There are 3-5 members in the band. 2-4 of those members are cartoons. The band plays as a full group, but the lead singer will often play accompanied by cartoon band members (anything from offensive bars of soap to dinosaurs) via onstage projection screen. Sounds like The Unicorns/Weezer/Ben Folds5


Pete Scalzitti, the main songwriter, is a musician and animator using BRONTOSORUS as a means to express his film work as well as music. An NYU Film/TV Grad, Scalzitti played shows in NYC while focusing on Music Video production at NYU. The first BRONTOSORUS FILM/EP is in production, and the band has recently been incorporating Scalzitti's animations into their live performances. For select songs, some or all musicians are replaced by cartoon band members (some offensive, some personified bathroom products, and some losing limbs while being attacked by dinosaurs) via a projection screen onstage. This makes the BRONTOSORUS live show a truly unique experience.



In Production. This will be the first BRONTOSORUS EP, which will feature four gapless songs paired with four gapless original music videos shot and animated by BRONTOSORUS. All videos are being edited to scratch recordings at the moment, BRONTOSORUS goes into the studio in mid December to lay down the final audio.

See the first completed video, 'Amy' in our video section!!

Set List

Our sets are typically an hour. We've covered Weezer, Ben Folds, The Beatles, and many goofy 80s sing-alongs ('I Touch Myself' is one of our favorites). Also 'Funiculi, Funicula'

Setlist from our show @ Arlene's Grocery in NYC:

Radioactive Snowpeople
Sleep Ceiling
Moody Shoes
Cara Jean
Thing Thing Sting Sing
We Have Finally Found It
Bad Days(Flaming Lips Cover)

Encore(it was a sweet night):