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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative EDM


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"Bronze Medallists Interview - October 2011"

Ahead of Bronze Medallists' set at the 02 Academy, Bristol in support of The Feeling on their UK tour, Live-Music-Scene sat down for a chat.

North London based Bronze Medallists are a new band, but they're not new to the scene. I ask Olly, the vocalist, how they got together. “It's a long story but, I suppose we came from previous bands.” The name of the band is lifted from a Bad Plus song and an Idlewild lyric. “We thought it was quite fitting for us because we'd all been in bands before that had been sort of, nearly bands, and all our friends' bands and so forth, everyone we'd toured with and who'd released stuff at the same time seemed to - and I'm sure it's not the case but - they seemed to be doing AMAZING, and we were kind of like, oh shit, and our bands broke up for whatever different reasons, and we thought, it seemed to apply nicely so we chose the name Bronze Medallists.”

But now things are moving smoothly for them, with a high profile tour and material recorded they're ready to roll. “We've just released a single on Tape Club Records called ‘Mathematics’, there's a video for it on YouTube.” It's a very good looking video, for a good song. Directed by David Higgs, it takes place mostly over a dinner table with two people, a couple, who have computer monitors for heads, a couple of 'screen-heads'. It matches the mood of the song very well, all awkwardness and yearning. “It's a love story; a love story set against a backdrop of technology and…so forth. It's kind of a concept single in that way I suppose, the B-side was on a similar subject. We have another single coming out on November 21st, it's called 'Headspace' It's on Ear Music Records and….that's what we're promoting at the moment.”

I pause the interview at this point because The Feeling's sound check is coming through the wall. It strikes me how atmospheric Olly is being made to sound with the keyboard line from 'Another Soldier' seeping in. The whole thing feels rather like War of the Worlds, or the intro to Iron Maiden's ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’. Olly tells me that he had asked them to sync their keyboard playing with moments of passion in his speaking. I do hope he wasn't pulling my leg. To make the most of our rare accompaniment Olly gives lines like – “Bronze Medallists is about…the clash of civilisations, in a Teutonic, Olympic struggle, for…third place.” It all sounds rather wonderful. Peace is soon recovered. We move on.

So how's it going out there? “It's a bit early to say, since the first gig was last night, in Bournemouth, but that was nice, we enjoyed it. We like Bournemouth. Bristol tonight, should be cool. Then we're off to Nottingham and Birmingham and a few other places. Should be nice. It's great, it's our first tour as a band, so it's really nice to get out there and not play to London audiences for a change. And it's not a bad place to start a tour as a band.” At the 02 Academy supporting The Feeling, not a bad place at all. Their set later that evening was received well by the crowd. Opening with 'Binary Girl' and all its electronic breakdowns and they have the audience whistling along with 'Headspace', and even continuing after the song had finished. I think we can officially call it catchy.

How would you describe Bronze Medallists to us, the newcomers? “I suppose, we use a lot of random instruments for our performances; we perform with an ironing board on stage and pots and pans and other household accoutrements, just because that's what we had around when we were making the music, because we do it all in our house, in our bedrooms…and kitchens and bathrooms, and living rooms occasionally.” I ask Olly whether they're just doing it to be weird or if you really get a sense of these spaces in the music. “I hope so. I hope if you listen to it, it doesn't sound like it was recorded in some expensive studio. It's all home made you know. And that's what we…we like that. I don't know, if somebody asked us to maybe, record in Abbey Road Studios, not necessarily saying that I would say no, but maybe we'd record in the kitchen at Abbey Road Studios.”

Bronze Medallists have quite a lot of electronic sounds and they like to combine different instruments. “We come from quite a folkie scene, we've played with a lot of folk bands in London and our music has got a folk influence, or undertone, except that we're completely electronic sometimes and sometimes we have acoustic guitars that come through.”

I offer my theory that genres are often more about a mindset than a set of sounds. He seems to agree. “Folk is an approach. I think laptops are incredibly folkie. It's like, I think hip hop in the last decade became the new folk, because, where Bob Dylan would pinch the chords of other songs and put his own lyrics to it, in hip hop they're sampling other peoples songs and putting their own lyrics to it. And I think that's a very good folk attitude, and nowadays you can very quickly get GarageBand, or equivalent program on your laptop and you can take sounds from anything, and you can make them into anything, and I think that's the joy and that's what excites us about making the music we do.”

Bronze Medallists' next single 'Headspace' is out November 21st on Ear Music Records. - Live Music Scene - Bristol

"Your New Favourite Band"

Of course I love this. It sounds like Postal Service. Not only that, but it’s so charming and cute. Falling on just the right side of saccharine, Bronze Medallists fill that hole of clever, emo lyrics now that Ben Gibbard is all happy and in love (eugh).

