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Brooke Miller

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”On the strength of her debut album, LENDING AN HOURGLASS, Brooke Miller is one Atlantic Canadian artist to watch for ..... One of the best recordings to come out of 2003." ~Glenn Meisner, Atlantic Airwaves, CBC Radio one, Halifax NS.


"Prince Edward Island native Brooke Miller leaves a room wrapped in a sonic ambrosia likened to that of freshly hung linens on a clear Maritime day. Her voice draws close all who hear her, while her guitar underscores the depth of her ideas. She is all this, and all at once."-Del Vezeau

Miller's alluring strong, gauzy vocals are the perfect accompaniment to her mature finger picking styles and tuning patterns. Her sound is unique and independent, yet reflective of her musical influences.
While only 23, her listening audience is awestruck by the soul Brooke inserts into her music. Her first CD, LENDING AN HOURGLASS, was released in 2003. Lyrically, Brooke's writing takes on storytelling with a sophisticated, well etched and upbeat feel.

Brooke has attained a peaceful evolution as a performer and songwriter. Matching her easy-going personality, she has a strong and modest desire to follow her destiny at a moderate pace. Learning guitar in her early teens, Brooke first started performing in a punk group, eventually developing a taste for writing material in some of the more 'acoustic' genres in her late teens and early twenties.

In 2003, Brooke moved to Halifax to continue developing her career and gain attention for her first CD, creating a healthy following as well as great support from CBC Radio across the country.

ALL OF THE LIGHTING, Brooke's follow up record is to be released early in 2006. Produced by her husband, guitarist Don Ross, they recorded and mixed the new CD in their home studio in southern Ontario.


World on a whim

Written By: Brooke Miller

deep love
you know trouble so well
you don't have a pattern and you never can tell
you are a yellow caution light
and a yield sign
and i'm building tall fences to protect this heart of mine

was it so much difficulty cutting that glass?
you didn't think it would last
and after twenty-two years
i'm not doing so bad at all
there's a down side to living with the safety on
you might miss a good chance
and to tell you the truth
i really don't mind the fall

change, change, change
there's a different address everytime
i've got plenty of practice
and i know you don't mind
home in the country or here in the park
i stumble where ever you land
have mercy on my timing
it's out of my hands

you want the world on a whim and the sky below
you really walk the line
but i bet you miss it
when everything's fine
i guess it won't matter if the jokes on me
you have me at your beck and call
and to tell you the truth
i really don't mind at all

what would i ever do if you left me here alone?
i would need a come back to a dial tone


Lending an hour glass - 2003
Currently working on new album. Song samples within this EPK are the taken from this latest project.

Set List

Brooke's set list: length approx.100 min
All original material

Country from the dome car
Lending an hourglass
A.M. song
Two soldiers
Water to seperate
There you are
Hold on to it
World on a whim

Trouble where you seek it
Quiet night
Mercy on me
You can see everything