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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
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"Tough by name, tough in sound"

Although having spent a couple of years playing under the name of Zatarras Vengeance, it wasn’t until last year that the Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) based five piece act decided a change of name was in order, and that Bronson came into being.

Over the last twelve months, the band (comprising vocalist Jason ‘Jay’ Clair, guitarist/backing vocalist Max Horn, guitarist Dan Wilson (who has since parted ways with the band), bassist Ziggy Rampage and drummer Nick Burns) have been out and about playing on the local scene, with shows alongside the likes of Five Star Prison Cell, Death Audio and Hatchet Dawn helping the group establish themselves under their new moniker.

With their name starting to filter through the underground, the group decided to take the next step and head into the studio, with their self-titled E.P. their first offering from Bronson.

Fifteen is the first track off the ranks, and it’s clear that Bronson aren’t wasting any time getting their message across to the listener, with a huge growled scream emerging from Clair, followed closely by the rest of the band. Although fairly basic, ‘Fifteen’ is a metallic and straight-forward bruising track and one that boasts a solid, catchy chorus, with some hardcore inspired backing vocals to convey its message. There’s a nice breakdown in the middle of the song, and some cleaner vocal efforts to break things up, which really does give the song a lasting appeal.

The follow-up track Brothers in Arms starts off in a slower manner, before picking up around a minute into proceedings. From here, the band pound out plenty of riffs and thundering beats to keep the momentum going, while the gang vocals and Clair’s own screamed efforts keep the heaviness flowing throughout.

Although good, Hell on Earth is one of the E.P.’s weaker efforts, with the song only really managing to pick up after some great lead work around the latter half of the song’s run through, while Patriotic Messiah and A Game Called Payback manage to steer the E.P. back on track, with the latter of the two the stronger of the pair with its soaring chorus and catchy riffs.

Finishing up the E.P. is the short instrumental piece Larmes De Douleur Act 1 (French for Tears of Pain), which is again, another solid piece of music, but a little out of place on the E.P. as a final track.

As a whole, Bronson’s debut E.P. is a well rounded effort, and one that clearly demonstrates the band’s ability to write solid, memorable tunes, without going over the top with unnecessary extras, or resorting to simply cloning similar acts within the modern metal/metallic hardcore scene (namely Lamb of God, Unearth or As I Lay Dying). Overall, an E.P. worth sourcing, and a band well worth checking out next time they play live.

7/10 - The Metal Forge

"Sydonia, Bronson, Dive Into Ruin @ The East Brunswick Club, Melbourne"

Second supports Bronson were great. One was unsure as to what to expect when the band of misfits took to the stage, but their mix of balls-out metal, teamed with driving riffs and hair-metal solos was entertaining to say the least. Frontman Jason Clair is a scary looking dude, albeit not without charm, and his efforts to rouse the crowd into some sort of activity was highly entertaining and admirable, considering it largely didn’t work. He didn’t let that stop him though, taking the time in-between songs to urge the audience to take two steps forward, and even jumping into the “crowd” in an effort to get a circle-pit happening. Bronson’s sound is huge, and guitarist Gary lifts the mix somewhere above straight-out metal. There is no doubt, given a bit more support, that these guys could well be playing larger killer gigs in the not too distant future. - Faster Louder


BRONSON - 'Bronson' (2010) - 6 Track EP

BRONSON - 'Against All Odds' (2011) - Single with B-Side and Documentary.



BRONSON play metal. Heavy, groovy, catchy metal. Music to make your fists clench, your teeth gnarl and your head bang.

Bronson burst into prominence with the release of their debut self-titled EP in January 2010 to a packed Espy Gerswhin Room with a powerful and professional live show that has left Melbourne’s music scene talking. This also gaining positive press and online appearances. They also received national radio play on Triple J, and local on RRR and PBS of the tracks 'Brothers in Arms' and 'A Game Called Payback'.

The year 2010 was a big year for the band, playing plenty of shows with Melbourne's elite and playing the occasional mini-festival. It was a year defining the bands relevance within the local Melbourne scene. They followed up their efforts with a new single 'Against All Odds' which was released January 2011. This release comprised of the B-side 'Cuts to the Bone' and also featured a 30 minute documentary revolving around the efforts of their previous 2 years together. They backed up the release with a 9 show tour of Victoria with their good friends Scar the Surface. With an album in the wings, due 2012, sky is the limit for this ever impressive Melbourne band.

“BRONSON are nothing short of an aural arse-kick” – Jaymz Clements, Beat Magazine.

"BRONSON’s new self titled EP is a fusion of the better aspects of the last decade. Modern metal fans will find it heavy, dynamic and memorable" – Simon Lukic, Triple R.

"BRONSON’s debut E.P. is a well rounded effort, and one that clearly demonstrates the band’s ability to write solid, memorable tunes, without going over the top with unnecessary extras, or resorting to simply cloning similar acts within the modern metal/metallic hardcore scene" – Justin Donnelly, Freelance Music Journalist.

In 2011 get metal, get BRONSON.