Brokn.Englsh is looking to be the voice of the people—all people, not just the good folks from Hillside, New Jersey. When the time comes, will the people choose Brokn.Englsh as their language? Only time will tell, and the group definitely has time to reach that goal. Having been together for only 3 years (starting off as a duo of poets—the initial members Myk Dyaleks and Cion), they’re definitely still room for the group to grow. Perhaps we’ll get to hear Cion’s singing chops or the five or more instruments Myk Dyaleks can play so well on future tracks. As of now, the group is putting the final touches on their album ‘The Drawing Board’, produced by Def Dom. Also, are working with a producer by the name of The Are, out of Houston, Texas on a separate project due for an August release. They can also be heard on a DJ Jamad project coming out this summer. With a promising future ahead of them, we at iHEARTdilla are confident that hip hop fans will soon be speaking in Brokn.Englsh. - Jessica Estevez

"United Front"

On or off stage, brokn.englsh is a united front. The chemistry between Lyriq2Go, Cion Burris, and Myk Dyaleks is as natural as a vegan diet and immediately apparent upon first introduction. These three mic titans are more than just band members - they are friends. Legitimate homies. They genuinely enjoy kicking it with each other. And that crucial ingredient mixed with pulsating energy and earnest showmanship provides the formula for their eye-locking live show. FACT. kicked it with the Brick City trio just before their Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival debut. Read on muttaskuttas, read on.

TCM: chillin with Brokn.Englsh on the eve of let them know how Brokn.Englsh get down. Cause we like to have a good time. And let people know ‘hey its Hip Hop, we can have fun.’ But we give you good quality music as well.

TCM: Now, during the last Show & Prove, you guys had crazy energy. You broke down the old skool dancing, jumping down in the crowd. Are we looking at a similar song set up? What tracks are you going to perform?

C. Burris: Um, I’d say its a similar song set up. Not the exact same show. But a very similar set up. We switched it up a little bit. But when they cut down the time, or cut the 2nd stage, we had to nip a couple things in the bud. But its still going to be an awesome show regardless. You know?

Lyriq2Go: Definitely. Always. Yeah.

TCM: Brooklyn Bodega is now going on its 5th year. This is now becoming an institution in New York - for festivals in general, but for Hip Hop specifically. Can you guys talk a little about the impact the Bodega’s had so far?

C. Burris: Well, honestly I remember from the first one when it was Little Brother, and its real good to see that its come so far. In such a short time, you you said, its become an institution. We’re just happy to be a part of that....

Lyriq2Go: And its crazy because, just last year, we were in Myk’s basement, ‘you know what, next year we’re gonna be on that stage.’ And I ain’t gon’ front, I wast thinkin’ ‘like you crazy!’ But you know what? We here. [Laughs] You know? We here.

Myk Dyalekt: Its all about realizing your dreams, man, and supporting. We have to support the venues. We have things like Brooklyn Hip Hop. We’re from Jersey. We have a Jersey...a Newark Hip Hop Festival that we actually do the same thing with. Its about having people come out and represent for those artists that work all year - run around on hot trains and try to make this music happen for themselves, man.

TCM: B.E. Webisode. Whens the next one dropping?

Lyriq2Go: The next one should be dropping...if not next 2 weeks. But I’m gonna try to make it out next week, cause a lot of people ask me for it. And we got a lot of material, so you gonna see that shortly. Trust me, you gonna enjoy it. Trust me.

- The Quotable.Com


A Day In The Life (2007)
R.E.M Mixtape (2007)
Myk Dyaleks-Chiller Than A Catepillar (2008)
The Prewreck Mixtape (2009)
Dreamscape EP (2009)



Brokn.Englsh is a powerhouse group from New Jersey comprised of Myk Dyaleks, Cion Burris, and Lyriq2Go. The group formed in 2006 with one common goal, bringing quality music to the masses. They've graced the stages of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and the late Knitting Factory giving crowds lots of energy, soulful and intricate lyricism, as well as tons of charisma. With a few mixtapes under the belt, an extensive sequence of promotional videos, and lead up EP entitled "DreamScape", Brokn.Englsh plans to release their debut album, "The Drawing Board" on November 17, 2009. Dealing with the pressures of a struggling artist, The Drawing Board is a statement on the building process they've gone through as emcees and as men. With songs about their drive like "Cherry Popper", showing vulnerability with "I Will", and anthems such as "Make Some Noise" ", the group shows you the genuine love and respect they have for their culture. There are a number of paths to being successful. You have to try a few out to ultimately know which one will work for you. In the end, we all find ourselves back at The Drawing Board.

Bowery Poetry Club Manhattan,NY

Empire Fulton Ferry State Park Brooklyn,NY

Europa Night Club Brooklyn, NY

Public Assembly Brooklyn, NY

University of Maryland Maryland,MD

Almaz Washington,DC

Southpaw Brooklyn,NY

The Coffee Cave-Newark,NJ

The Lazy Catfish Brooklyn,NY

Voodoo Lounge Manhattan,NY

The Armory Tavern Newark,NJ

Sullivan Hall, Manhattan,NY

JaJo Gallery Newark,NJ

New Jersey Performing Arts Center Newark,NJ

Black Flag Shoppe Clinton,NJ

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (2009)

Bklyn Hip Hop Festival "Step Up"-
Bklyn Hip Hop Festival "Cherry Popper"
Bklyn HipHop Festival-Make Some Noise
Show & Prove Public Assembly "Right About Now"