Brook Adams

Brook Adams

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

A musical cartoon of 20th century music. Surreal symbolic original songs mixed with re-interpreted classics.


Brook Adams is a ukulele madman with a strong voice and guitar chops too. He describes his collection of novelty songs, tv themes, modern pop and swing-era classics as a musical cartoon of the 20th century. Add warm tenor vocals and jazzy R&B flavored guitar for an evening of great entertainment. His current gimmick is playing the Beatles' ABBEY ROAD album start to finish on ukulele. Brook has played a lot in the Pacific Northwest where he makes his home. His festival resumé includes the Northwest Folklife, Seattle Bumbershoot, Oregon Country Fair, and the Portland Ukulele Festival. He played at the Portland premiere of the film Rock That Uke and opened for Japanese ukulele queens, Petty Booka. He has two CDs is with his band the Swingin' Marmalukeys and he's working on a solo album for 2010. In addition to performing, Adams teaches ukulele workshops for beginners and more advanced players. The intro class teaches simple songs and the chords you need to play them. The advanced class teaches tricks and tips to make your playing more interesting and exciting. His relaxed style and friendly manner put students at ease for a class that is fun and entertaining.


Private Language 1989, Love Death & Agriculture 1994, Evil Ukulele 2003, String Theory 2004, Cowboy Gypsy Party Music 2007,
Tunnel Of Sharks 2009

Set List

I play originals from my CDs like "Party In The Cemetery", "Tunnel Of Sharks" and "One Mon Taliban". I cover lotsa Beatles. I play pop and country hits from the 60's and 70's. My sets tend toward an hour or so.