Bronco Fiasco

Bronco Fiasco


Bronco Fiasco are a hard rockin,hard workin band from Fort William,formerly known as We Are Soul with which we had a fantastic and enthusiastic following who supported us in Glasgow,Inverness and of course Fort William!!! So its onwards and upwards,join us for the ride people!!!


BRONCO FIASCO all hail from Fort William, and having known each other for years,they decided to hook up after having various success in previous musical ventures which saw members of the band open shows for the mighty TWIN ATLANTIC and hotly tipped rockers THE XCERTS

Once the band were up and running they immediately released their debut EP "unlock the doors" which the DAILY RECORD described as " a band with hearts as big as THE VERVE",and narrowly missed out on an appearance on the T BREAK stage at T IN THE PARK after making it to the last 25 out of thousands of bands.The EP was a greatly acclaimed record,especially in hometown FORT WILLIAM where most of singer MARC MACMASTERs lyrical subject matter spawns.

After the local success of their debut EP work turned to its follow up,the highly charged "sinking yet surviving" which saw the band headline the best music venue for up and coming acts in the UK,the legendary KING TUTS WAH WAH HUT in GLASGOW.The bands reputation for putting on a brilliant live show helped them secure a support slot with legendary scots rock band BIG COUNTRY and gig up and down the country as a result of the brilliant 2nd EP.

BRONCO FIASCO now switch attention to their next release,a 3rd EP with 6 songs of heartfelt soaring vocals,pounding rhythms,sing a long choruses and belting riffs which should see the light of day in april this year.

Even after the local success of the previous releases,BRONCO FIASCO see the past as a false start and aim to put things right with the new material!.A UK tour is in the pipeline as well as a trip to AMERICA and a video for the song "stuck in a ruck".Welcome to BRONCO FIASCO in 2012,its gonna be emotional.


EP Unlock The Doors

EP Sinking But Surviving

EP Fussy Hussy