They’re from London and they’ve just set out on tour with The Feeling. Don’t let that put you off though. - Amazing Radio

"Mathematics by Bronze Medallists"

East London four-piece Bronze Medallists make wistful electro about girls and stuff. New single Mathematics (see above) sounds like a great lost Kings of Convenience song, a reticently optimistic musing on the complexities of love and the desire for a magic formula to help guide you through the relationship minefield. Or something. London producer/artist Dogtanion has remixed the track and given it a distinctly darker edge – it now sounds like the lovesick ponderings of a Melancholy robot. Bronze Medallists play The Old Blue Last, June 20th. Mathematics is out now on Tape Club Records. - Snipe

"Love and Mathematics"

Love is not straightfoward. There are no formulas, there’s no calculus.
Love is complicated, it’s irrational, it’s uncontrollable. You can’t choose who to fall in love with and who not. It happens, most of the time then when you expect it the least. It’s not within our power whether the other person loves us back or not. You can’t control hearts.
When it comes to love, we are helpless creatures. Often, we try so hard to hold on to something that might have long gone, we try to get something back that might never come back, we try to force something that cannot be forced. Love makes us vulnerable, sad, depressive, angry, obsessed. And there’s no switch to turn love off, there’s no prophylaxis for a broken heart.
We try again and we fail again, we learn from our mistakes just to make the same ones again. We suffer and then stand up again, we go on and start the game from the beginning. Because we hope, we believe, we trust. Incalculability, rationality, probability – who cares. There is someone for everyone out there, and we know it. Not the worst pain ever experienced will stop us from searching that person, and no formula in the world will ever be able to prove that wrong.

“Mathematics” by Bronze Medallists is out today for free if you join the Next Biggest Thing mailing list. The bittersweet lyrics are accompanied by multi-layered synth-pop melodies and supported by this very lovely and fitting video. - Once More with Feeling


The band’s latest release, ‘Mathetmatics’, is a highly inducing electronic pop sound, which we felt was the kind of thing you’d get if you combined Owl City with Everything Everything. The music video that accompanies the brand new single is also a fascinating watch, further emphasising the comparison to Everything Everything in their weird but quierky delivery. - Clixie

"Record of the Day"

London based four-piece electro/shoegaze act Bronze Medallists recently released their their debut single through Tape Club, a London indie label (of impecable taste and some repute) who manage and release artists like Laurel Collective, Peter and Kerry, Mr James Bright and a lot inbetween. The sparse Postal Service-style sound and sweet sentiment of Mathematics impressed us on first listen. A four-track EP, The End of an Uneasy Truce, will follow in November, to be supported with a UK tour. Video. -

"Mathematics Single Review"

Poor Olly Price, frontman of London four-piece Bronze Medallists - all he wants is a bit of order and predictability in his seemingly capricious love life: if only there were some kind of formula that he could follow to achieve the perfect relationship, he laments, setting to work with furious scribbles of chalk on his laboratory blackboard.

As yet it would appear that his algebraic efforts have yet to yield the result he seeks, but thankfully for the rest of us, his frustration has led him to write this lovely slice of bleepy deadpan electro- - Joyzine

"New Music By Jim Gellatly"

See URL Scan of artilce - The Sun Newspaper

"From the Ashes of Adversity to a Podium Finish"

NA- It's a picture story - A Negative Narrative


Mathematics (Single) - Tape Club Records 2011

Headspace (Single) - eARmusic Records 2011



Based in East London and formed just over a year ago, Bronze Medallists' have already released their debut single on exciting indie label, Tape Club Records, and completed a full UK tour supporting The Feeling. Their music has been championed by radio DJ's such as Ally McCrae (BBC R1), John Kennedy (XFM), Bethan Elfyn (6 Music), and Jim Gellatly (Forth FM, Clyde FM).

They were asked to come on The Feeling tour after members of the band came across the jaw-droppingly beautiful video for their debut on Youtube, directed by David Higgs.

‘Mathematics’ is a minimal, dystopian love song that combines electronic glitches with the sound an old piano found in the drummers garage and, and is like everything the band have done so far, recorded at home.

'I hope if you listen to us, it doesn't sound like it was recorded in some expensive studio. It's all home made…’ says singer, Oliver Price, ‘we like that. If somebody asked us to maybe, record in Abbey Road Studios, not necessarily saying that we would say no, but maybe we'd record in the kitchen at Abbey Road Studios.”

The single’s B Side ‘Binary Girl’ is about falling in love, but through and with the screens of iphones and laptops. An absurd Kurzwellian projection about how the lines of the physical and virtual are getting tangled.

Before it all gets too cerebral, follow up single 'Headspace' (21st November - eARmusic records) mashes shiny happy acoustic guitars with the familiar Casio synth tones of their debut and, with a defiant whistle, demands that you stop thinking too much and get out!

The band are currently working on a 'Hippodomania' an ambitious four track concept EP about mankind's yearning for chaos and order at once, named after Hippodamus, the progenitor of modern town planning!