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"Bronkar Lee in American Entertainment"

It's hard to find an act that experienced entertainment professionals haven't seen before, but every now and then one comes along with a new take or twist that gets us all excited again. Often the hybridization of multiple talents brings about this result. We've all seen eyes roll when someone mentions a juggler, calling to mind the stereotypical goofball in a bow tie often associated with the likes of mimes and hack ventriloquists. But, for those of us who have seen truly talented jugglers (that are usually pretty decent comics too), we know that there is great entertainment value to be had in the art form.

Enter Bronkar Lee, who's not only a talented juggler, but a musician at heart. He's got a new twist on an old art form you've got to see, because Bronkar isn't just a juggler, he's a beat boxer as well; and instead of tossing his balls up, he throws them down. Pounding them rhythmically against a resonating mic'ed box on stage, he bounces the balls in cadence with the beats he's spouting vocally. It's a strangely symbiotic and mesmerizing experience and when coupled with Bronkar's wit and personality, is a uniquely entertaining experience.

Bronkar is the world's only rhythmic juggling beat boxer. "I started out as a drummer: he says. "I have always been into rhythms and beats, so I got into beat boxing sometime after. People that I hung out with and performed for seemed to really dig that so I got really good at It - enough that I could show up to real music gigs and sit in with bands on rhythm as a drummer on a microphone." It was some years after that Bronkar stumbled across juggling, but it still took a while for the two hobbies to merge. "I got into juggling a few years later and was immediately taken with it, as I had always been fascinated with anything that had to do with hand-eye coordination. I was an avid athlete, especially as a tennis player. So, when I picked up juggling, I immediately got it and it felt like home." Naturally, the first things Bronkar began juggling were racquet and tennis balls. "That's what I had around, so I started juggling them, then I was bouncing them off the floor and walls." It was some time later in a conversation with his Mom that she suggested he merge the two talents together. "It took a while to figure out. At first we had the idea of juggling the balls by bouncing them off my drum set, but the surface area was too small and it didn't seem to click. I finally invented my own box for the stage (in its 16th generation) that I mic. With a headset mic on, I can beat and bounce in sync." It's unique and exciting performance, and Bronkar's youthful energetic looks and charming personality seal the deal. For info: Danny Bergold at About Entertainment at (424) 201-5428 or - Association of Entertainment Professionals Worldwide

"Bronkar's Press Quotes"

Wonderfully creative, rhythmically sophisticated, yet groovy and accessible - not to mention charming, engaging, and extremely entertaining. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
-Howard Patterson, Flying Karamazov Brothers

Bronkar is a full fledged star! I stood in the wings and listened to the audience scream, laugh and fall in love with him.
-Jeff Raz, Cirque du Soleil

Our crowd loved Bronkar. He killed it out there!
-Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

WOW! You got it man!

Unlike anything I've seen in 15 years of producing shows. He had 700+ audience members right in the palm of his hand. Innovative and unique! Undoubtedly one of the finest performers to grace our stage.
-Jim Maxwell, Director Austin Jugglefest

With his masterful skills as a performer he is able to engage the audience with interactive theatrics like no other performer I've seen. Circus of Sound should be shared with audiences far and wide.
-Janet Koike, Director Rhythmix Cultural Works

That was an amazing act.
-William Shatner

Just what the world needs...
-Seattle Times

A juggler, a beatboxer and a very good looking young man.
-Sharon Osborne, America's Got Talent

Our 5,000 employees were full of laughter and enthusiasm after seeing the show!
-Carmen Feuz, ABB Switzerland

This guy rocked the house! He had the entire audience of kids and adults screaming for more.
-Mark S. Allen, Good Day Sacramento

Bronkar stepped out in front of our audience of 4,000 and kicked butt! His skills are impeccable.
-Tom Noddy, Oregon Country Fair

An electric performer with infectious energy!
-Disney Cruise Lines

What an incredible act!
-Don Francisco, Univision

Absolutely mesmerizing!
-Pay Chen, Winnipeg TV - National Press


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Bronkar Lee is the world's only rhythmic juggling beatboxer! He blends music, comedy, raw skill and contagious energy in a way that you've never before experienced. His one man "circus of sound" is unbelievably just a mouth and a body full of pulsing rhythmic energy, and combined with charismatic audience interaction, this is a show that will leave you in awe. International superstar and multiple world record holder, Bronkar Lee, has honed his craft with appearances all over the United States, Canada and Europe. He performs as a featured act on Disney cruise lines, and for colleges, corporate events, concerts and theaters. He has also been featured on television programs such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, America's got Talent, Good Day Sacramento, Winnipeg's Global TV and Univision's Don Francisco Presents. Bronkar's show isn't just a performance it's an interactive experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.