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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"BRONZE in Sunset in the Rearview"

New band on the loose! They go by Bronze, and though they’ve only been in existence for a brief time (they made their debut in Spring of 2010), they have already shared the stage with Free Energy, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Film School, Cloud Nothings, Dominant Legs, and Depreciation Guild. Now I know that that actually says nothing about the band, but if this song doesn’t get you jittery for a full album release, you crazy! Man, the end of the song where he’s singing “Don’t get me going, don’t get me going, darling” in that sweet voice…just sweeps me off my feet. I love it. Want to know what else I love? That they’re giving away their EP for free. And one last thing that I love? His name on his email is LeBronze James. I may have a crush. - Sunset in the Rearview

"BRONZE in The Burning Ear"

BRONZE are from Brooklyn and have just dropped the most exciting EP I have heard in a veeery long time. I’m so pumped on this release that I’m putting up two tracks here in an effort to shine a broader light on their talents and make sure that all of you grab this free EP here. The great part? These two are the first two tracks on the EP and they aren’t even some kind of peak, the other 3 are equally brilliant, sometimes even more so!

The BRONZE EP kicks off with “Horses” and it’s bullet train percussion before giving way to the softly lilting intro of “Deep Freeze.” This jams eventually kicks into a massive swinging bounce that gets me rocking and singing along every time, even the first. Things mellow out beautifully for the handclaps and Isaac Brock-ian “Sunny Day” before igniting again on the brilliant “Sara Lisa.” It’s their most popular song and while I haven’t been able to pick a favorite, it’s no surprise others have picked this one. It’s large. It’s delicate. It’s passionate. It’s catchy. Basically, it’s BRONZE. Album closer “Count To Two” channels a bit of Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal) as it shreds it’s way through bongo drums and ghostly “oooohs.” Damn, there is so much brilliance going on in these songs that all these descriptions feel flat. Just get the damn EP. It may be free but I’d pay 10 bucks, easy, for unfettered access to these jams.

Let’s just hope these guys are hard at work on more stuff! You lucky NYC bastards can catch ‘em live in Brooklyn on Jan 14th and in Manhattan on the 30th. Report back! - The Burning Ear

"BRONZE in Pitchfork"

Features: Guest Lists (Paul Sprangers of Free Energy)
Favorite New Band: Bronze, a new band by the guys who were in Detachment Kit. It's super good, and we played with them in January. - Pitchfork Media

"BRONZE on BBC Radio 6!"

BRONZE on BBC Radio 6 - Gideon Coe and Don Letts are spinning "Horses." - BBC Radio 6

"BRONZE on Deromt O' Leary's BBC Radio 2 Show!"

BRONZE on Deromt O' Leary's BBC Radio 2 Show! - BBC Radio 2

"BRONZE on BBC Radio 1"

BRONZE on BBC Radio 1 - BBC Radio 1


BRONZE EP, March 2011



Based out of Brooklyn, NY, BRONZE follows in the musical vein of New Order and Brian Eno with the swagger of T. Rex. Though only on the NYC scene for a short while, BRONZE has already shared the stage with the likes of Cloud Nothings, Kisses, Free Energy and the Depreciation Guild. The BRONZE EP, recorded in the band's studio on Grand Street in Brooklyn, twists and turns through anthems like the album's opener ‘Horses’ to the mellow and atmospheric ‘Sunny Day’. The band has recently raised money from fans through the website in order to produce a video for their single “Horses,” which will be released in the Spring of 2011.