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Bronco Billy Boy

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Red Hot Woman WIth a Cold Cold Heart

Written By: Bill Robbins

She’s a Red Hot Woman; she’s got a Cold Cold Heart


She’s from a gypsy momma, and a traveling man

She fought a drunken sailor; broke his ribs with her bare hands

Cops tracked her to a men’s club where she danced with marines

They busted in, and cuffed her; she served time in New Orleans


She’s a// red hot woman; she’s got a cold, cold heart

She’s a red hot woman; she’s got a cold, cold heart

Her hands are like magic

Her loving’s off the chart ( end tag: you’re going to love her, and warm that woman’s heart)

Verse 2

She’s got acrobatic legs, they look great from behind (they wrap around your spine)

She will drink all your whiskey, then she will blow your// mind

She’ll wake you with a slap, yelling “up you lazy dog”

She’ll pinch you on the butt, have you running like a hog

Repeat Chorus

Bridge; Living with that woman is like living with a wild jaguar

But, once you love her, she’s a super star

© Bill Robbins, 404-357-0531, 2011

Watch Out For that Crazy Boy

Written By: Bill Robbins

Watch Out For that Crazy Boy

There’s a little boy in every man; he won’t listen when momma says: No

He thinks he’s so cute; Man, don’t let him run your show

That rascal tells you: “show the guys how much you can fight”

But, you wake up with a black eye; your head ain’t feeling right


So, watch out; watch out; you better watch out for that crazy boy

So, watch out; watch out; you better watch out for that crazy boy (at end, 3x)

Verse 2

He will make up seven stories about what happened to Tina’s pie

He’ll double dog dare ya; you can’t eat hot sauce, and not cry

He loves his shiny car; yeah, he gunned it for his pals

He ran right into the mailbox, busted jaw, and root canal

Repeat Chorus;

A grown man understands, there’s work to do today
But, that crazy boy inside is yelling, “let’s go outside and play”

Repeat Chorus;

© Bill Robbins, 404-252-8117, Aug. 2011