High energy instrumental band with a mix of traditional Celtic sets and original material with influences from several world cultures.


Brollachan blends world rhythms with Celtic melodies into their own unique sound. Strongly versed in traditional Celtic music, Brollachan doesn't shy away from accepting influence wherever it may come from. Hints of Latin, French-Canadian, and Bulgarian rhythms can be heard amongst traditional Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton melodies.

When European immigrants began to populate Canada's Maritime lands, they brought with them, strong traditions of country and culture. As this new land became their own, the melding of cultures formed new and exciting traditions for future generations to develop.

Brollachan is a band formed from this cross-cultural pollination. Cape Breton fiddling and Irish bouzouki mixed with strong piano and accordion accompaniment, all held together by a collective sense of rhythm and drive. The result is truly addictive.

While much of the band's early repertoire drew largely from traditional standards, original compositions have slowly begun to make their way into sets. One by one, the tunes played have come to represent not only the group's cultural influence but its unique identity as ambassadors of Canada's cultural mosaic.


Brollachan - self titled Album - released July 2007

1. Warlocks
2. Spanish Set
3. Slip Jigs
4. Young Tim Murphy
5. Fire Wire Set
6. The King of the Fearies
7. Reel Latino
8. Da Slockit Light
9. Slide Set
10. Wind That Shakes the Barley
11. Five Dionnes

To contact Brollachan:
Tel: (506) 471-4898

Set List

Brollachan's set list is ever-changing as they play to their specific audience. Their comfort level ranges from a world music stage to a Maritime ceilidh. This versatility keeps them busy with a balance of original material to traditional jigs and reels.