Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Clearly the sexiest Metal band in Melbourne Australia. We love our fans & they love us. Our music's heavy and ultra groove laden. Our aim is to please all those who come to our shows, we don't give a fuck if you don't like metal, we have a habit of converting people, we promise to deliver.


BRONSON play metal. Heavy, groovy, catchy metal. Music to make your fists clench, your teeth gnarl and your head bang.

Bronson burst into prominence with the release of their debut self-titled EP in January 2010 to a packed Espy Gerswhin Room with a powerful and professional live show that has left Melbourne’s music scene talking. This also gaining positive press and online appearances. They also received national radio play on Triple J, and local on RRR and PBS of the tracks 'Brothers in Arms' and 'A Game Called Payback'.

The year 2010 was a big year for the band, playing plenty of shows with Melbourne's elite and playing the occasional mini-festival. It was a year defining the bands relevance within the local Melbourne scene. They followed up their efforts with a new single 'Against All Odds' which was released January 2011. This release comprised of the B-side 'Cuts to the Bone' and also featured a 30 minute documentary revolving around the efforts of their previous 2 years together. They backed up the release with a 9 show tour of Victoria with their good friends Scar the Surface. With an album in the wings, due 2012, sky is the limit for this ever impressive Melbourne band.

“BRONSON are nothing short of an aural arse-kick” – Jaymz Clements, Beat Magazine.

"BRONSON’s new self titled EP is a fusion of the better aspects of the last decade. Modern metal fans will find it heavy, dynamic and memorable" – Simon Lukic, Triple R.

"BRONSON’s debut E.P. is a well rounded effort, and one that clearly demonstrates the band’s ability to write solid, memorable tunes, without going over the top with unnecessary extras, or resorting to simply cloning similar acts within the modern metal/metallic hardcore scene" – Justin Donnelly, Freelance Music Journalist.

In 2011 get metal, get BRONSON.


BRONSON - 'Bronson' (2010) - 6 Track EP

BRONSON - 'Against All Odds' (2011) - Single with B-Side and Documentary.