Blood, Fire, Tits, Metal, Poultry Fucking.


Two wailing spandex clad female singers, a guitarist and bassist dressed like marauding Cossacks, a giant demon with flashing red eyes and a stage drenched in milk and blood. This is Edmonton's BrontoScorpio and they are the weirdest metal band you have ever seen. Part open love letter to classic heavy metal and part disturbing caricature of the naive excess of the rock god age, Bronto inspires both righteous headbanging and total shock.
The music is classic power metal and thrash, decontextualized by the demented twin female vocals. The performance itself takes the grandeur of an 80's arena show and turns into a grotesque and absurd spectacle of blood, milk, murder and poultry sex.
Word to the wise - do not wear your sunday best to a BrontoScorpio show.

Set List

1. The Lichqueen
2. Big Trouble (In Little China)
3. Future Cougar
4. Angel Witch (Cover)
5. Keep On The Borderlands
6. Sword Age
7. Karnak
8. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Cover)