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Bronston Jones

Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
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"Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - God Bless 'Merica"

by Katie Harrison on 8th August 2015

With the accompanying subtitle, this show becomes God Bless ‘Merica, Because It’ll Take A Miracle To Fix It; whilst that’s quite a mouthful, it certainly encompasses the sentiment in Bronston Jones’ lovingly scathing homage to his home country. Returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from his home on Venice Beach, LA, Jones enlightens us on what Americans really think of the welfare state, the upcoming presidential nightmare that is Donald Trump and, well, other Americans.

Jones is a seemingly natural storyteller, with an easygoing manner and a bottomless source of material which covers a vast range of topics over the evening. This material is ably assisted by the use of audience suggestions, which I feel may go on to inspire the ever-changing set list in future. Memories are imparted and tangents are created so spontaneously that it is almost possible to see them emerging straight from Jones’ head into the room; for a first show there were plenty of well-timed hits, as well as a few misses. Whilst there were moments when the tone crossed the line from genial banter to cold, unflinching fact - particularly around more sensitive topics that left the audience unsure how to react - Jones remained mostly in control of the situation and was able to disperse any tension. I would love to see more audience interaction, as this provided a strong foundation at the beginning of the set that could easily be returned to later on.

God Bless ‘Merica is still very much a conversation between Jones and his audience that I feel will continue to refine and develop over the Fringe. As a warning, by the end of the show you may not feel more sympathetic towards most of America; nonetheless, this is a great collection of stories from across the pond that are appealingly disorganised, charmingly informative and, most importantly, very entertaining.

By Katie Harrison

Katie graduated with a BA First in Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York and has worked with several professional companies at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as director, performer and producer since 2011. - Broadway Baby

"Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Life's Short. I'm Not."

Rating: 5/5
Bronston Jones is a 6ft 7 American Comedian who spends just over an hour Telling hilarious and filthy stories about his life, Covering his battle with alcohol and his “Interesting” romantic interests spattered with political views and some brilliant crowd Interaction. A genuine funny comedian at an unbelievable price (FREE). Stories of pornstars on cocaine and how hotel hookers look down on sluts as well as the mad things we all do for love are just a few of the things you’ll hear as the night goes along. If you’ve ever dated, or fallen in love you’ll find yourself nodding along to Bronstons preachings and stories . A truely fantastic hidden gem of the free Fringe and a genuinely “Stand up guy” as well as probably the smoothest flirt you’ll ever meet. Bronston is worth checking out, be careful about taking your girlfriend with you though, because Bronston is packing some of the greatest chat up lines EVER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - Chronicles of a Nerd


Recorded in Venice Beach, CA March 2013
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“Life’s short—I’m not!” isn't just a pun for this 6'7", 240lb, hairy standup giant. It’s his motto, mantra & mission statement, meaning “Tall or small, LIVE BIG! You're on deadline.” So after a 5-year hiatus directing commercials, Bronston is back at the mic doing what he loves most—Saying Something without Selling Anything.

Bronston is the co-founder and resident host of Venice Underground Comedy, LA's largest weekly show outside the comedy clubs. He also hosts The Awful Truth, which features storytelling and social/political comedians. Edinburgh Fringe 2015 was Bronston's fourth. His show "God Bless 'Merica (because it'll take a miracle to fix it.)" was Sold Out for 18 of 25 nights. 

Bronston has rocked comedy clubs and opened for rock bands. He's even hosted somber charity events that turned crazy sexy fun. He's a regular on many a podcast and has acted in commercials for Nike, TeleNet and Found Magazine. For a decade, Bronston freelanced for NBC, writing comedy promos for Jay Leno, Dennis Miller and Must-See-TV.

Behind the camera, Bronston produced or directed over 200 commercials, promos & music videos. He directed spots with Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin and Tommy Lee, plus stars of the NFL, Olympics and NASCAR. He directed Uncle Kracker's Top 20 "Drift Away" and wrote/directed the award-winning comedy short "MaxiDoodles," which skewered the commercial biz—then generated more ad work. Irony, YES! He also coordinated David Brenner, Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Seinfeld HBO specials. Jerry’s opened with a funeral for his retired jokes—Carlin, King, Leifer, Leno, McMahon, Larry Miller, Reiser, Shandling and Wallace were there! Bronston too (in the production moho, but there). Inspiring!! And perhaps why much of his act is based on cheating death.